Wednesday, October 21, 2009

~*Your Reward*~

*Your Reward*

No act of kindness, respect or consideration ever goes unrewarded.

Though others may not ever notice most of the kind and

considerate things you do,

though your respect may not be returned,

still you have your reward.

Give quietly to life and you will make it better.

Your small and seemingly insignificant acts

may not seem like much.

Yet they add together to make your world a more positive place.

Your kind words and deeds may not be appreciated

when they are offered.

Nonetheless, they will have their impact. Keep them up.

The less they are appreciated, the more they are needed.

Take heart. You are making a positive difference.

You are making the world in which you live a better place.

It takes real, deep and genuine strength to be kind.

It takes confidence to be respectful and considerate.

Spite, anger and thoughtlessness are evidence of weakness,

and they serve as

a constant drain on those who live with them.

Each moment you live with kindness, respect and

consideration you grow

stronger and your world grows more positive.

What better reward could there possibly be?

Ralph Marston


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