Monday, May 31, 2010

Create Peace By Promoting Healing With Others


Create Peace By Promoting Healing With Others

by Anthony Cappello

The power and magnitude of healing energy is utterly magnificent when a group of people are gathered together in the name of love and healing. I had the honor and good fortune to become part of a healing community which works together as one force for the benefit of all the members and the group as a whole. It is a great blessing to surround myself with this energy because each time I am in the presence of this group, my energetic level rises significantly, and I become more peaceful and centered within myself. Not only that, but it is absolutely amazing to witness the deep healings that take place when the person who is receiving the healing finally is able to let go of a long standing issue. This person literally let go of that long standing issue that has caused grief in his/her life for such a long time and filled the spot with love. And by doing this for each other, it helps each and every one of us to bring more love and light to others outside the group. One by one, this helps more people have more inner peace in their lives. It is encouraging and inspiring. That in and of itself is a miracle. The more loving energy you surround yourself with, the more miracles in life you will witness.


Love is the most powerful force there is, and it attracts more love. By being part of a healing community, it not only enriches the individual's life, it enriches the lives of others whom the individual has contact. The more people that invest in healing themselves and creating more inner peace, the more they naturally help to enrich the lives around them. It also helps to raise the good vibrations of the community around the area in which the group healing is taking place. This is a great way to send that healing wave around the world to create more love and peace. In order for the world to have more peace, individuals have to find their own inner peace. It is then that the world will naturally gravitate towards more peace as a whole, and we are already on the brink of transformation. Peace is like a magnet pulling us all together in harmony. Imagine a world where everyone is at peace with themselves and each other. That would truly be the grandest miracle.


Finding Your Sacred Calling


Finding Your Sacred Calling

by Barbara Alexander

Have You Found Your Personal Calling?

Could it be that we are creating a tribe based in living authentically and following our true purpose?


One of the things I know beyond a doubt is that you will find a far greater value than you ever expected... by honoring yourself and 'the life potential' you have as the gift of Being Authentically You...

We all have something so valuable... so sacred... within us.

A gift that we have been cultivating since the day we arrived here on earth!

Do you want to have, or have you already experienced, an authentic transformation in your life?

Do you want to bring your life's purpose to the forefront of everyday living?

Each of us have unique gifts that we have cultivated through the lives we have led, the lessons we have learned and the mountains we have climbed...

Finding your authentic purpose and aligning with your personal joy brings a far greater reward than you could ever imagine... and not just to yourself, it joyfully ripples out into the rest of the world!

Imagine living authentically YOU all the time, aligning with your inner purpose, and finding the passion and direction to a life that inspires your Soul!

We know that the greatest potential for human growth and transformation comes from the cellular awareness of personal experience.

This is why experiential learning can be so much more powerful than reading books or attending lectures.

The process of quieting the mind through the heart resonance with horses, combined with personal awareness of the Universal Law of Attraction, helps support the synapses in our brain to create new and healthier pathways when experienced over time.

The greatest shifts are realized through cellular awareness, and the clarity that comes from the contrast of where we are, to where we want to be.

What is the gift your life has been showing you?

Or, could it be that you are on the cusp of your next greatest transformation?


Friday, May 28, 2010

You are that!


You are that!

by Leonard Jacobson

That which you seek, you already are. Just wake up and be that. Then you will be in the truth of life. You will be enlightened. You will be in Oneness and timelessness and so there is no soul, no journey, no separation, no seeking and no finding. Everything dissolves into the moment of NOW. Everything is revealed in Oneness.

The dimension of you that has been seeking enlightenment is the ego and the ego will never arrive at that which it is seeking. There needs to be a relaxation, a letting go. The seeking and striving and trying keeps you goal oriented and away from the doorway of the truth, which is the present moment.

When you are fully awake, there is nothing left of you from the past and nothing of you projecting into the future. You are utterly here now.

This is the awakened state. It is an exalted state of consciousness.

At the deepest level of this state, separation dissolves and you enter into Oneness. Occasionally, through Grace, the sense of yourself as an individual dissolves completely and all that exists is perfect Eternal Presence, Silence, Love and Oneness.

Occasionally, the nothingness at the heart of everything is revealed.

This awakened state of consciousness exists at a level that is transcendent of the mind and ego. When the ego is exposed to this information, it creates a desire in the ego for something that is impossible for the ego to achieve. But the ego will not give up its quest. This has the effect of strengthening the ego, which thrives in an environment of fear, rejection, and struggle. The ego can never awaken. The ego can never arrive at the goal. Awakening occurs when the ego is transcended.

So the question arises as to how to awaken into Oneness. If you cannot do it, then how is it accomplished? How can we still our thoughts and open into silence. A relaxation must occur. Simply bring yourself out of the world of the mind and the ego by becoming fully present. The key to being present is to bring yourself fully present with that which is already present. If you can see it, hear it, feel it, taste it, touch or smell it in this moment, then you can be present with it. The moment you are truly present with something that is here in the moment with you, thoughts will stop. Your mind will fall silent. You will know yourself as the one who exists in this moment and no other. Then you are awake in the truth of life.

But who is awake?


No more words.

No more thoughts.

No more concepts.

No more understanding.

Just silence.


Just full, awakened, all embracing Eternal Presence. It is the Presence of pure consciousness. If you awaken into this level of fully awakened consciousness, you cannot function in the world. Quite literally, there is no time. And there is no YOU to function in the world. You would need a team of caretakers to take care of you. I am speaking from personal experience. I have been in this exalted state of consciousness for weeks at a time.

But sooner or later, a sense of individuality will be restored, so that you can function within the world of time. Restoring my sense of individuality took several months, and it was not easy. This does not mean that the ego was restored to dominance in my life. I still have an ego, but it is surrendered. There is nothing wrong with the ego. In fact, to deny the ego its place in your life is to invite it to function unconsciously.

This has happened to many who have had powerful experiences of awakening. They have identified with the enlightenment experience, which then catches them back into the mind.

Beyond all experience is the one experiencing.

To anyone who declares themselves enlightened, I would ask, “Who is enlightened?” The answer is “I AM.” And then only silence remains. Pure consciousness is your true nature. The I AM Presence is your true nature. It is silent. It is eternal. It is impersonal.

But that does not mean that you cannot also exist at the personal level. I do not mean to imply that life at the level of mind should cease. That is not possible, nor desirable. What is possible however is that you become so awake and deeply grounded in the present moment and the awakened state of Presence that you never lose your connection with the present moment, even when you do venture into the world of the mind. In other words, you no longer believe in your thoughts, memories, ideas, beliefs and opinions as the truth. You are no longer identified with any of it. You recognize that life at the level of mind is simply play. It is sometimes happy and sometimes sad, because it is a world of duality. You relax and accept the dual nature of the mind and the world of experience within time. You are no longer for or against anything. You have transcended judgment. Life is accepted fully and so too is death. Joy is accepted fully and so too is pain. But you are so deeply grounded in the moment of now, that you no longer get caught in the movements of the mind and its world of thought and emotion. You are deeply grounded in Oneness. You are able to return to silence and Presence at will. In fact, silence and Presence is always there as the foundation of your existence, and your sense of yourself.

It is time for humanity to awaken at a collective level. Enlightenment can no longer be for just a select few, who no longer participate in the world. If there is to be an awakening at a collective level, we will have to learn to function within the world. This means that we will have to find a balance between the timelessness of the fully awakened state and the world of time.


Empaths: Learning How to Function within Sensitivity


Empaths: Learning How to Function within Sensitivity

by Carolyn Gwiazdzinski

This article is for all those who are discovering the sensitivity from deep within. Sensitivity knows no age. Whether someone is 10 or 19 or an adult, sensitivity does not discriminate because of age.

In metaphysical and spiritual terms, anyone that is a sensitive is termed an empath. Empaths have the ability to feel others emotions and feelings as if they are their own. Empaths do not do well in crowded or chaotic environments. At times empaths can sense when someone is saying one thing in their words and meaning something completely different.

Now with this being shared, there is no way to turn off this ability; well unless of course you go the everyday life way and either become completely and totally busy, or drinking to numb the feeling sensation or anything else that can tune all of this unskilled and awakening ability out. Now, I absolutetly DO NOT recommend finding ways to tuning this ability out. And yes, as I have been highly sensitive, with high intuition as young as 6 years old, I have seen the alternative to turning off this ability and I have to say, that the end result creates far reaching affects into adult life.

As I write and share from my own direct experience of awakening, at times for reasons unknown to me, I was given my life path in gradual and in order steps. As I did not grow up in a conducive environment to this ability, at 25, because I knew that it was time to heal, I took the next appropriate step to healing; which was to bring much needed insight, awareness and understanding to my emotions and feelings and my personal boundaries.

Now if a sensitive/empath finds themselves awakening and not being able to speak to anyone else about it, and they are otherwise in a safe and loving environment regardless of not being able to share this feeling with another; begin learning about your sensitivity.

Here are some simple steps:

When waking up in the morning, check into your emotions and feelings. Ask yourself how you are feeling. Use a scale to measure the level of feeling. A scale of 1 to 10 works well. With 10 being more intense. Check in to your emotions and feelings throughout the course of your day.

Allow yourself at least a 1/2 hour of your time, at the end of your day, to write down specific feelings or emotions or experiences that made you feel extra sensitive. Although writing won't get rid of others peoples behaviors, writing will get the energy from thinking in your head onto paper and free your personal space from feeling the day.

When you have a choice about being in a crowd, if you do not need to be, then don't. Unless you are school age or working, then go into the bathroom and wash your face and hands with cool water. It helps to settle your personal space.

If you can, try and take at least 2 showers a day. When I first start awakening, there were times that I took up to 6-8 showers a day. Not only was there no good information out there, but I started finding ways to settle my very sensitive space so that I could keep functioning in as healthy a manner as possible.

Start reading books on emotional intelligence, sensitivity and empathic abilities. While reading, begin highlighting what resonates for you specifically.

And most importantly, choose wisely who you share this with. Things that are not understood, tend to be viewed from a realm of fear or the idea that this does not exist. Being sensitive very much does exist and learning about it and learning how to function becomes a step by step process.

People that are sensitive, tend to want to begin psychic development: take your time before starting on the next step in your journey. Allow yourself a chance to understand your sensitivity. If you start adding psychic development to your awakening ability, before having a chance to integrate new information, to teach you how to function in this ability, confusion will become part of this journey.

Each step, to function in a healthy manner, requires time, patience and discipline, to become comfortable in a natural way.

There is no way to turn this off. I know, I tried everything, but this has also been a 27 year journey and because I was given the steps naturally, I found myself in better balance because of it.

It is a process...take your time...get comfortable in your skin...get comfortable with feeling and learn the ways that help you to function in a healthy way.

The effort will be well worth your time.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fed Up with Fighting?


Fed Up with Fighting?

by Suzanne Giesemann

Just say: I love you. Three words that work miracles.

I recall very clearly one day when I got really upset with my husband. It was nothing more than the normal bumps in any marriage, but I was distressed to the point of crying. I wanted to lash out at him, to scream and rant. I had enough sense to retreat, though, and I found a place where I could be alone. That’s when I started praying. In despair I asked, How am I supposed to deal with this situation? I sat there, shaking with emotion, and just like that, the answer popped into my head as clearly as if it had been spoken aloud: “Love him.”

That’s it. Two little words: Just “love him.”

It was that simple.

I have to tell you, I wasn’t feeling very loving at the moment. I was the one who felt unloved, but through my emotion I was able to see the wisdom in those words. Isn’t that what we all want? Isn’t that the root of so many problems, of most arguments and conflicts when you dig down under the surface: That you don’t feel loved? That day with my husband, it didn’t matter who was right and who was wrong. It never does.

If we all loved each other all the time, wouldn’t life be so much happier? So much more peaceful? But we let our egos get in the way, instead of remembering why we’re here in the first place: To love our neighbors as much as ourselves—to develop our spirit to the fullest and to serve others.

When you remember your purpose and act on it, you discover the unbelievable power contained in those three simple words: I love you. Said from the heart, those words can work miracles. They instantly disarmed my husband that day and brought me immediate peace. And I ask you: What else could do that? Nothing but love.. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love is the highest vibration.

* Messages of Hope Poem *

Tempers flare, passions rise

In the heat of anger.

Healing wounds should be your goal

Whenever there is rancor.

There is no need for enmity,

No sense in feeling hate.

So patch up all your differences

Before it is too late.

For love’s a very precious thing,

The most treasured gift you’ve got.

And when you waste your time with hate

You wither on the spot.

Your time on earth is very short,

Oft measured just in hours.

So spend it exercising love--

The strongest of your powers.

Hate and fear will weigh you down,

But love it has no weight.

You’ll feel the lightness of the air

When you do banish hate.

So pack your bags.

The trip you’re on has many twists and turns.

But joyous is the journey

For he who this lesson learns:

Love’s the only thing that’s real.

It lies there at your core.

Your job’s to bring it to the light

And shine forever more.


Reiki And Anxiety Attacks


Reiki And Anxiety Attacks

by Lori Meyer

Anxiety attacks and panic attacks
can come on suddenly and their effects can be profound.

Reiki can help calm the mind and relax the body when these attacks occur. Reiki comes directly from spirit and deeply heals on many levels. Our entire being benefits from Reiki on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels and its results can be immediate.

The benefits of Reiki are many.

- Accelerates the body's healing abilities

- Promotes well being

- Balances the organs and glands

- Clears toxins

- Removes energy blockages and negativities

- Relieves pain

- Balances the chakras

- Creates deep relaxation and reduces stress

- Strengthens the immune system

- Treats symptoms and causes of illness

- Balances the energies in the body

- Aids meditation and positive thinking

- A spiritual healing occurs as well

If you are prone to panic attacks or anxiety attacks, I would highly recommend seeking out a Reiki practitioner for sessions. A Reiki treatment usually lasts an hour to one and one-half hours.

A Reiki treatment can bring about:

- A feeling of deep relaxation

- A feeling of warmth throughout the body

- A sense of peace

- An emotional and physical calm

Reiki has been practiced for hundreds of years and has healed virtually every illness known to man. Because Reiki energy is directed by spirit, the practitioner is only a channel for the energy so there are no side effects and nothing negative can ever transpire.

Reiki is pure energy and love.

You can never receive too much Reiki and it can never do you any harm!

You may even want to learn Reiki, which will then allow you to give yourself Reiki


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Open Love Letter


An Open Love Letter

© 2010 Rebecca Couch

Know that this is true: you are beautiful. Take that in. Feel the truth of that inside of you. Keep feeling that. This is the Grace of God. Go you!

Know that, no matter what, you are not alone. With the real feelings of this Presence within you, now breathe deep and find the essence of Trust. This Trust is the great surrender to the Divine Plan for you. The easiest way to describe this is to say you are not in charge. At the highest level, it is not for you to decide or do, for it is already done. You have nothing to worry about. You have nothing to fear, nor do you have anything to remember except one thing: where is your connection? Where is your consciousness? Where is your allegiance? This is a feeling state, that when you have it sealed in every aspect of your being (the seven sacred seals are your primary chakra energy centres), then you have aligned, by your conscious choice, to your Divine Purpose. Your Divine Purpose is to live in a constant state of remembrance. And this is the truth of who you are! This is your Divine Purpose.

And so when you are in a constant state of remembrance of who you are, which is the Divine expression of your Godsource on Earth, then it is easier to accept the external shifting of Earthly life. When you think of the transformation of Light that has taken place within you, of course your external world must rearrange itself to accommodate your new vibration. This is a cause for celebration at a soul level! This is a deeper realization of your Truth in conscious expression.

Your human personality and the Earthly rules and the old paradigms of worry about what people think and that things are not working the way they “should” by those old definitions, is a painful time – but only to that aspect of yourself that is holding onto the old human rules and paradigms. Know what we mean? Your Divine Self is celebrating the greater expression of you! The mistake that is made is to continue to look outside yourself for reassurance or truth or what to “do”. It does not come from there. It comes from in here. It comes from keeping, no matter what, your connection with a Loving, open heart to Divine Source that is expressed in you. Feel it. Your brain is secondary. Your thoughts are there to help you process your feelings into concepts - but stay in the heart. The heart is where the Truth lies and where your pilot light burns with your Truth.

Keep your mind in check. Keep your mind from controlling you, for the mind only processes information from the past, for it cannot know the future. It is only a processor, like a computer. But the heart, the heart is your true source. Take dominion over your mind. This is what meditation helps with, along with music, laughter, friends, family, animals, nature…all this is to keep you heart-centered. This is a perfect day to remind you of this. And then you realize every day is Love day.


Heal the wounds of your heart. The sadnesses, the fears, the hurts, the yearning, the wounds - for these are all from the past. Do this by asking for this to be so. Be willing to let go of what has hurt you, in your known an unknown experience. Let Love in. Choose to be otherwise. Allow forgiveness to permeate your being so that it becomes compassion. Ask for the compassion of the Buddha. Ask to know mercy like Mother Mary, Quan Yin and Mary Magdalene. Ask for the courage of David. Call upon the lion to stand by you and the lamb to be in your arms. Call upon peace in your being.

Think of it this way: you are Source and were asked to come into a dense vibrational experience to expand the consciousness of Source. So you honorably agreed to come, manifest in a three-dimensional human form and be subjected to dense, dualistic human experiences. And now you remember that there is more. The spark has been ignited and there is no turning back. You are remembering, in each now moment, who you really are. You are the original Divine Spark, the big one – that is even so much greater than the little one that has been lit in you now. Consider the possibilities! They are as boundless as Source Itself.

Okay, so you have found yourself tangled in your previous human creations. That’s okay. Now that you know who you are, and remember in each moment, and move around life more and more and more expressed as Original Source, you are naturally, awesomely, perfectly, miraculously, mind-blowingly, Earth-shatteringly, always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing in the right way and nothing else matters but that. So you see, you don’t actually have to do anything other than follow the truth of your heart in the moment. Speak your Truth. Be your Truth. Love your Truth. Work your Truth. Exercise your Truth. Walk your Truth. Eat your Truth. Live your Truth. And do it all with Love. You see, if you are expressing the Big Love, then all things are right in your world.


So how do you know, you ask? Follow what makes your heart soar. Deal with the disharmonies with Love. Stop what doesn’t work and begin what does. Don’t push against anything. Love it to peace. Do not run away. Accept. Surrender. Love. And it miraculously works out. Trust. Trust. Trust. Divine patience in all things. There is a larger plan that you are not in charge of, so let go and let God. Your work is to find the love of God expressed through you and allowing your mind to follow your heart. Peace. Peace. Peace. The mind cannot find peace on its own, it must be governed. It must be trained. It must be chilled through Divine understanding.

So lovingly complete unfinished business. Wrap it up with Love. And begin to draw near to what pleases your heart! Surround yourself with supportive, uplifting experiences and people. Ask in each moment where you are to go and what you are to do…follow your own Divine inspiration. Do what brings you joy. If it doesn’t and you can choose otherwise, do it. If you need to do it, then find peace and love in it. Push against nothing. Resist nothing. It causes drag on your own heart, and hearts are meant to be free, unburdened, unbroken and unteathered. Nurture your heart in this way. Consider it your greatest gift, your deepest treasure – something to be healed and guarded and expanded and used!

In practical ways, it is important to get on doing what makes you happy. It is like when you are working in the garden and you need to weed and clear and dig and rebuild and redesign and invest and rearrange and reseed…all the while you are glad in your heart with each thing that you are doing…it doesn’t even matter what is or isn’t accomplished, you are just enjoying each now moment. And then, when you least expect it, and angel will tap you on the shoulder and there will be something else to do, somewhere else to go, someone else to share it with, something new! Just find peace in tending your garden. Relish in the beauty and serenity and simplicity. Be grateful for everything - the good, the bad and the ugly - for it is all Divine! Live in a constant state of gratitude. No matter what it appears like on the outside. It is all Divine inside. Worry for nothing, as that is old behaviour. And most of all, know that it comes from inside you. You need not do or get or have anything from the outside. Be at peace with who you already are. The answers do not come from outside you – even through this message – it is just prompting you to remember what you already know. Who you already are.

So. There is nothing to do. There is everything to be. Just radiate it. Be the peace of it. Know it. Share it.


And all the while you will have followed your own heart back unto itself…the Original Source that is you. In the meantime, you will have unfolded a beautiful life filled with all that you desire, because it is just the external reflection of you. You created it because you are the Creator. Make it beautiful. Make it more extraordinary beyond your imagining. This ends how it began, reminding you that you are beautiful. Feel it from the inside and all will blossom from there. It is not out there. You need none of it and when you have let go, you will realize you can have all of it. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz!

You are Loved beyond measure. You are cradled in the arms of God. Remember to have fun and play and feel the lightness of your True Spirit.

Happy day of Love today and all days!



~ YOU ~ A Channel for the Cosmos


~ YOU ~ A Channel for the Cosmos

by Shunyata

The one constant in life is change. Each day brings new circumstances at work and home, shifting dynamics among friends and family members, unpredictable financial situations, fluctuating clouds in the sky, shifting weather patterns, and more. To be alive is to experience and adapt to change.

Often as a reaction to change, we hold on to certainty, those things in life that feel rooted and hopefully won’t change, at least not any time soon. For instance, job titles, money in the bank, loyal friendships, marriage certificates, and even the car one drives can bring a feeling of security. At the same time, the absence of these things can bring on feelings of insecurity.

Whether we feel secure or insecure, change continues to occur. For those who look within, change happens there too. Thoughts are forever coming and going. Emotions, pleasant and unpleasant, are rising and falling. Sensations and pain in the body appear and disappear. The breath ceaselessly enters and leaves the lungs. Even when we are sleeping, images in the form of dreams enter our consciousness and then, for many, leave only traces in the morning.

It seems there is a constant motion of things coming into and out of existence. The ceaseless change of reality points to the energy of creation forever taking place. Waves are always lifting, curling over and crashing on the shore. The ocean is always moving. When a thing - whether it is a cloud, a wave, a breath, a thought, a feeling, or a sensation in the body - comes into existence it moves from a place of no-thing to something. It moves from emptiness to fullness. This movement from nothing to something, from formlessness to form, from emptiness to fullness is ceaseless. This motion, this energy is always taking place and to participate in this movement consciously can be a spiritual practice of deep implication.

A practice of creativity can become a spiritual discipline and offer deep feelings of security more than any type of car, job title or amount of money in the bank would. One way to begin a creativity practice is through writing. The creative flow can be cultivated in the following way. First, write out your surface thoughts. Simply write out the thoughts that have stayed with you the last few days, and in a sense, let them go by writing them out. Next, there may be some deeper emotions or thoughts that have been driving your mental state. You may want to get these down in order to clear your mind and create space for mental clarity. Once you feel like you’ve done what artist and writer Julia Cameron calls the “brain drain”, step into the present moment. Feel and listen for all the sounds, scents, and sensations that are coming into existence as you write. This practice alone - writing what is happening in the present moment - can free the mind of mental chatter and bring awareness to a more expansive state of consciousness.


Now, that you’ve created space in your mind and you are receptive to the creative flow. Welcome everything that is happening within and around you as part of the ceaseless motion of life. Allow everything to be exactly as it is. As you continue to write give your inner world non-judgmental expression by simply writing out what is happening within moment by moment. If an angry thought arises, release it by jotting it down. If feelings of shame appear, let it come through you by writing it out. Allow all of life to pass through you regardless of what your mind may think is right or wrong. Creating this nonjudgmental attitude about what surfaces inside creates inner freedom and allows more and more of the universe to flow through.

As your inner world widens and as your judging mind softens, you become connected to the universal flow. In this way, you become a vessel, a channel for the cosmos and its supreme intelligence. By staying connected to your creative flow, you may also become familiar with the unfolding of your particular life. You may become acquainted with your path, your purpose, and your particular role in the creation of the universe. Whether you choose to start (or already have) a practice of creativity through writing, dancing, making music, painting, or sculpting, the wisdom of your life is waiting for you. The spiritual intelligence found in the creative flow will not only bring your own chosen path into fruition, it will also help the manifestation of the world. As an agent of the universe, you can help bring the future forward. It begins by becoming creative.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Twelve Principles for the New Reality


Twelve Principles for the New Reality

by Owen Waters

The New Reality brings with it a new vista of awareness. In order to operate successfully in the new environment, you need to apply the new principles which come with this expanded view of reality.

Such knowledge empowers you to awaken to your newly expanded potential and manifest it with ease.

Here are some basic principles of the universe, as seen from the expanded vista of New Reality consciousness.

In this, the ultimate reality is recognized as universal consciousness, which is the formative essence behind all that exists within the universe. This essence can be called Infinite Being because it is the awareness behind everything within the universe.

Here are twelve principles which describe the New Reality awareness.

1. Infinite Being is All That Is. Nothing exists outside of it

The universe exists within the consciousness of Infinite Being. The physical world exists within the consciousness of Infinite Being. We exist within the consciousness of Infinite Being.

2. We are Infinite Being

Creation is holographic in nature, meaning that the one can be found within the all. For example, the oak tree produces acorns and yet the life-form of a complete oak tree is contained within each acorn. If a picture hologram is divided into two, both parts will still retain the complete original picture.

While you are a part of the consciousness of Infinite Being, you are also Infinite Being itself. At the deepest level of reality, all that Infinite Being is, you are.

Therefore we are, each one of us, Infinite Being.

3. Purpose in life

Your overall purpose in life is to experience it from one individual, unique point of view. Just as each snowflake is unique, so is each person. From a cosmic point of view, you are one expression of Infinite Being as it experiences itself from all possible viewpoints. In this way, through you and all life, Infinite Being gains infinite experience.

At a personal level, you, as a soul, pre-planned the major themes of your life. You chose the time, the place and your parents in order to set a life plan in motion which would explore those themes. Such pre-planning gave rise to the occurrence of related, meaningful events in your life which may have already given you the impression that destiny exists.

Destiny does exist, to the extent that the major themes of your life are pre-planned, by you, ahead of time.

As you pass through life, certain names, places, people and activities resonate with a certain specialness in your consciousness. It’s almost as if you knew them once before, but you can’t quite remember when or where. That is destiny, as it unfolds important, pre-planned and pre-viewed events into your life.

In the phenomenon called déjà vu, scenes that you recognize as they unfold in your life are scenes which you had previously viewed in another state of consciousness. This previewing occurred either during your pre-life planning or, more often, in a recent, out-of-body, dream-state where, in order to help yourself remain on-purpose, you reviewed the important, upcoming events in your life.

4. Free will enables you to explore your true potential

Free will fills in all the details. It can be used to any degree that you choose. The most productive use of free will is to explore your true potential within the themes of your life, thus gaining the greatest possible experience from your life plan.

5. Reincarnation

Reincarnation exists to provide a variety of experiences, so that life skills may be gained, and so that, while in a physical body, you can rediscover your spiritual connection within.


6. Life after ‘death’

From the point of view of your true, inner personality, passing away from the physical realm is like stepping out of a suit that you have worn for a while. The suit is not the real you. In your spirit body, you move into the spirit realm, which is a place of joy and healing. After meeting with friends and relatives who have passed on before, you start work on resolving the issues which caused inner conflict during your physical life. Then, as you move into the higher realms, remembering more about who you really are, you experience reunion with the rest of your immediate and extended soul families.

7. Life reflects what you project

Reflectance is a property of the universe. Also known as karma, this principle states that life reflects your beliefs, emotions and actions. The stronger these are, the more apparent it becomes that life is a mirror of what you project.

Every time you change the way you view life, the universe, just like a mirror, reflects your new view of reality. This may not occur instantaneously as, often, circumstances do not allow the new reflection to immediately manifest. In this case, the new reality is held, like a pressure within the aura of your body’s subtle magnetic field. You then walk around in life, surrounded by this magnetic potential, as it influences your circumstances to adapt into a form where the new reality will be able to manifest and operate.

Reflectance, sooner or later, produces manifestation. Therefore, if you don’t like something in your life, the most powerful way to change its effect permanently is to discover how you are generating that reflection, and then change your point of view so that you change the reflection that you are causing from the universe.

That’s how reflectance works. It’s just like law in physics. It’s how the universe was designed. The mirror of life will shine happiness upon you, but not until you first decide, within yourself, to become a happy person. Then it will reflect your new reality.

8. Abundance is natural

Natural abundance comes from ‘getting into the flow,’ by doing work that brings a sense of inner excitement. The phrase “Follow your inner joy” is actually the key to abundance. Once you follow your innermost joy and adapt your situation to doing work that you love, then synchronicity begins to flow. Synchronicity is the universe’s way of telling you that you’re on the right track. It is a flow of events where everything starts clicking into place in order to support your efforts.

Synchronicity brings you opportunities, people, events and circumstances exactly when and where they need to be. When life flows naturally, the universe’s natural state of abundance follows automatically.

9. Love is the only reality

Unconditional, holistic love is the answer to all of life’s challenges. We are here on Earth to learn how to love ourselves and others, and to accept ourselves and others completely, without judgment.

At this point, some people ask, “What, are you supposed to love someone who is bent on being anti-social, even destructive?” The secret here is that there is a difference between an acceptance of the outer beliefs of a person and an acceptance of their inner essence.

Regardless of that person’s outward belief system, and whether you agree with it or not, it is the inner essence of the person that you learn to recognize, love and accept.

The secret is that unconditional love will heal the world, and there is no shortage of its supply. The universe is permeated by, and held together by, the love aspect of the One Creator. You have only to allow it to flow through you in order to experience its wonder.

10. Self-responsibility

You create your own reality and take personal responsibility for it. Your life is a reflection of your point of view in this, the set of experiences that you, as a soul, planned for this life.

11. Truth is everywhere

The ultimate truth is to be found within, yet the study of a variety of sources of information helps you to reawaken and remember your inner truth. Your intuitive sense is your guide as to what material is most appropriate for you at any particular time during your personal development.

12. Inner connection and insight

Inner connection with your spiritual source promotes spiritual transformation and the achievement of your true potential. Developing intuition, both in men and women, provides an essential insight into life’s experiences.

The way this is achieved is through regular, daily meditation. The regular practice of meditation promotes intuitive insight, unconditional love and personal spiritual experiences. Any meditation technique that you prefer will function perfectly well, but the Infinite Being meditation technique is particularly powerful.

With practice, you actually need no technique at all, because you will find that you can go into those deeper levels of awareness, whenever you wish, as an acquired habit. In the meantime, check out the ultimate door-opener to the higher realms of human consciousness, the Infinite Being meditation technique.


Find Your Loving Space


Find Your Loving Space

How to heal with spirit.

by Marcelle Pick

The spirit is the hidden source of the most healing energy we have. It is this energy that binds the body and mind as one and all living things to one another. If your spirit is sick, no amount of physical or mental doctoring will truly heal you. When we are cut off from our spirit, our emotions are largely reactive. We feel as if they control us, not the other way around. When we have a sense of the spirit, our emotions emanate from a deeper place. We may feel very passionately, but we stop trying to use emotion as a shield or distraction. We no longer try to manipulate other people with our emotions. And, importantly, we are able to judge emotions for what they are—passing biochemical surges—and stop letting them rule our lives.

These days, many people consider spirituality and religion the same thing. But I don’t. When I talk about your spiritual self, I’m talking about a sense of loving space and stillness that resides in all of us, that is collective and broad and nondenominational. Depending on who you are, you may access this space at different times: in nature, playing a sport, praying, holding a baby, meditating, or simply sitting in the sun.

During these times, you are connecting to your spirit, a connection that often comes with a sense that there exists a benevolent, harmonious universal force connecting you to all living things. How you define this unifying energy is your personal decision, but drawing upon it is one of the most powerful balancing tools you have at your disposal.

One of the key ways to access the spirit is through personal ritual. All spiritual endeavors incorporate ritual—lighting candles, chanting, praying, repeating sacred texts, music, laying on of hands, honoring nature and the change of seasons, fasting, feasting, and purifying are only a few examples. I will not even try to suggest a ritual that might resonate for you; I’ll only suggest that you actively seek one out. Be fearless in this and commit to it as if your life happiness depended on it—because it very well might. Ritual is the practice of welcoming the spirit, and the more you repeat it, the more profound it becomes. Talk to your friends, your health-care practitioners, and people at your place of worship and find out what they are doing. Try a meditation class or go on a spiritual retreat. Be open to the universe and kind to yourself and see what miracles ensue.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

What Can We Do To Make Things Better?


What Can We Do To Make Things Better?

by Gregg Braden

The pioneering anthropologist Louis Leakey was once asked why his work to find the oldest evidence of human existence was so important. He replied, “Without an understanding of who we are, and from where we came, I do not think we can truly advance.” I believe there’s a lot of truth to what Leakey said—so much so that the bulk of my adult life has revolved around my search to know who we are, and how the knowledge of our past can help us become better people and create a better world.

With the exception of Antarctica, my research into the mystery of our past has taken me to every continent on the planet. From huge cities such as Cairo and Bangkok, to remote villages in Peru and Bolivia, from ancient monasteries in the Himalayas of Tibet, to Hindu temples in Nepal, during the time that I’ve experienced each culture, a single theme has emerged. The people of this world are ready for something more than the suffering and uncertainty that defined their lives for so much of the 20th century. They’re ready for peace, and the promise of a better tomorrow.

As different as our cultures and ways of life appear on the outside, beneath the surface we’re all searching for the same things—a land to call home, a way to provide for our families, and a better future for ourselves and our children. At the same time, there are two questions that people of all cultures ask me again and again. The first is simply: “What is happening to our world?” The second is: “What can we do to make things better?” The answers to both questions appear to be woven into a single understanding that links the traditions of prayer today with the most ancient and cherished spiritual traditions of our past.

Four hundred years ago in the high deserts of the American Southwest, the great wisdom keepers of the Navajo families were tested by the earth, nature, and the tribes that surrounded them. Through the extremes that drought, intense heat, and lack of food caused in their societies, the Navajo realized that they must harness the power of their inner pain to endure the harsh conditions of their outer world. Their very survival depended upon learning to do so.

Recognizing that life’s tests pushed them to the depths of their greatest suffering, they also discovered that the same tests revealed their greatest strengths. The key to their survival was to immerse themselves in life’s challenges without becoming lost in the experience. They had to find an “anchor” within themselves—a belief that gave them the inner strength to endure their tests—and the knowledge that a better day would follow. From this place of power they had the confidence to take risks, change their lives, and make sense of their world.

Our lives today may not be so very different from that of those brave individuals who roamed the high deserts of the American Southwest centuries before our country was created. Although the scenery has shifted and the circumstances have changed, we still find ourselves in situations that shake the foundations of our beliefs, test the limits of our sensibilities, and challenge us to rise above the things that hurt us. In a world that many describe as “coming apart at the seams,” we’re challenged to find a way to live each day with peace, joy, and a sense of order.

We find ourselves in a world of experiences that defy our sensibilities and push us to the limits of what we can accept as rational, loving people. In the presence of war and genocide beyond our borders, and hate based upon our differences within our own communities, how are we to feel emotions such as peace and healing? Clearly, we must find a way to break the cycle of hurt-suffering-anger-hate if we’re to transcend the conditions that we find ourselves in.

In the languages of their time, ancient traditions left us precise instructions for how to do just that! Through their words, we’re reminded that “life” is nothing more, and nothing less, that a mirror of what we’ve become within. The key to experiencing our lives as beauty, or as pain, rests solely within our ability to become these qualities in each moment of every day. A growing body of scientific evidence gives renewed credibility to such wisdom, and the powerful role that each of us plays in contributing to the healing, or the suffering, in our world.


Have You Met St. Francis?~ A mystical encounter in Tuscany


Have You Met St. Francis?

A mystical encounter in Tuscany

by Andrew Harvey

A powerful prayer for all of us.

When I was 18, I spent eight months hitchhiking around Italy. At the time, I was about to go to Oxford, and I thought that I wanted to be an art historian. So I visited all the great centers—Florenc
e, Rome, Naples, and Venice. Then, one day in early May, I found myself in Assisi, where Saint Francis had lived and died. Nothing I had seen prepared me for the impact of Giotto’s paintings of the life of Saint Francis in the basilica; their grave, exalted purity dazzled me. I decided to stay to contemplate them for a week, and I slept out in the ruins of an old castle, surrounded by the rough, fragrant hills of Tuscany in spring.

I can still remember the sunlit afternoon when, sitting in a field of yellow and blue wildflowers, I first read the Prayer of Saint Francis. Every word pierced me with the freshness of Giotto’s vision and of that high and noble Tuscan landscape:

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

Where there is injury, pardon;

Where there is doubt, faith;

Where there is despair, hope;

Where there is darkness, light;

Where there is sadness, joy.

Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek

To be consoled as to console,

To be understood as to understand,

To be loved as to love:

For it is in giving that we receive,

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,

It is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

I remember that afternoon, reading the prayer over and over, savoring every word, how astonished I was at its spiritual truth and beauty. The more I contemplated the prayer and the holy passions behind it, the deeper my joy became, until I, the sunlit afternoon, and the wind moving in the brilliant flowers seemed to become one vast sustained movement of adoration within the being of God.

The practice I am going to describe is found in its essential outlines in many of the mystical traditions; it has great power to transform your heart and personality.

Memorize the Saint Francis Prayer. Then, sitting calmly in meditation, say it over and over again to yourself very slowly, bringing your mind home to its words whenever it begins to stray. Do this for about half an hour at a time and you will find that your mind and heart will be made joyful and peaceful and that, over time, your entire being will begin to fill with the strengths and virtues that the passage celebrates. All mystical systems know that we become what we think; this exercise is a wonderful way of saturating the heart and mind with holy truth and passion.

That afternoon in Tuscany 40 years ago initiated me into the prayer’s mystic power, and everything I have learned since on my search has only deepened my joy at its depth. It seems to me a prayer that transcends any particular religion; in a very few utterly stripped and simple phrases, it condenses the deepest wisdom of the Path of Sacred Activism. Over the years I have shared it with seekers and activists of all kinds; they have all recognized the transmuting power of the holy inspiration that still sings in its lines. One young Tibetan doctor I met in Ladakh translated it into Tibetan and started to use it every day in his morning prayers to the Buddha of Compassion. A Hindu devotee of Shiva I know, who works with slum children in Mumbai, uses it every morning in her prayers to the “Lord of Love.”


The High Road~When four paths appear


The High Road

When four paths appear…

By Alan Cohen

Which one will you choose?

I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower when I thought a flower would grow.

~Abraham Lincoln~

Imagine a man walking along a city street when a flowerpot falls from an apartment windowsill above and crashes at his feet, narrowly missing him. At this point the man has a choice of four paths of thought and action he might follow:

1. The path of retaliation. He could dash up the stairs, find the owner of the potted plant, and punch him or chew him out.

2. The victim path. He could see the experience as confirmation that life is dangerous, and things that could hurt him await at every turn. Then he might go home and hide or wear a hard hat for the rest of his life.

3. The stoic path. He could decide, Well, I guess it was my karma for the flowerpot to miss me, and just keep walking.

4. The high road. He could go to the flower shop on the corner, buy another potted plant, knock on the door of the owner of the plant that fell, and tell that person, “You may not know that you lost your plant. I thought you might like a replacement.”

Obviously the high road is the one that will bear the sweetest fruit for everyone concerned. At this moment you stand at a crossroads in your life where you must choose which path you will take. Keep thinking about your options until you discover what your high road is.

What choice now stands before you?

What would your high road be?

I choose the path that brings the deepest reward to me and everyone concerned.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Need a Miracle Right Away?


Need a Miracle Right Away?

You’ll find one in this magical box.

By Denise Linn

How to create a special place for your intent.

This is magic! I’m not quite sure exactly how it works, but it does. Hundreds of people have shared their miracles with me as a result of making and using their Miracle Box. Here’s what you need to do:

Get a box: pick out an old shoe box, make your own, or buy one. Decorate it and designate this as your mystical container. This is no longer an ordinary box—so make it as beautiful as you can, inside and out.

Your Miracle Box is a way to:

1. Gain clarity regarding your health

2. Declare your intentions to the universe regarding your body

3. Ask for spiritual assistance to attain your health goals

It works like this: On small pieces of paper, write down your sincere desires regarding your body. You can address them to the Universal Manager, Creator, or your Higher Self. Be specific and use the present tense, as if it has already been delivered to you! Write one statement per piece of paper. For example, if you’re working on improving your eyesight, you might write: My eyesight is excellent, and I see beauty all around me. If you wish to diminish chronic back problems, jot down something like: I walk easily, joyously, and effortlessly.

Make the pieces of paper beautiful, too. On one piece, you might wish: I know that miracles are happening for my body, all in accordance with my highest good!

Be creative! You could even spray your Miracle Box with your favorite essential oils to make it smell as good as it looks, or place beautiful stones or flower petals in it. On the inside lid, write: All that is in this box is True! Also, wherever you want, write: Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! Then put your box in a special place with the intent that all prayers within it are answered in alignment with your highest good. Whenever you have a new request, write it out and place it in the box. And when one of your desires is granted or fulfilled, remove the slip of paper . . . and offer your sincere gratitude!


Buried Treasure Located within You


Buried Treasure Located within You

Anthony K. Wilson, Sr.

When you first look at this quote, it may sound a little strange. If you have not thought much about the concept of self respect, there are two very important points to keep in mind, and this quote sums up both points equally well. This is good, because both are equally important to you.

Your self respect truly is a treasure. It is a wonderful thing that belongs only to you. When you have a healthy level of self respect, it is one of the most important characteristics
that you can possibly have. Healthy self respect involves so many different factors. These include a serious sense of pride in the individual person you are; the knowledge that you are your best possible self, yet always striving to better yourself; and the sense of integrity from which you live your daily life. Without being boastful or vain, your self respect affects the way you feel about yourself, the way you treat other people, and the way you live your life.

This treasure is surely the best possible base for living and growing. The more you respect yourself, the better your life will be. Self respect is one of the most essential factors in developing the kind of life which you dream of living, and accomplishing the goals that mean the most to you.

The second part is equally important. Some people make the mistake of trying to gain self respect from other sources. They may base how they feel about themselves on their physical appearance, how much money or possessions they own, accomplishments
they have made, or what other people think of them. The problem with this is that it is impossible to develop self respect this way. True self respect must come from within the individual himself.

How can you learn to respect yourself? You can begin by acknowledging yourself as a person of worth. You have value to yourself, to other people, and to the world in which you live, simply by being who you are. If you think about it, there is no one exactly like you in the entire world. You have special talents and abilities which will help you to make a special, positive contribution. Your personality is one hundred percent unique. Everyone who knows you knows this, and you can know it, also.

When you know that you have a place in this world, it will make carving your own special place in the world that much easier. It will make finding your talents and choosing your goals an enjoyable process. Your problems and setbacks will not be as difficult to deal with, because you will know that you are on the right track. Your life will be a wonderful adventure, just as it was meant to be. When you hold yourself in high regard, the respect you have for yourself can help you to overcome obstacles and proceed in the right direction. All you need to do is keep in mind that your self respect is an inside job-- no one can provide it for you, but you can develop it for yourself.