Friday, February 19, 2010

Take the Road

Take the Road

Some take the high road.

Some take the low road.

Some take the road with friends and family.

Others take it alone.

Some travel with clowns and animals.

Some take only walking shoes.

Some take the road with guru and saint,

While others take the road with drunks.

Some walk the road so slowly as to stand still,

Even as some sprint toward a finish line as if it's in sight.

Some take the road filled with dreams.

Others take the road to leave their dreams behind.

Some take the road and wait for each sunrise,

While others walk all night, every night.

Some don't want to take the road at all

But wind up taking it anyway..

While others say they take the road,

But only walk when they can stay in one place no longer.

Some take the road with a forced smile.

Some dampen the road with their tears.

Some take the road and kick up dust with dancing heels

Just happy to be upon it wherever it goes!

Some take the road and pray the entire way,

While others sing to fill the emptiness that comes each time

They round a bend and see only more road ahead.

Some take the road and help others along the way,

While others can't help themselves from wishing

They were ahead of everyone walking just ahead of them.

Some take the road and complain the whole way.

Some take the road with sheer gratitude that they can still walk.

The point is it does not matter how you take the road...

All that really matters is that you take it.

- Guy Finley


Do you see Auras?

Do you see Auras?

by Adele Linsalata

Many individuals say they see Auras …Most times when someone says they see an aura around someone, they actually are feeling that aura to then be able to say “ I see”. And then there as the percentage like myself who can actually see with eyes wide open the beautiful colors of someone’s energetic aura. But most times one is truly not seeing but feeling the aura of another. When meeting an individual whether across the room, down the hall, in a store or you are introduced to them, you automatically know about the individual.

You know whether you like them or nor, whether they are sick or healthy, if they are nice or not, whether they will be a friend or just using you, the list can go on and on. Think about it, as soon as you meet someone you automatically know but you dismiss it too many times.

All of this is your natural intuition which comes in to tell you hundreds of signals from the individual you are meeting. Each individual has energy centers in their body (we actually have hundreds) but the most common ones are the seven main chakras; root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye and crown. Just as the sun shines its light rays of energy towards us so we feel its warming rays of energy. Our chakras shine out their energy rays all around us, this then is what you are ethereally seeing when you see or meet someone. Your energy centers automatically connect back and forth with each other to allow you to see without realizing what you are seeing for your extra sensory perception to pick up. All at the same time you are understanding everything about that individual inside and out. This is why many will say they see your aura, when actually they feel the energy that is connecting with them. Connecting in a way that is actually reflecting back your own energy that matches the individual you are meeting. This then is a connection of energetic souls learning each other all in the split fraction of time.

When one starts to learn how to connect a color to each of the sensations with much practice and focus, you then can say I see the colors of an individual’s aura. I hope you enjoyed this little fact of understanding what you are feeling as you see aura’s.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Linsalata


2010 - The Year of Relation-Shifts

2010 - The Year of Relation-Shifts

by Jim Self

How do you experience relationship?

Have you noticed that the world around you seems to be different?
Are you becoming aware that people are relating to you differently? Or that as you communicate with or offer assistance they don’t seem able to hear you or to accept what you have to say?
Have you noticed that your relationship to your friends and others are no longer as interesting as they once were?

Many people are noticing huge changes in their relationships, some of which are not at all easy to deal with. Although we are aware of the “Shift” and are being prepared for change, we nonetheless are having these same challenges.

Many of us are also finding ourselves wondering how we can fulfil our roles as healers, teachers and leaders, how we can the best way to offer assistance to those around us, and how to draw the line consciously (and kindly) when others around are choosing to stay stuck and asleep.

The Shift we have all been waiting for has now arrived and is rapidly expanding within, through and around each of us. It is in the process of changing everything that we know and more particularly how we know and how we experience what we know.

The most fundamental aspects to this Shift will be very personal. The primary focus of these aspects is to redefine and transform how we perceive, understand and have a relationship with every aspect of what is external to our conscious awareness. Your sense of relationship will never again be the same as the Shift progressives through 2012. When we think of the word relationship, we think of lovers, husband-and-wife, child and parent. “Me in relationship to you, I in relationship to my friends, co-workers and those I love as well as those I dislike.” But there is much more to how we have come to perceive and understand our relationship with others.

When the Creator said, “Go to the farthest edge of the farthest edge so that I may know myself in my fullness,” you ran to the front of the line saying, “Send me!” What the Creator was actually saying was, “I wish to know myself in relationship to all that surrounds me.” But throughout time as we know it our understanding and demonstration of relationship has changed to something considerably different. We have come to know ourselves not by how we perceive ourselves in relationship to that which is around us, but instead have learned to perceive our relationship to all that is around us based on what those around us think of us.

For example, I may not have any interest in red shirts, but all of my friends wear red shirts because they are the ‘in’ thing. So I give up my seniority, and deny my own alignment with what is my truth in order to fit in, to become one with, to be accepted by those outside of me who are expressing what is right and wrong, good and bad, and what I should and should not do and I put on my red shirt.

From the moment we draw our first breath to the moment we release our last, we are conditioned to define and measure ourselves by one thing only: our relationship to all that is outside of us. We are systematically trained and conditioned by those who raise and nurture us to enter into a “consensus reality,” or “group agreement,” that many times has nothing to do with whom we are, and everything to do with the customs and belief systems that conditioned our parents and grandparents, who were in turn influenced by the society in which they were raised.

Consensus reality is a very powerful influence. It structures our relationship to and with all things outside of us. More importantly, it conditions and severely limits our understanding of the relationship we have with our self.

From early childhood we learn that what the outside world thinks of us is more important than what we each individually think of ourselves. As we grow, what we think and believe, and how we act, respond and behave in our third dimensional reality is influenced, shaped and molded by that which is outside of us. Hence, almost everything about us, from our attitudes and habits, likes and dislikes, to our career choices and aspirations has its foundation in this group agreement: “This is how it's done; this is what is acceptable and unacceptable.”

We have learned to feel the thoughts and feelings of others, and to seek approval from those around us before we act. We have learned to “test the waters” by not fully expressing our own thoughts without first checking in to determine the acceptability of what others have to say. We’ve learned to read others’ body language to discern if it is safe to express our own desires, hopes, and dreams, before we can act on them without fear. Without realizing it, we have virtually built our sense of our self on the opinions and approval of others: “Am I okay? Do you approve of me? Am I acceptable in the eyes of the consensus reality?”

This is all about to change!

Contrary to everything you have been taught to believe, relationship is NOT about what other people think of you. Although this is a fundamental Truth that you intellectually know, you are about to perceive this from a significantly expanded perspective. Through this understanding you will discover that your internal relationship with yourself is the most powerful relationship you can have. From this vantage point everything outside of you becomes a gift to relate to on your own terms.

As many of us are becoming aware, there are two great waves of Light within the Shift that are bringing about a transformation within each of us. The First Wave of Light is clearing our old memory patterns and the belief systems of the consensus reality that do not support our well-being. This Wave is destabilizing and dissolving everything that is not aligned with our internal patterns of well-being and our relationship to our own truths. It is increasing our capacity to hold a higher Light quotient, providing us with the opportunity to access more information, greater wisdom and enlightenment of what we already know but have forgotten.

The Second Wave is a higher dimensional vibration of Light that is providing us with the opportunity to step into certainty, personal power, and command, and bringing about a balance*. This wave is also bringing about choices and opportunities to co-create, coexist, and cooperate without the judgments and opinions of right and wrong, good and bad and what you should or should not do.

This Shift of consciousness is triggering an Awakening. And in the process, countless millions are experiencing significant changes in their relationships. Many are beginning to realize that they can no longer be in relationship to one another in the same old way. We are being given the opportunity to perceive “relationship” through different eyes, and, in so doing, we are gaining the keys to unlock many lifetimes of conditioning that have prevented us from being able to distinguish between “WHO I AM” and “Who I am NOT.”

As this transition unfolds, however, many people are finding themselves in confusion as all their points of reference, all the things they have been taught to trust, admire and build the foundation of their lives and beliefs upon are destabilizing before their eyes.

The third dimensional established institutions are crumbling. The structures of life that feed, house and keep us safe are breaking down. Suddenly we are seeing that the very authorities that we most believed, from healers who said “Come to me,” teachers who have proclaimed they have the Truth to the leaders who say, “Trust me,” and all those to whom we have looked for guidance, have built their houses upon shifting sands.

As difficult as such changes may be for many, it is important to know that there IS a purpose to all that is occurring. That purpose is to shift your relationship from what is outside of you to an alignment with what is inside you, from depending on the truths of others to discovering and setting your compass by your own truth. The first Wave of Light is not destabilizing “that which You Are,” rather, it is allowing you to clear away “that which You Are Not.”

As this occurs, a second very powerful wave of Light is providing us with the opportunity to rewire, rebuild and remember who we are and where we have come from. The second wave is providing the opportunity to refill the cup, in a manner of speaking. It is within the second wave that the realignment of our emotional body is being altered in the sleep space each night. It is through this second wave that a kinder, gentler you is being crafted. As “who you are not” is being cleared, there is a renewed relationship that is being remembered. You are beginning to remember the relationship you have with the Heart and Soul; a relationship that allows you to think from the Heart and act from the wisdom of the Soul. It is through this relationship that you will begin to “know yourself” and realign with the Love that you are within the Heart.

But love is a concept that is so vast the rational mind is not capable of perceiving its fullness. However, when you begin to live Love in its unique aspects, Appreciation, Gratitude, Well Being, Beauty, Kindness, Graciousness and Certainty literally become living words. As these living words become internalized, a magical shift begins, initiating the activation of the living etheric light body within.

This is the opportunity that’s unfolding throughout 2010. These are the stepping stones that will build the framework for our next level of ascension.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010



by Arlene Cohen Miller

I met a Child of God

She walked into my life

She spread her loving arms

And enveloped me in Love

I stood in awe of her

Her majesty and splendor

I felt her beauty

Her glory and her might

She walked the talk of love

Never wavering or faltering

She walked the talk of Compassion,

Generosity and Joy

She manifested “miracles”

Her smiles, they were contagious

She laughed at herself with Humility

She celebrated life.

She was the love I yearned for

She was the alchemist

Transmuting fear into love

She was the warrior

Destroying old worn-out

Ideas and thought-patterns

She was the visionary

Knowing that there is always a better way

She looked familiar

Yet, I swore I’d never met her

She was new, vibrant and alive

Her never-ending love

Washed over me

Like the cleansing rain

Of a warm summer’s day

Her unconditional love

Melted the fortress

I had built around my heart

Her compassion nourished

My heart, my mind, my soul

She touched all that I AM in song

And cradled me in her arms

With her, I felt safe to feel

The anger, grief and fear

That I had buried in my bodies

With her by my side, I acknowledged

The dis-ease, pain and suffering

I had created in my life

She lead me to the waters

Of Gratitude and Self-Acceptance

She opened me to the blessing

Of Re-choosing and Re-birth

I choose to swim and drink

In the new-ness of my Creation

I choose to dive and float

In the ocean of my Love

Who is this angel, this beauty amongst the briars?

Who is this maiden untouched by guilt or blame?

Where did she come from and why does she help me?

Why am I graced with her presence in my life?

As I was moving forward

Into the Light of the God Within

Releasing all that no longer served me

Re-choosing to surrender

To trust my own inner knowing

She was there beside me

In a moment of Light, she descended

She merged with all I AM

And I grounded a new knowing

That I AM the Christ Within

That she, I and we are ONE

That Gratitude is key to transformation

And Love given freely without expectation of return

Is the cornerstone for manifesting

Our highest potential in all moments

I AM a Child of God

I dive into my “Pool of Potential”

Releasing all of my attachments

Experiencing the void

In the nothing-ness I re-choose

To BE the Spiritual Leader that I AM

To fulfill my promise to Self and the Masters

To ground the vision of the Golden Age

For Gaia, humanity and beyond.



Sunday, February 14, 2010

What We Can Learn From Children

What We Can Learn From Children

by Mary B Owens

Have you ever watched a child? There is a lot that an adult can learn from a child. As adults, it is easy to let everyday occurrences dictate how we feel. We tend to hang on to the emotion of the event we have experienced. Say for instance, you and a friend are going to lunch. As you are going to park your car someone pulls in and steals your spot. This really makes you angry so you decide to say something to the person as they get out of the car. Basically, the other person doesn't really care that they have caused you to get angry and they laugh it off. Now you are just infuriated! The whole event is stuck in your head throughout the entire lunch. When you get home, you realize you are still mad and to top it off you didn't enjoy your time with your friend because you held on to the incident in the parking lot.

Now let’s take a child. They are in the park and they are playing in the sandbox. They have a bucket filled with sand and they are building a sandcastle. They pour the sand out and run off to go get a toy to add to their creation. You watch and notice they are intent on creating the BEST sandcastle of all time. They walk over to refill the bucket and another kid comes up and takes the bucket. The child who had it first grabs it out of the other kid’s hands and boom, a fight breaks out. Both children get in trouble and neither one of them can play with the bucket. Do they let that stop them? No, they find something else to do. A few minutes later you see them playing tag with the very child they were in a fight with moment before. What does this tell us? How can we learn from the children?

Children go with the flow! One of the Universal Laws is called the Law of Allowing. The law states that whatever is present in your life is perfect right now and that if you allow for it, you will enjoy the experience much more. You will move through conflict faster and see better things appear than you wouldn't have seen otherwise. This law also states that you allow others to be where they are in their lives without any judgment or interference in their path. The example above is a perfect scenario. See, children feel the feeling they are having. They express what they feel and then they let it go. They don't focus on the past or hold a grudge for the future. They just flow! It is a wonderful lesson to learn as an adult. If the parking lot incident could have been different, the emotions and the following events could have been much more pleasant.

Yes people should be considerate. That is not the lesson here. The lesson is to allow and try to go with the flow more often in your life. Can you think of a time where you would have enjoyed something more if you would have just gone with the flow? Think about a time you have resisted something. Now think about if you would have moved with it. Would the outcome have been different? What would it look like if you expressed what you felt and then just released the event from your mind?

Children are always expressing themselves. They get what they feel out of their little bodies and they move to the next event. They usually get what they want as well. The two little kids were not attached to the outcome of building the sandcastle. They were attached to having fun at the park. Because they were able to move through their emotions, release them completely, they attracted what they wanted, their desired outcome, to have fun at the park.

There are so many other examples that can be explored. As for the Law of Allowing and children, they are the perfect little teachers. Next time you are out walking or in a restaurant watch a child. See how they interact with the environment, their families, and other people to get what they want. They are brilliant little souls to learn from.


The Valentine's Day Gift of Time

The Valentine's Day Gift of Time

by Dr.Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz

In these tough economic times we think it is important to again remind folks that the best things in life are free. To love, to be loved, and to give the gift of time is the best gift you can give to someone. This is an especially important message on Valentine’s Day 2010.

In our book, Building a Love that Lasts we report the findings and practical tips from our 26-year study of successfully marriage couples in the USA and around the world. In fact, we have interviewed couples on SIX continents of the world.

We found in our studies that there are seven pervasive characteristics that thread throughout all successful marriages. For our Valentine’s gift to you, we are pleased to offer three suggestions related to each of those “seven surprising secrets” for saving your hard-earned money on Valentine’s Day by giving the most precious gift of all – your time!

Here goes, the Gift of Time just for you.

1. The Gift of Time for Turning “Two Into One” without Losing Individual Identity
• Share ideas for what you would like to do together in 2010.
• Talk about the dreams you share for yourself as well as for your marriage.
• Find several favorite old photos and relive those precious moments together.

2. The Gift of Time so there are No “Sacred Cows” in your Marriage
• Engage in an extended conversation about why you love each other.
• Write your lover a note with three things you admire most about him or her.
• Tell your lover something that has been a nice “secret” of yours over the years.

3. The Gift of Time to Show Respect for the One You Love
• Treat her like a princess – treat him like a king.
• Write an email telling your lover what you believe to be their greatest strength.
• Make a note to put on the refrigerator door with a thank you for something special your lover did for you.

4. The Gift of Time for Good Health and Health Promotion
• Cook a special healthy dinner and serve it by candlelight.
• Take a long walk with your spouse for Valentine’s Day.
• Hit the “snooze” button on your alarm clock at least three times so you can snuggle a little extra in the morning.

5. The Gift of Time for Marital Financial Health
• Don’t go to the movies, make your own romantic movie together.
• Forget the $60 bouquet of roses – instead paint or draw a bouquet or write a love note to your lover.
• Don’t waste your money on jewelry or chocolates. Just tell why you love them.

6. The Gift of Time for Touching and Intimacy

• Take a long walk together holding hands.
• Make romantic time for intimacy.
• Brail each other’s face.

7. The Gift of Time To Make Your Marriage Spontaneously Exciting
• Have breakfast in bed together.
• Read a romantic bedtime story to your lover.
• Shut off all electronics for Valentine’s Day – no phones, no cell phones, no computers, no PDA, no television – just the two of you.

You see, the best things in life are, indeed, free. In these tough economic times, people are looking to save money at every turn. And the truth is, love – true love – should never be about money. As they song says, “Money can’t buy you love.”

Our 27 years of research on successful marriage has revealed to us that true love, true commitment, and truly successful marriages are based on many things, but how much money you spend on the one you love is almost never an indication of real love.

In life, love, and marriage, the most important gift you can give to the one you love is the gift of time. Why should Valentine’s Day 2010 be any different?

We have been married for nearly 44 years. Valentine’s Day has always been special for us. We make a point each year to NOT spend money on each other on this special day. If you follow our advice to you, expect the most wonderful Valentine’s Day ever!

Simple Things Matter in love and marriage. Love well!


Your Life is Perfect when You are In Alignment

Your Life is Perfect when You are In Alignment

by Enoch Tan

People think that their life will only be perfect when they have achieved everything they want, when everything is completely going the way they want it to go. They are looking at the perfect state of life as something that is in the future, that they don’t have it now but they need to move towards it. The truth is even when they have reached that state, there will still be new desires that will arise to be achieved. It is an illusion to think that the perfect life is something in the future instead of being present with us.

If you think that the perfect state of your life can only be experienced when everything you desire is manifested, then you are separating yourself in time. Thinking in terms of linear time is what creates resistance towards our desires manifesting as perfectly as possible. There is really no separation between past, present and future because spirit contains it all as one reality. Your perfect life is not something that happens at a certain point of time, but it is the one where you’re aligned with your highest purpose.

There is not just one line of time that you will experience. There are multiple lanes of time running parallel with each other with their corresponding alternate states of the universe. Out of the many pathways that you can take in life, there is one particular path that is in alignment with your highest purpose. The universe has what you truly desire all lined up at different points of time in that particular path. The moment you step into your true path, you are living the perfect life instantly no matter where in time.


Friday, February 12, 2010

What Goes Around, Comes Around

What Goes Around, Comes Around

By Michelle Morovaty

What goes out must come in.
What reveals itself within, shall reveal itself without.
What moves you through, moves you forward.

It's like who you are is really right where you are and Right where I am.
What goes around, comes around.
What goes out through our consciousness will in fact come back to us.

How does this affect us?
Have you ever given a bad thought to anyone or any situation and felt even worst after?
Have you ever cursed at someone and noticed how your own vibration changed?
Have you ever been present with your own darkness and watch as it manifested in your outer reality?
Have you ever abused yourself with unkind words and self-punishment and experienced pain in your physical self?
Have you ever expressed your frustration at someone just to fulfill your own lack and lived to experience the consequence?
Have you ever felt sorry for yourself and sat in the silence of self-pity and condemnation?

Have you ever realized how Powerful words, actions and deeds are in your life and in the lives of others? Have you? Have I? I certainly have. So Powerful that I have instantly experienced pain somewhere in my body from What goes around, comes around.

So what does this say about this Universe of Oneness? Do we experience each other’s pain? Do we experience each other’s behaviors? Is it worth us being present with our words, actions and deeds? Are we deserving of being thoughtful to ourselves and others?

Can we be open and honest with ourselves to see where our mistakes have impacted our lives and to know that we can transform our lives with our choices?

What goes around, comes around. ..

How about allowing the good within us to come to fruition in us and to go all round and back to us?

WOW! I like this.

When we give Good out, it will come back to us. The Law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Attraction. The Law of Self-love. The Law of Continuous Awareness. The Law of Passion for Life. The Law of Unity and Oneness. Who made these laws? Does it matter?

When practicing these laws we live with the results of Freedom within and without, feeling good about ourselves, our Souls thrive with excitement as our energies are rising to a much higher level as the Universe is so Magnificent and so are we. This is the calling of today and every day.

To rise above the limitations with our words, actions and deeds. Using the Power of our thoughts in such a way as to experience the wonder and the love within us, our world so grand and so expanded and it comes back to us multiplied.

WOW! I like this.

So this means it is up to us as to how we live our lives. I know that we will make mistakes and I know that we can choose to grow from our mistakes and learn Not to repeat the same mistakes.

We are in charge of our choices. Yes! Do you agree? Do you want to agree? Do you wish to deny this truth? Or do you wish to accept this truth and use your Inner Power to shift and expand in consciousness? Use your free will to choose what is freeing in you.

Know that when we experience freedom within then we experience freedom without.

What goes around, comes around. Inside and out.

Let us use our God given wisdom to live with Love, Peace and Joy. For we are definitely worthy and deserving of living a life of Perfect health on all levels of our being.

And so it is.


The Trials of Purification

The Trials of Purification

Meeting the Challenge of Spiritual Growth

By Julie Redstone

Purification is a sacred process that is meant to set mankind free, enabling life to be lived without pain and limitation from the perspective of the soul. It is a process that creates the possibility for individuals and for the Earth of living a sacred life.

And yet the trials of purification sometimes appear to outweigh its rewards, allowing one to feel that there is only difficulty and pain to get through, rather than a sacred process going on, initiated by light, and corresponding to God's intention to bless the Earth and all souls.

It is easy to believe this during a time in which the expansion of light is largely invisible, and one must trust this event based on belief and on one's inner knowing, rather than on a state of corresponding inner joy. Indeed, sometimes the difficulties of purification can appear almost insurmountable, creating heartache, fear, hopelessness, or anger -- all feelings that may have been present in the past to a lesser degree, that now clamor inside with greater insistence.

Because of the amplification of these feelings in the presence of greater light, what may appear to be taking place may be attributed mistakenly to deficits in one's character, in one's efforts at healing, or in one's relationship with God. None of these interpretations would be correct. For purification is the answer to the desire for healing and help. It is a drama of the past taking place in the present for which the conscious self ordinarily has little or no frame of reference. Its purpose is to eradicate limitation, and to create for the self, a new and sacred way of life.

With respect to the acceleration of the purification process on the planet, it is, without exception, produced, first, by the intensification of light upon the Earth; second, by one's own receptivity to that light; and third, by the intensity and scope of the needs that exist for healing.

Where issues in the past have not been able to be dealt with at the deepest level, but only in a more intellectual way or only to a certain degree, the expansion of light releases into awareness the deeper strata of thought and feeling, bringing with it more profound aspects of the original situation in need of healing. This would all be clearly understandable if the action of light were observable to the conscious self, which could then become more of a witness to the process, rather than fully immersed in it. In fact, in cases where such witnessing is possible, greater peace is often present even while difficulties continue. Nevertheless, this perspective is not always available, due to the intensity of ongoing difficulties.

Even where symptoms express themselves physically as part of the purification process, the underlying cause is still a need for the healing of one's consciousness, and this need can also increase in intensity, manifesting physical symptoms that are stronger than they were before.

Having an anchor point within oneself that enables one to connect with the deeper truth of purification and the freedom it is bringing and will bring, is an essential part of going through this process with greater ease.

Having others around who understand this frame of reference, a place to go where one can receive comfort and support, a source to which one can turn for a sense of greater light -- these are also important ways of going through what can be a time of great intensity.

However, the most important thing that supports one's passage through this time is to feel a deepening of one's relationship with God and with God's love. This deepening, even while difficulties continue, gives life a new meaning and contributes its own sense of joy. For the relationship with God establishes one's awareness as a soul, connected to life and to other souls in a whole new way. This is the reward of purification, even while challenges may be present.

To know with conviction that God has not forsaken one -- that God is, in fact, present during this time, is, more than anything else, the bedrock upon which endurance is founded and upon which hope and trust can be maintained. All other supports assist with this process, but knowing God's love and the sacred reality that is trying to emerge, are the central ingredients for maintaining oneself in the face of difficulty.

During the trials of purification, one's inner being may know one thing, while the body, mind, and emotions may feel something quite different. The deeper self may, for example, feel connected to God's truth, while mind and emotions feel separated, causing the conscious self to feel alone and without help. This situation, despite its intensity, can be met through the strengthening of love which can carry one through the trials of purification.

Feeling or asking to feel God's love, feeling the love of others for oneself, feeling one's own love for God, for other souls, and for the life of the Earth -- these are all things that can become stronger in the presence of greater light. They do not eliminate the challenges that are often present, but they surround them with compassion and uphold them with understanding.

Blessed are those who may enter the trials of purification in a state of awakeness, and who can go through the experience with God as companion, rather than without.

Blessed are those who may find within themselves the love that endures in the face of all difficulty, that is devoted to the light, and that seeks the healing of the self and of the Earth in the presence of every level of challenge.


Your Thoughts and Emotions are Your Reality

Your Thoughts and Emotions are Your Reality

by Desiree Leigh Thompson

"The thoughts you think today will in one way or another become the fabric of your next existence. There are no magic words that will make you wise... Your thoughts and everyday experiences contain the answer" (Seth Speaks).

Throughout our existence we develop our consciousness but our rate of learning depends solely on us. When we live with rigid ideas this keeps us on a short leash only to find ourselves filled with doubt, confusion and anxiety. These rigid ideas also keep us small minded battling against good and evil, questioning what is right or wrong, not really making any good choices, just running around in circles with the same concerns and problems. We came to this physical realm we call earth to expand our consciousness but have forgotten why we came and in the process distorted the truth.

We interpret the world we see in our own way but it is a distortion of the truth. This distorted interpretation came from the conditioning of past generations of hate, doubt and guilt. It is a cycle that must be changed. Who-so-ever continues to have thoughts and feelings such as these, must work them out, otherwise they will remain a reality for them. This is how we expand and develop our consciousness and grow to a higher good.

The statement from Jesus, "To turn the other cheek," is taken way too lightly. What he meant was when we turn the other cheek we stop the attack on ourselves. If we respond with another attack it only harms us, no matter what the other has done to us. NO MATTER WHAT! Whoever is the attacker will always undoubtedly be attacked because that is how they will perceive their world. Hate is restrictive and narrows our perception. (The attacker will see an attacking world everywhere and in everything: in all relationships, people, events and conditions.)

We have unquestionably forgotten why we came to this world. Having such a challenge as the 'attacker' or the 'attackee' in this example could be someone's learning experience at this time. We can look at these experiences as a bad deck of cards or just bad luck but in reality WE CHOSE our own experiences to expand and develop our consciousness. It is how we react to them that counts. Nothing more and nothing less. We chose everything we live with; all by ourselves.

So instead of whining and thrashing about in this so called terrible life and how it is so unjust, chill out and work your way through it. Ease into the experience no matter how it feels. Let the tears flow if they must and just KNOW you are greater than these illusions of hate, guilt and doubt. Remember, your intention for coming forth into this current physical life experience was all your doing. And ALL your experiences are all your doing too. What you may consider the worst of the worst is a blessing in disguise because what you take from it is your choice. What you see in that experience is your choice too.

If you are not satisfied with your life then begin and choose to change the nature of your thoughts and your feelings. True compassion and love will lead you to an understanding and also destroy the erroneous and distortive concepts of evil.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Leave Memories of Appreciation

Leave Memories of Appreciation

by Kathleen Gage

What would life be like if you could decide moment by moment your state of mind? What if you could have complete control over your response to any situation life holds for you? What if you could live in the space of gratitude and appreciation regardless of the economy, loss, change or uncertainty?

Seem impossible? If not impossible, difficult at best? Living is a state of appreciation no matter what may seem unrealistic and unattainable to many people.

For lots of people it is. Yet for others it is believable, doable and realistic. It is a way of life.

If you’ve ever encountered someone who lives with this type of appreciation you may wonder how it is possible. Unless of course, you are this type of person.

For those who have a deep understanding of how magical life becomes when they live in this space there is no question as to how simple it is.

Then there are those who feel gratitude and appreciation only when things are going their way.

It’s easy to be grateful when all is going our way; there’s money in the bank, food in the refrigerator, a new car in the garage, a winning poker hand, or just about anything that is external stimuli that generates good feelings – at least for a short period of time.

The problem is when the externals are not as we would like, what happens to one’s level of appreciation. For many people, everything goes south. Some quickly move into the poor me syndrome. This is where we feel victimized by events that transpire.

The truth is life is sometimes tough, sometimes hurts, and is sometimes unfair. Different people respond in different ways. Some will immediately move into a space of resentment while others will know that this too shall pass.

So how do they do it? How do those who can stay grateful regardless of outward circumstances keep a deep level of appreciation no matter what?

There are a few simple steps that can be taken to move closer to living this way more times than not.

First, acknowledge it WILL take a conscious effort. After all, if one immediately grows resentful, fearful or angry when things don’t go their way, this is extremely unconscious behavior.

The next thing is to set the intention of how you want to respond to all life has to offer. By setting an intention for a specific response we are more likely to achieve it.

When you are lost for what to do, don’t do anything. Simply be. Be with what is right in front of you.

Each moment of every day is an opportunity to create miracles. Each moment is a moment we create a memory. It can be as simple as being kind to all those we come in contact with because we just happen to be in the space of total appreciation. Perhaps, it is getting outside of our comfort zone to help another because we believe this will make a difference in their day and offer them a level of appreciation. Maybe it’s just being happy to be. Simple as that.

All the moments of our life are the memories we leave behind when our time is done. What memories will you leave?


How do You Know if You're Having a Spiritual Hangover?

How do You Know if You're Having a Spiritual Hangover?

by Faith Lynella

A Spiritual Hangover is evidence of emerging spiritual growth and re-alignment.

It's hard to keep one's balance (or sanity) as our world seems to spin out of control. Something is shaking up everything you've considered normal or relied upon. But all this craziness needn't be so scary or puzzling, once you comprehend what's really going on.

You're being jerked into a more intense relationship with life, and with your future. It is hitting your body, mind, emotions, values-as well as every relationship you have. No aspect of your everyday experience is untouched. Everybody’s life is being altered in many ways, great and small. And it's not going to be over soon.

~Here are five signs to look for~

1~ You find yourself wondering if the whole world is crazy - or you are.
The sense of puzzlement over why things that used to work OK don't seem to. Not only that, words like "reliable" or "normal" are simply too much to expect. And those in charge seem to be clueless about what to do about any of it.

2~You struggle to find something trustworthy.
Whether you look to the experts or familiar beliefs.

3~You can't muster much enthusiasm for many everyday responsibilities. Or other routines that don't seem to provide an emotional lift. More stress and demands on you leave you wondering, why bother?

4~ Relationships are unraveling, or are increasingly strained. You find that people you've know a long time drifting away, while others come into your life who suit you better.

5~ Physical symptoms that involve any part of your body. They result from greater sensitivity to energy. And you're more sensitive to negative and toxic influences than ever before.

~Learn to Ride the High Energy Winds of Change~

These changes aren't random. But to read the confusing signals requires a fresh way of looking at things. Especially the very things you thought you could trust to remain unshaken. As you begin to "read the signals" you'll recognize a Spiritual Hangover as a boost rather than a setback. You'll soon discover how to keep your balance and get the most mileage from the ride.

We live in exciting times because something remarkable and energizing is in the wind. In the meantime, much of what you've taken for granted has got to go. Be reassessed, anyway. Figuring out how to read the unfamiliar signals has assumed added urgency. You'll find yourself re-examining whatever you treated as life's truths. The beliefs you totally counted on to remain solid are shaking as well.

In the end you'll find the answers you need from tapping into your own deeper wisdom. As the clambering distractions fall away the voice you find to be most reliable will be your own.


Animals and the Afterlife

Animals and the Afterlife

by Renata Bartoli, PhD

More and more often, while channelling, psychics meet the spirits of departed animals who had been dearly loved by their clients. They are there with their human departed ones, without any difference between them at all, sending their love and affection. The fact that these encounters are now happening more and more frequently means that the time has finally come for us to enlarge our boundaries and open ourselves up more widely to the spiritual world, letting the limits of our wounded egos dissolve. In our evolution we have created so many separations but in the spiritual world union is the only way forward, and union feeds on love, compassion and a strong feeling of sharing.

Here is a door, we are now on its threshold with glimpses of what lies ahead; our spiritual guides can gently nudge us forwards, but we are the only ones who can push it wide open and walk assuredly into the healing light of love for all living forms.

There is a lot of talking about the Mayan prophecy concerning the Winter Solstice of 2012 and what exactly that means. In her Past Life Angels, Jenny Smedley sees that date not as a gloomy deadline marking the end of our planet, but as the time when a heightened consciousness level on earth will reach the critical mass needed to allow a sudden “quantum leap” in spirituality for all humankind, and I like to think that she is right, completely right.

All those humans who have been lucky enough to share a part of their lives with an animal and have grieved when he or she has passed over, can finally find the reassurance that their separation is only temporary, less than a heart-beat compared to eternity. Ultimately love is the only law that works and its bonds will never be broken. Soul groups are created by love, and the shape of a physical body is only a temporary material coat we take at birth and shed again when we die. It is no more important than the colour of our skin or of our eyes, our sex or our social status.

Animals’ souls are – unlike ours – unadulterated by the rational thinking that has led us to so many blinding distinctions and separations and therefore they are able to enjoy wholeness at a degree almost impossible for us to reach when incarnated. This is why they are such great teachers for us, and why we have so much to learn from them if we have the humility to listen to their voices.

Animals’ lifespans might vary greatly from ours and if on the one hand to see them going and leaving us can be really heart-breaking, on the other hand it gives us a chance to meet them again and again in our current life. Love is the great guide and our mutual feelings, like powerful magnets reaching across the worlds, will eventually bring them back to us. If we look around and keep our eyes and our hearts open we might be lucky enough to meet them again, incarnated in a new body: look for signs and you won’t miss them.