Friday, February 12, 2010

Your Thoughts and Emotions are Your Reality

Your Thoughts and Emotions are Your Reality

by Desiree Leigh Thompson

"The thoughts you think today will in one way or another become the fabric of your next existence. There are no magic words that will make you wise... Your thoughts and everyday experiences contain the answer" (Seth Speaks).

Throughout our existence we develop our consciousness but our rate of learning depends solely on us. When we live with rigid ideas this keeps us on a short leash only to find ourselves filled with doubt, confusion and anxiety. These rigid ideas also keep us small minded battling against good and evil, questioning what is right or wrong, not really making any good choices, just running around in circles with the same concerns and problems. We came to this physical realm we call earth to expand our consciousness but have forgotten why we came and in the process distorted the truth.

We interpret the world we see in our own way but it is a distortion of the truth. This distorted interpretation came from the conditioning of past generations of hate, doubt and guilt. It is a cycle that must be changed. Who-so-ever continues to have thoughts and feelings such as these, must work them out, otherwise they will remain a reality for them. This is how we expand and develop our consciousness and grow to a higher good.

The statement from Jesus, "To turn the other cheek," is taken way too lightly. What he meant was when we turn the other cheek we stop the attack on ourselves. If we respond with another attack it only harms us, no matter what the other has done to us. NO MATTER WHAT! Whoever is the attacker will always undoubtedly be attacked because that is how they will perceive their world. Hate is restrictive and narrows our perception. (The attacker will see an attacking world everywhere and in everything: in all relationships, people, events and conditions.)

We have unquestionably forgotten why we came to this world. Having such a challenge as the 'attacker' or the 'attackee' in this example could be someone's learning experience at this time. We can look at these experiences as a bad deck of cards or just bad luck but in reality WE CHOSE our own experiences to expand and develop our consciousness. It is how we react to them that counts. Nothing more and nothing less. We chose everything we live with; all by ourselves.

So instead of whining and thrashing about in this so called terrible life and how it is so unjust, chill out and work your way through it. Ease into the experience no matter how it feels. Let the tears flow if they must and just KNOW you are greater than these illusions of hate, guilt and doubt. Remember, your intention for coming forth into this current physical life experience was all your doing. And ALL your experiences are all your doing too. What you may consider the worst of the worst is a blessing in disguise because what you take from it is your choice. What you see in that experience is your choice too.

If you are not satisfied with your life then begin and choose to change the nature of your thoughts and your feelings. True compassion and love will lead you to an understanding and also destroy the erroneous and distortive concepts of evil.


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