Sunday, February 7, 2010

Invisible Forces in Your Life

~Invisible Forces in Your Life~

Imagine an Angel Sitting on Your Shoulder

and Whispering in Your Ear

by © Cindy L. Herb

Are invisible forces guiding you in your life? Imagine an angel of God sitting on your shoulder. What do you think that angel would say? Would he or she offer constructive or destructive help?

Well, from my own personal experiences, it does appear an angel—the inner spirit of God—has been providing me constructive aid during my life. Even through extreme difficulties, that angel of God never left me. He or she has given me solace during those times and has continually steered me in the right direction to allow me to feel joy!

Maybe he or she is not on my shoulder, but that invisible force definitely is around because I have heard their voice whispering in my ear. Nothing but love and compassion comes from the voice. In addition, when I listen to the voice, good things happen!

Sometimes, it takes listening to your angel to find peace. The truth is that when you are at your lowest point, a solution to your ache may present itself to you. This was the case with me. At the time, I was isolated and in extreme pain. The prospect of living with that pain was worse than death. I began to wish that my life would end. Perhaps you have felt similar pain.

If you allow it, something incredible can happen to change your life for the better! In my situation, I heard a voice from deep within telling me that I could change directions and make my pain go away. Simple adjustments in thinking can melt away any pain. My angel was guiding me to a path of rediscovery. Death was not the answer. Because of this understanding, I have been able to change my life, ending my isolation and pain.

Hey, listening to your inner spirit can be very good! By tuning into that 'angel', I now have true joy and incredible improvement in my physical health. The fact that it worked proves that resolution is possible.

Do you suppose there is an angel sitting on your shoulder? Could it be possible that you found this article, not by accident? Could your angel or inner spirit have guided you here?


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