Thursday, December 31, 2009

You Are Not Your Mistakes!


You Are Not Your Mistakes!
Kenia Morales
So many individuals feel disappointed of themselves because of the mistakes that they have made in life. In fact many do not only feel disappointed but some are even looked down on by their family and peers. These individuals are often referred as the "black sheep" or the "bad seed". These labels whether believed by oneself or others are somewhat devastating, the negative image will always dampen their positive qualities. Not only will outsiders overlook the good points but it will also paralyze the individual from trying to do anything different ..


It is very hard to feel confident about trying anything new once one sees self in such a negative light. Let's call it the "why even bother mentality". This type of mentality it's based on fear. It is being scared of even trying to do anything positive. Once a person's confidence has been crushed it can not stand to make errors or won't even believe to be capable of accomplishing anything positive..


For those individuals affected by the "why even bother mentality" you can get rid of this negative state of mind by keeping in mind that we all make mistakes and that they are simply part of life. In fact it is how we mature. We fall, pick up, learn and keep on moving with new insightful knowledge..


So, for your own sake keep in mind that you are not your mistakes and you can always learn a valuable lesson from experiences. They will help you make wiser choices the next time around. Instead learn to appreciate both positive and negative experiences each in their own way..



So What?

So What?

By Carol James

So what if I am confused,

I can seek clarity.

So what if I feel overwhelmed,

I can always change my point of focus.

So what if I am upset that I didn’t know that sooner,

I know it now.

So what if that didn’t turn out okay,

I gained new knowledge and wisdom from it.

So what if I lack money,

I can always attract more.

So what if I am in a bad mood,

I have the power to change it.

So what if I am feeling negative emotion,

I am only a shift in focus away from relief.

So what if it has not come yet,

I know it is on its way.

So what if I did that wrong,

I can always do it over.

So what if I’ve got stuff in my life I don’t want,

it's only a temporary condition.

So what if I don’t know the answer,

I can always attract wisdom.

So what if I am not as far as others,

I am as far as I need to be.



Create a Great Day!

Create a Great Day!

Today is a blank canvas upon which

you can create a masterpiece

It's not just a chunk of time to be endured.

It is an opportunity to live,

to experience, to learn, to build,

to grow and to make a difference.

Today is full of ways in which you

can move forward.

To look at this

day with the goal of "just getting by"

is an enormous waste of the

possibilities which are open to

you this very moment.

Right now you're in a special place,

a place filled with opportunity

and promise.

There's something you'll be able

to do today that you've never been

able to do before,

and you may never be able to do again.

Make the most of that opportunity.

Fulfill that promise.

Take advantage of the special

circumstances while they're here.

How many times have you

wished that you had the world

at your feet, that you had the opportunity

of a lifetime? Stop wishing.

It's here.

It's called today.

The world is indeed at your feet.

So go where you've been meaning to go.

Do what you've been intending to do.

Now is your grand opportunity.

Get busy creating the unique

masterpiece of today.

Ralph Marston


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Healing Tree


The Healing Tree
by Don Mcleod

Taking a walk through nature is not only refreshing and energizing; it can also be a healing experience thanks to the energy of trees. In the early years of mankind, trees were regarded as special beings, no doubt because of their size and majesty. Apart from being the home of animals and birds, trees were also thought to embody a spirit, and people would leave offerings to the spiritual presence that resided in the tree.

In India, most local shrines are constructed under trees. Shamans of Native American and Europe believed that trees also possess curative powers. Different trees are said to have particular medicinal properties.

The following is a brief list of trees and the healing qualities they are said to contain.

Ash: brings peace of mind. Warts rubbed on the bark will be absorbed into the tree.

Beech: reduces swellings and skin inflammations. Helps to balance mental health.

Birch: the bark helps to heal wounds and burns.

Cedar: cleanses negative atmospheres.

Oak: brings vitality and long life.

Sassafras: eases problems with the digestive system. Burying money near the roots of a

Sassafras tree brings prosperity.

Pine: a renewal of energy can be obtained by sitting under a pine.

Willow: adds vital energy to the elderly and the sick. Smoke created from burning the

wood of a willow tree can soothe and guide the souls of the dead.


How to Find Your Own Healing Tree

Here is a small ritual for finding your own personal healing tree. Enter a quiet park or forest that has a variety of trees. Stand quietly amongst the trees and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and release all thoughts from your mind. Then allow your consciousness to drop through your body, and to settle within your heart chakra. Now, with your eyes open, but unfocused, start walking through the trees. You should be able to feel the energy of each tree as you enter its aura. When you find an energy that feels right for you, mentally ask the tree for permission to physically make contact. If you then feel that it is alright to do so, approach the tree and place your back against it. Feel the energy of the tree resonating within you.


Which one of your chakras does this tree seem to affect the most?

How to See a Tree’s View of the World

You can also enhance your psychic perceptions of the world around you, by merging your consciousness with that of your healing tree. Allow your aura to merge with the tree’s energy field, and with your eyes open, see the surroundings as if through the consciousness of the tree. A silvery glow will surround the area, and you will see the auras of other trees and plants. When you have finished this experiment, thank the tree for its participation, and move away from its energy field. Bring your consciousness up through your body and into your head, then take a few more deep breaths. Stamp your feet on the ground to bring yourself back to full conscious awareness.

Clearing Negativity with Trees

It is said that trees can also absorb negative energy from our bodies, without it doing the tree any harm. To clear yourself of negativity, find another tree that you are intuitively drawn to, and ask permission to give it the negative energy that you have unwittingly stored in your body. Trees can transform and use this energy for their own enhancement. To gather and release negativity from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, run the palm of your left hand from the top of your head, and down the right side of your body, visualising the collection of negativity into your hands. Do the same with your right hand on the left side of your body. Then rub your hands on the trunk of the tree, thereby releasing all the toxins that you have gathered. Also run your hands down the front and back of your body and pass this onto the tree as well. Do this three times, and when you are finished, thank the tree for taking the negative energy from you. Trees are more than lumps of wood with leaves attached.

Make the effort to walk through a national park or forest soon, and take visual notes of the variety that exists even within the same species of tree. By making the conscious effort to look closely at a tree trunk, you will be surprised at the myriad of patterns and colours that normally go unnoticed. Each tree has its own characteristics
and personality. And by taking the time to attune to a few trees, you will be amazed at the different styles of energy that emanate from them.

For your health’s sake, hug a tree today!


Heaven to Earth through the Body

Heaven to Earth through the Body

By Luke Le Bree


Love is the reality. Love is the energy of

Divineness. Love is God.

Love is the moment. The moment is

now, not the past which has gone or

the future which is yet to unfold.

There is nothing that was not first born

of love.

You are love. You are awareness. You

are your breath. You are your peace,

you are your joy.

You are a divine being who is beautiful

and perfect, right in this moment. You

will never lose your divineness. You are

unique, there is only one you.

To the degree you open yourself up to

accept and be your true self, is the

degree you will have what is rightfully

yours. Love, peace, joy.

Love creates and unifies. Love heals all

physical, mental and emotional


Love is not your thoughts, nor is it your


Know that love (God) never judges.

Love never accommodates sickness,

control, sacrifice or limitation. Love is

not fear.

Fear can never influence the perfection

of love. Love transforms fear into love.

There is nothing more powerful than


There is only one true reality and that is

God, however you perceive God to be.

God is love. Everything has the life of

divineness flowing through it, including

you. Without this energy, your body

would be dead.

So, if you can accept your divineness

(life) there is nothing you need to do to

improve on yourself.

You can learn many ways to express

who you are. To the amount you

express love, is the amount you have

awakened to the God/Goddess within.

Your divineness allows you to live

forever both in physical and in spirit


The quality of life you have will depend

on you and only you. In spirit or physical

form, your life is your creation.

You can accept who you are (love) or

believe you are less than love (fear) If

you choose to own your divineness and

live it out in all that you do, your peace

and joy is assured.

With Love, Luke


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Quiet Moments

Enjoying And Benefiting From Quiet Moments

By Kevin Sinclair

We all have quiet moments we can enjoy if we wish to. In the midst of busy lives and stressful demands, we can take mini breaks and enjoy peaceful moments.

However, it is easy to miss these moments if we are distracted by looking at our watches or use the time to chat on the phone. To truly benefit from them, you first need to decide to become more aware of them. When you are waiting outside the school for your children to come out you can worry about something or you can enjoy a peaceful moment. If you take advantage of these times to relax and still your mind you will soon discover amazing benefits. These are the times when intuition can come alive and soft whispers of inspiration can bless your life.

It is possible to find peace in simple activities such as walking through a park or browsing a plant nursery. Even just spending a little while sitting in your backyard can provide you valuable time to rejuvenate. Pay attention to the experiences of life; the colors in nature, the fragrances of flowers, birds, animals and even cloud formations. Simply be becoming aware of the beauty of your surroundings you can create a peaceful mindset and a grateful heart.

If you have little children, you may wonder how you can find any peace at all. However, our babies and little children offer wonderful opportunities to enjoy peace and contentment, but only if you give them your full attention. You have to forget other demands and be in the present moment. Cuddling your baby or reading a special story to your toddler can be peaceful moments that open your heart

For some people, their most peaceful and blissful moments occur while deeply engaged in an activity they love. Creating a beautiful work of art, story, piece of furniture, clothing or garden can all take you to that quiet place where time stands still. It is in this state, that you can rejuvenate from the stresses of life and get your second wind.

No matter how you enter into this 'zone', you will find that you are able to experience love, gratitude and clarity of thought in a way that you cannot access normally. Joy expands at these times and life flows easily. You feel that anything is possible in this state and it is. For the moment at least, you are being who you want to be and doing what you want to do. If you intersperse your life with these experiences of deep contentment, you will become more satisfied with your life.

You will also find a new level of creativity flowing through your mind when you experience regular times of inner peace. Inspiration will energize and exhilarate you with a renewed sense of purpose. Furthermore, solutions to difficulties you are facing will come to you easily. In fact, by regularly enjoying times of deep contentment and peace you will discover that your life will become more satisfying and full of joy.


Let The Labels Fall Away

Let The Labels Fall Away

by Russell Satori

It’s amazing to uncover that you can spend an entire lifetime and never know yourself at all, but rather only know a perception of yourself. A projected self image (ego) which virtually has nothing to do with who and what you are. Likewise people pass in and out of our lives every day. We talk to them, we eat lunch with them, we go to work with them and most of what we know and think about them are merely thoughts and perceptions. "They are like that", "she is this way," "He’s a republican," "She’s a liberal." Label after label, we cast them upon those around us and remain blind to the very people before our eyes. In turn, almost everyone else is also walking around with perceptions of themselves and with perceptions about you and I, that are nothing more than fiction. It’s like we’re all in virtual bumper cars bouncing off each other without ever truly making contact. The endless stream of labels and perceptions we cast upon each other, perpetually keeps us immersed in a world of delusion in regards to our relationship with the universe around us and to the common bond we all share.

The next time you find yourself at odds with somebody, try and squelch the little label maker in your mind and just see the person as they are. In silence we can uncover: that the differences just don't exist. They were never really there to begin with. Our thoughts and perceptions are made of nothing. They have no substance at all other than the life we breathe into them. If you look long enough at those around you and let the labels fall away back into the nothingness from which they came, eventually you may find yourself here in this moment, looking straight back upon yourself through their eyes.

As we learn to listen and watch without labeling one another, our common thread shines through and through.


Elephant Speak

Elephant Speak

by Beth Ann

I am being called to share with you a message from our kindred spirits, the Elephants, wise old souls from ancient times. Honored for their strength and their knowing. They carry many codes and songs since the beginning of time for Prime Creator. Their deep guttural rattle is very much the same as their water counterparts, the Whales and the Dolphins. They have a hidden way of communicating. Their low frequency signals are ultrasounds we can't hear. The Elephants have over 70 songs and sounds they make, nearly all of them at frequencies too low for human ears to perceive. We only hear the top end of their messages. Their keenly perceptive hearing and smelling senses allow them to communicate with these sounds to each other over 20 or 30 miles in all directions. They are constantly sniffing the air with their trunks and flapping their ears to heighten their earshot.

Elephants let each other know of their presence, their intents and any environmental information they wish to share by these signals. And like their colleagues, the Whales and Dolphins, they have held their codes for countless generations for this time we are now in. May the full extent of their teachings be heard and understood. I expect soon the awakening of the ones who will realize this and record their songs for all to hear. Those persons with the blue prints to understand the message of the Elephants codes in song and sound. Those who will find a way to share these precious imprints with the rest of this planet. We as light workers need to call for their safe and timely awakening.

The Elephants are ready to share their codes and songs with us. They carry the codes of strong Family, social structure and of right ways of raising young ones. They want us to know that many of the problems with our youths and parents today stem from a lack of proper teaching and understanding of these ways. Please listen while I tell you some of their story. It involves respect at all ages and closeness to their young as they grow into adulthood. Each child is important. Each child must be considered essential. Each child deserves ample nurturing and guidance well into adulthood. The purpose of this writing is to offer healing to Families of all sentient beings around the planet. May this be perceived this night.

Elephants live in a very strong family unit. Their life span is roughly the same as humans. Females are the core of the herd. Several will cluster in a family with varying ages of their calves. You will find mostly sisters and first cousins among the adults. Female elephants generally stay with the herd for life. They are very tender with each other and teach their young a wide range of emotions and coping skills. They are constantly touching each other with their trunks, which are very sensitive, and they often snuggle with one another. As parents, they are the fiercest protectors of their young among the animal kingdom. When faced with danger, they drive their young away from the area swiftly and noisily; ready to stand in their defense if necessary.

When bull calves reach their mid-teens, they are driven from the herds. The adolescent bull will often hover near by for a while. Eventually they will wander off to find a large mature bull waiting to hang with them and teach them the ways of adulthood. The mature bull waits for the adolescent bull to be ready. They teach through sound and example. The bulls are constantly sparring, bumping heads and twisting each other's trunks. This behavior is not aggressive; it is actually quite friendly. The acception being breeding season, when it becomes quite serious. The mature bulls are constantly aware of the location and occurrences in a family unit, and know their role as protector of the herd and mentor to the young bulls is vital.

In the 1980's, Mankind, in an effort to recoup the dwindling Elephant herds in Africa, created vast game reserves. They stocked these parks with large groups of young Elephants ranging in age from 3 to 6 years old. Twenty years ago, they only had means to transport the smaller animals. By depriving them of the nurturing and tenderness of their Mothers and Aunties while growing up, mankind, with their good intentions to solve one problem had created another. Mankind has turned these majestic and sensitive creatures into troubled delinquents. In recent years, these same wild life parks on the Continent of Africa are greatly challenged by young rouge bull Elephants performing acts of extreme violence. Frequently resulting in the senseless death of other species, most often the rhinoceros. In essence - interspecies murder, as it appears to be for no other reason than venting internal rage. This pattern is occurring at multiple parks. In all cases it involves the young bulls separated from their families in the 1980's.

Wise men leading the mission to change, Gus Van Dyk, of the Pilanesberg National Park, and Dr. Rob Slotow, of the University of Natal, decided to recruit the Elephants themselves to solve the issue. Through calling upon the Wisdom of the Elder's, these men are hoping this solution will have a more lasting effect. By relocating to the troubled parks a dozen or so mature bull Elephants, ranging in age from their mid 30's to their mid 40's the condition has shifted. This was not a simple task. These bulls weigh over 6 tons each and stand over 11 feet tall at the shoulder. In spite of their size and strength, they are quite fragile creatures. The program has been successful under the watchful care of the learned and sensitive Native African, Kruger National Park Veterinarian, Dr. D. Grabbler. He has been involved, in person, with the transport of each one of the bulls. They are transferred in pairs to reduce the stress of the move. Upon arrival, these sage old bulls are able to perceive the situation immediately on their own and readily seek out the younger rogue bulls to spend time with them. The adolescents seem glad to meet with their mentors. The violence has been greatly reduced in a very short time.

As they spend time together in the forest, the deep guttural chatter from the Elder Elephants is virtually non-stop. The cameraman thinks it's digestive noises from all the roughage they consume. The sounds are very much the same as the clacking and chatter created by Whales and Dolphins. Within days the adolescent Elephants ceased their rocking and aggressive behaviors, their attitudes shifted. The presence of the larger more mature Elephants appears to have suppressed the hormonal fluctuations in the younger bulls that were stimulating their aggressive behavior. Two of the larger parks have had such great success with this pilot program; they are making plans to correct the situation similarly in other parks as well.

These wise, majestic creatures have profound lessons to teach us. We need only to gaze upon the troubled youths of our society, many with only one parent, to see how this applies to us. How often do we snuggle or touch our adolescents? What time do we take to listen to or speak with them? Noting the nurturing and training of elementary school age children, are we doing them such a great service by depriving them of cuddles and heartfelt touches from the adults in their lives in the name of fear of child molestation? Would society not be a better place if we could remove the energies and life forms that perpetrate such vile actions and allow our children to grow in safety and comfort with full access to the trusted adults in their lives?

We as Light Workers, understanding the ramifications of inadequate nurturing of children, need to call for this very situation to open up and be healed. It is imperative that we support those persons who, this day, are attempting to reach out to our own troubled youths and offer mentorship. We must call for the end of all activities by those who attempt to exploit this situation, by negatively influencing our youths for their own personal gain (i.e. drug dealers and pimps).

Listen to and show appreciation to the youths in your life. They have much to share with us. Each child is important. Each child must be considered essential. Each child deserves ample nurturing and guidance well into adulthood. The purpose of this writing is to offer healing to Families of all sentient beings around the planet. May they be perceived this night.

With love and respect, in service to the One for the benefit of the All,

Beth Ann and the Elephants of Earth


Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Call of the Dolphins

The Call of the Dolphins

by Katryn Lavanture

Dolphins have a higher consciousness with which they communicate between themselves, other species, and humans. We call this their "frequency network". When a relationship needs to be initiated by the dolphins it is because the person has accessed that network vibrationally, outside of conscious awareness, and made themselves available to the dolphins. It is then that the process begins. This process is a transmission of vibratory frequencies from dolphin to human which activates energy centers in the physical and energetic bodies. When dolphins see that a person needs to be initiated into a relationship with them they will read the energy field of that person to see how best to proceed with the initial link into consciousness. The dolphins will connect with the person's higher knowing, and decide the way they will most likely be met by that person on a spiritual and/or physical level.

On the spiritual level the dolphins may make their presence know through the dreamtime or in meditation. In that altered state the person may be met by a dolphin and taken on a journey to other dimensional realities, taken to other dolphin groups and given lessons on earth stewardship, or they may receive specific information on new healing modalities - often involving the use of symbols and tones.

On the physical level the dolphins may feed information to the personality that urges the person to move into relationship with them in a more three dimensional way. This information may come as a strong urge to read all they can about dolphins, bring dolphin images and music into their lives, or go into dolphin waters and swim with them. Oftentimes a strong desire to swim with dolphins will follow spiritual interactions.

The primary focus of dolphins is activation of the heart. Through opening the heart a person has access to their true self and the reality of merging heaven and earth. Along with physical activation such as the release of endorphins in the brain, this opening causes the "bliss phenomena" often experienced when swimming with dolphins. It is the bliss of experiencing love in it's highest form. This love opens the heart, which connects one to their true self. This bliss is also a result of remembering the source from which we came, that place our soul would call home. People who are called by the dolphins share the same soul source as them, the same "home", and so connecting with dolphins is reuniting us with our forgotten roots in this earthly life. Then we can truly manifest who we really are with great clarity about our life's purpose. Dolphins serve as intermediaries between lower and higher consciousness, the practical and the mystical. They help people bridge polarities in themselves and their life.

Their activation is very specific to the individual and often more concentrated when one is swimming with them. When they meet with humans physically they see them as a hologram - all the levels of beingness are apparent in one scan. The mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states of the person are seen in their current state of evolution. The ego needs and the soul needs are apparent as well. The activation points, or energy centers, in each person are waiting for specific coded light frequencies to hit them so that they can begin to generate a new frequency in the subtle bodies of the person. When these points are activated by the dolphins there is created a direct line to higher consciousness through these new frequencies. This creates new ways of assimilating information between the higher self and the personality or ego, which allows easier manifestation of the true self. This makes a life of greater openness, clarity, peace and joy truly possible.

The activation process takes only a moment. What seems like a complicated process actually happens in minutes as the dolphins see each person through expanded and holographic senses. Oftentimes the dolphin activation is the major catalyst for changes that are being amplified and supported through the energy vortexes where most dolphin encounters are happening. In time there will be less need for actual extended dolphin contact as both dolphins and humans move into the next level of existence - one more focused on light body living.

The infusion of sacred symbols and holographic healing techniques onto the planet will assist humans in making their soul connection without the need for physical activation by the dolphins. In truth all cetaceans offer this kind of activation process as dolphins and whales serve in much the same way. They reach into the human soul and cause it to vibrate with a deep longing, then steward that longing so that it grows into a deep love for themselves and the planet. It is a source of great honor and joy to feel the call of the dolphins. If you feel that call let yourself be taken - you'll find your true heart.


The Spiritual Energy of Ordinary Things


The Spiritual Energy of Ordinary Things

By Julie Redstone

Each gesture that we make with our physical bodies has an effect that is much more far reaching than would appear...
Everything carries vibration, and the vibration of a simple handshake or of a smile carries a spiritual energy that ripples out into the universe to bless it and to add to its positive feeling and content... By contrast, when we withhold gestures of friendship, we express an energy of contraction and separation that has a similar rippling effect...

In this sense, each of us is totally transparent to the life of the spiritual world and much more powerful in creating effects than we believe ourselves to be... For it is not only the more noticeable actions that we might take that achieve success in the world... It is also the small, unseen gestures of hand, heart, and body that affect the vast spiritual network in which we live, creating a successful outcome when they help uplift the world and contribute to its healing...

The consciousness of oneself as a spiritual being grows within heart and mind in progressive stages of self-
revelation... At one stage, it may be related to knowledge of oneself as having a relationship with the spiritual world, with God, or with the divine Presence within the world in which we live... At another, it may be experienced as an awareness of ourselves as souls and of others as souls, joined in a sacred dance of life... Yet both kinds of awareness can become more detailed and more embodied... They can become an expression of our own, intimate clairvoyance which allows us to see and to know the energetic effect of whatever we do...

The important principle here is that everything carries energy... Everything has a vibration of a spiritual nature... We are never invisible, and we are never disengaged from making an impact on the rest of life... Since this is true, it becomes imperative that we consider what effect we wish to have on life, for this contributes not only to the well-being of others, but also to the effect that life will have upon us, for what we give, we shall receive... The effect that we choose will color our lives far more than any seemingly random event that appears to occur by chance... Our interaction with life, consciously chosen, will create a lens through which all of life is viewed, including all events which might enter our life that appear to be accidental or serendipitous.

When we choose to create a positive effect in life, to let every gesture be an expression of love and of a desire to participate in a sacred world, we ourselves are uplifted by this intention and can know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the world is also uplifted by our intention... The fact that this intention is invisible is only true at the level of the physical... In terms of spiritual energy, our intentions are very visible to those who can see or feel spiritual energy, and we live constantly in a matrix of such energetic interactions...

Think of the ordinary gestures of the most ordinary of days – washing, cleaning, driving, walking, carrying, holding, listening, writing…

Now imagine that while engaged in any of these, that a subtle spiritual energy is emanating from you to the rest of the universe, proceeding outward in waves from the physical body that is the point of emanation, and the heart that is the point of feeling... See what quality of consciousness you can bring to these simple things – to the very ordinary things of life, for in this decision lies a world of meaning and a world of accomplishment – the accomplishment of having determined to live a life that is sacred and that upholds the intimate connection that it has with the rest of Life...


Be So Strong


Be so strong that nothing can disturb

your peace of mind~

Talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet~

Make all your friends feel there is something in them~

Look at the sunny side of everything~

Think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best~

Be as enthusiastic about success of others as you are about your own~

Forget the mistakes of the past and press on the greater achievements

of the future~

Give everyone a smile~

Spend so much time improving yourself that you have no time left to

criticize others~

Be too big for worry and too noble for anger~

-~ Christian D Larsen~


Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Shaman Way

The Shaman Way

~Gratitude ~ Embracing Every Blessing~

By Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls

Walking in gratitude is not a hard thing to do yet it is the basis of a happy life and your own personal power. Native Americans give thanks to Mother Earth for everything they have. Christians give thanks before they eat. Shamans give thanks to the universe for all that they are.

When we walk in gratitude we find again that sense of wonder in everything around us. We realize the bounty that we have in life. We appreciate the beauty we see. We hear the beautiful winds in the trees. We smell the flowers. We know how much is given to us that we didn't even have to work for. We walk with a sense of smallness against this gift, this experience of life.

Being grateful is as much a part of being mature as having wisdom or discernment.
Gratitude teaches us to admire those around us, to lend a helping hand to those who need one. And who are we not to be grateful? Do we not see the blessings of the air we breathe? Do we not realize how fortunate we are to be walking this land? Just look around at all the places you could be.

Did you have a good idea today? Be grateful for that! Did you eat today? Be grateful! Is there a dollar in your wallet? Can you be grateful for that? When was the last time you looked into the heavens and said, "Thank you!"

Albert Einstein was one of the greatest thinkers in history. He was always aware of what could have been and expressed his thanks each day. Gandhi had nothing and yet was one of the most grateful men who ever lived. It isn't about who you are or what you have, what station in life you have been blessed with. It is simply to be. To be is worthy of thanks.

Some people feel they have nothing to be thankful for. But do they have air to breathe? Did they get up this morning and find the sun shining? Did they find another human being to talk to? Companionship, caring, compassion, beauty, life, seasons, the earth, these are all worthy of our thanks.

The Shaman cannot heal without gratitude.

It is not the Shaman who creates any healing, who finds the lost souls, who comforts the dying with hope in new life. These things are greater than any man, Priest or Shaman. It is our interconnectedn
ess with each other through the universe that gives us what we need, what we want and even more than we imagine.

Start each day with a prayer of thanks giving.

Tell the universe how happy you are to find the sun shining in your window, to hear the birds singing and see the green grass glowing with dew. Thank your Creator for the gifts you will receive this day. Humble yourself at the magnificent creation of life and give gratitude for being an observer of this most holy miracle today.

By giving thanks you are opening yourself to all the possibilities of goodness. You are joining into the universal awareness as a participant in life. You are forming a council and taking your seat in the creation of the day. You come with open hands to receive and ready to give your blessings to those around you. You realize your fortune and you wish that same fortune for all.

Being grateful sets the place for goodness and open communication with teachers and guides. It shows your willingness to learn and your respect for what is. Gratitude manifests more things to be grateful for. If you make a list each day of those things you feel grateful for you will find that your list will grow over time. It will change from things seen to those things that are unseen and far more important than material possessions or fame. You will touch the very fabric of your soul and feel the blessings you have that are so worthy of your gratitude. In humbleness, you receive more than you could ever receive with pride. Gratitude begets humility in this awesome life experience.

A Shaman knows this humility and often falls to his knees to return the heartfelt love that he recognizes and honors. The power of the Shaman comes not from within but from without because a man standing on his own is just a man but a man standing on the grace of gratitude walks with Spirit and is given everything - even the ability to heal. Approach each day, each hour, each minute with gratitude in your heart and find love filling your spirit with its own power and truth.


Let Us Be The Light


bySandy Stevenson

Let us become the love and light, that each may see it as a beacon and follow it with trust and so link with the Divine Source.

Let us remember to laugh and have fun. Life is not a burden, it is pure joy. It is entirely up to you. .

Let us recognise that we are but channels for the Divine Light and that it is not our ego-incarnated identity that originates the help we give, but the God/All That Is (however we perceive that to be) and that we simply add our humble self to carry it in our own special and unique way. .

Let us make the journey from the head to the heart, knowing that whereas the mind may lead us in circles, the heart will lead us home. Let us steer clear of 'shoulds' and 'musts' that stem from the mind and instead stay in the 'now' and experience the intuitive response of the heart with its right feeling, trusting that this is our connection to God and it will lead us to where we are most able to help. .

Let us be grateful to each person that we have interacted with in our lives, thanking them within our hearts, for being willing to act as a mirror, reflecting to us that which we need to learn. Let us know that we magnetise these situations and people toward us, to show us clearly those areas of life where we need to be more unconditionally
loving or to reflect positive qualities within ourselves that we may not have recognised yet. .

Let us spread only positive thoughts and discipline ourselves in this, realising that as we become more our true selves, greater care in this is needed. .

Let us make no judgement of self or others, for each is seeking to learn and experience in their own unique way, to take that wisdom back to the whole. To realise that if there were only one way to do something, there would need be only one person. .

Let us channel and spread Light across the Earth such as never before. Let us stand fully in our truth, willing and without fear, to speak that which comes intuitively from the heart. Let us be the Self that we truly are. .

Let us, who are granted the gift to teach, keep our costs such that many are reached. Let us encourage all to take back their power, to be the Master and seek the truth within themselves. .

Let us be discerning and align with Light. There are many ways to learn and you may prefer to align your energies with those whose goals are similar to yours. Make no judgements of anyone and maintain unconditional love to all. .

Let us trust the Higher God aspect of ourselves and have faith that all is well and in Divine order. To know that we do truly create our own reality and our own experience, to serve our highest good.

Let us take full responsibility for our actions and thoughts, not just on earth, but across the |Universe, on all dimensions - realising that each action is interlinked with all realms and all beings. But let us also know that responsibility is not a heavy burden, but a joy that comes naturally and with ease, as we become more truly ourselves.

Let us not set our healing into rote procedure, but allow for fluidity and intuition to guide us through each moment, permitting the flow of divine energy to move through us.

Let us be willing to release all that is not truly us. Let us permit the releasing of all buried emotions and thought and allow the mental and emotional bodies to integrate and blend into Spirit.

Let us be aware of the other kingdoms with whom we share this Earth. The lovely crystal and mineral world, the wondrous plants, trees and flowers and great oceans, all bringing to us a myriad of healing qualities through the exquisite vibration that can reach us all. Let us remember the world of the Elementals that maintain the Earth for us.

Let us seek to assist others to further awareness of a need for love and care of our precious animal and insect world on land and sea. Let us share our world in love with all God's creatures.

Let us, with integrity, speak only that which we know within as true, whilst making it clear to others, that it is only our truth as we perceive it and that each should take only that which resonates within the heart and sits comfortably in that place of the three fold flame; the love, power and wisdom, that resides within us all.

Let us always look higher, to see the greater picture and the divine order of all things and not limit ourselves to a third dimensional reality.

Let us also be grateful to the Ascended realms of Light, angels and guides, mostly unrecognised and unacknowledged,
never failing to extend to us the gifts of their energy, presence and love. Let us release our fixed patterns about when, from whom and in what manner we will be presented with Universal truth. Know that each receives in his own way and that there is no set or right way. Perhaps the Angelic world and Ascended Masters of Light reach you in a way that best suits you.

Let us understand the right use of power and truth, gifted to all, as full Service to the Light is taken up. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Let us realise that to be here is truly a gift of Grace and know that we may easily reach a place of peace, joy, love and fulfilment by realising that it is not my will, but THY WILL be done on Earth as it is in heaven.


Just Stay

Just Stay

(Author Unknown)

A nurse took the tired, anxious serviceman to the bedside.

"Your son is here," she said to the old man.

She had to repeat the words several times before the patient's eyes opened.

Heavily sedated because of the pain of his heart attack, he dimly saw the young uniformed Marine standing outside the oxygen tent. He reached out his hand. The Marine wrapped his toughened fingers around the old man's limp ones, squeezing a message of love and encouragement.

The nurse brought a chair so that the Marine could sit beside the bed. All through the night the young Marine sat there in the poorly lit ward, holding the old man's hand and offering him words of love and strength. Occasionally, the nurse suggested that the Marine move away and rest awhile.

He refused. Whenever the nurse came into the ward, the Marine was oblivious of her and of the night noises of the hospital - the clanking of the oxygen tank, the laughter of the night staff members exchanging greetings, the cries and moans of the other patients.

Now and then she heard him say a few gentle words. The dying man said nothing, only held tightly to his son all through the night.

Along towards dawn, the old man died. The Marine released the now lifeless hand he had been holding and went to tell the nurse. While she did what she had to do, he waited.

Finally, she returned. She started to offer words of sympathy, but the Marine interrupted her.

"Who was that man?" he asked.

The nurse was startled, "He was your father," she answered.

"No, he wasn't," the Marine replied. "I never saw him before in my life."

"Then why didn't you say something when I took you to him?"

"I knew right away there had been a mistake, but I also knew he needed his son, and his son just wasn't here. When I realized that he was too sick to tell whether or not I was his son, knowing how much he needed me, I stayed."

The next time someone needs you, just be there. Stay.