Tuesday, December 1, 2009

If I Am Wise

If I Am Wise

by Unity

If I Am Wise ...

As I speak words to help another, if I am wise,

I will listen very closely to what I have to say..

for I am saying what I, myself, need to hear.

As I tell another what to do, if I am wise,

I will listen very closely to the action I tell them

to take ... for it is the action I, myself, need to take.

As I spend my time trying to get others to hear

what to do for their own good and explain

what they need to do to feel good,

if I am wise, I will notice I,myself, have

not done what I have recommended.

As I am speaking ... I do not do. I tell others

to watch themselves and I stop watching

myself in the process. I am working on them,

instead of practicing the wisdom myself

shared from my very own mouth and heart.

People come into my life so I can explain

what I most need to hear. If I miss that,

if I think it is only them with the problem ...

I keep preaching and never go beyond

to hearing my own message.

When I am wise, less and less people will

show up mirroring to me

what I most need to see - for I will have

fixed the biggest problem of all,



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