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Shamanic Techniques For Space Clearing


Shamanic Techniques For Space Clearing

by Sharon Sinclair

Shamanism is the foundation of Space Clearing and Feng Shui and both are very magical art forms. The sensing of subtle energies, ghosts, thought forms all take time and continual practice to become skilled at discerning what is real and what is not. Shamanic truths and techniques have been used by every culture from the prehistoric through the great classic civilizations and on through the present. There are many different techniques I employ in my work. I may work with the elements, with music and sound, with chanting and prayer. The choice of technique depends on the given situation. My mother and grandmother taught me many of these techniques and I have found them very effective for working with most energies that need to be cleared.

The Elements

Energy Shifting with Earth -

Salt has remarkable purifying properties. Salt is a crystal so it absorbs, cleanses, clears and protects. Salt is wonderful for clearing and neutralizing negative energies in a home or office. Salt cleanses the aura and is most effective for individuals when used in the bath. Salt can be used in many ways to clear a space. Salt is a valuable resource and has been used and valued by ancient people who knew of its amazing healing powers for thousands of years. It has been used as a medicine, preservative and a link to the spiritual realms.

One of the first clearing techniques taught to me by my mother was the use of salt. My father was in the Air Force and we moved about every 18 months. I recall my mother with a bowl of salt in her hands inside the moving van. She was tossing the salt about into the empty van. I asked her what she was doing. She told me that she was clearing the moving van of the energies of the people who were here before us; that this would allow us to move our things into the van without taking on the energies of the other people. I watched in amazement.

Energy Shifting with Fire -

The use of fire in the home for spiritual cleansing and dedication is one of the oldest, surest and most immediate of Energy Clearing techniques. The simple lighting of a candle with focus and intent can help to shift the energy in a room almost immediately. Fire is a catalyst between the visible and invisible worlds. It is purifying and transforming. Fire is a very powerful force. There are many different methods to incorporate the use of fire for clearing. The use of fire is especially appropriate after an argument or experiencing intense emotions: if someone has been ill, and when moving into a new house, especially if previous occupants have experienced strong negative emotions. Fire is useful for therapists after a day of clients, after a burglary or break in, after an incidence of violence and when working with spirits or ghosts.

Energy Shifting with Air -

For many centuries we have used incense to cleanse and purify space. Incense cleanses the atmosphere of negative energy and energizes the astral field and inhabitants in the space. Some of my most favorite forms of incense are a combination of the resins of Frankincense, Benzoin and Myrrh. The combination of these resins will cleanse negative energies; help with the removal of trapped earthbound spirits or ghosts and will raise the vibration of the space it is used in.

Energy Shifting with Water -

Water is childhood and innocence, healing of emotions and healing of the past. Water is excellent for clearing a room of negative emotions, as water has been long associated with emotions. It is also essential to be hydrated yourself. You will be able to perceive energy more clearly and be more effective if you are adequately hydrated.


Smudging is a ritual burning of herbs, using the smoke produced to alter the energy for oneself or another, or to cleanse the energy of a specific space. The most common herbs used in North America are sage and cedar. Most native peoples use one of the gray-green herbs for purifying and sanctifying.

Sage is associated with purity, things of the spirit and of heaven and dispels negative energy. Used to purify ceremonial objects and people, sacred smudge or sage is used throughout many cultures to purify and transform the energy of a space before meditation or ceremony. It is used as a catalyst between the known and the unknown. Sage will clear the auric field of a person, place or object of unwanted energies. Smoke is the element of air and when the sage or (smudge) is burning the smoke rises up to the heavens and takes our prayers and intentions with it to the Great Spirit. The use of Sage in the home for spiritual cleansing and dedication is one of the oldest of energy-clearing techniques.

Cedar’s evergreen needles are used to purify space, for clearing and cleansing and dispelling negative energy. Another wonderful use of cedar is to make an infusion for the bath.

Energy Shifting with Sound -

Everything has a vibration, a frequency and a sound. Sound, whether audible or not, produces vibrations and will affect all people and all matter, both emotionally and physically. Different sounds affect molecules in different ways. My favorite tools to use for clearing are singing bowls and drums. Drums can both clear and invoke energy. Drums break up thick energy very quickly and are good for clearing emotions as well as clearing the room of negative energy. The drum is a balancing space clearing tool and has traditionally been used by the Native Americans to invoke the spirit realms. Another very old and widely used technique is the use of clapping one’s hands in the corners of a room to clear space. Both the Druids and the Balinese use this technique.

Energy Shifting with Bells -

Clearing with bells leaves a crystal-clear energy field in a room. The quality of this energy will depend on the size of the bell, the kind of metal used in the casting of the bell and the energy and culture of the bell maker. Listen closely as you clear, the resonant note from a bell will sound much clearer and last much longer after a space clearing is complete.


Using Colors And Stones With Meditation


Using Colors And Stones With Meditation

by Keith Zang

Meditation is a very powerful tool to use for reducing and releasing the stress of the day as well as for healing and bringing enlightenment into your being. There are many methods for meditation. Some tap into mindfulness to bring the present moment into focus. Others utilize the breath to create a sense of timelessness by focusing on a single sensation or point and letting all other distractions go. This article will be focused on another type of meditation, that of the energetic healing form where the energies of the body and surrounding life force energies are focused for dynamic and accelerated healing.

The incorporation of colors and their corresponding stones can dramatically increase the effectiveness of the time that is spent in this activity. There are several times during the day that this activity can be most effective, in the morning when you first awaken, midday at your lunch break, after coming home from work, or before bed. Meditation does not have to take hours, and if you are able to even spend 10 or 15 minutes once or twice a day you will discover amazing results that may prompt you to spend even more time in this activity.

To start the meditation, it is important to get the body energized. Some form of physical movement is needed. Yoga, stretching, walking, aerobics, or any form of activity will work well. Younger people with no physical disabilities will use a form that may be different than elders or people with physical limitations. The key is to get the blood pumping, the respiratory system increased, and the energy stagnation of the body changed to a more dynamic state of being. Once the body is energized, the overall effectiveness of the meditation will increase. For those people that may have extreme physical limitations or very low energy due to situations such as prescribed chemotherapy or radiation therapies, energization can come through the meditation itself.

The focus will be on the colors that correspond to the body’s chakras as well as the color gold that is also very useful. There are many stones and variations of colors available to each of us, so feel free to explore and utilize those stones and colors that you tend to resonate to the most. To optimize these techniques, a stone held in the hands or ideally one stone in each hand works best.

There are many positions used for meditation. Most teachers advocate that the back be straight, but this may also be modified for those with physical or energetic limitations. Sitting in a lotus posture, on a bench, meditation cushion, or a flat backed chair tends to work best. But modifications of these techniques can assuredly be used, and are of course encouraged, for those that are in hospital beds or wheelchairs.

The breath is also important. Whatever form of breathing works best for you, utilize it. Some people like to breathe in and out through the nose. Some in and out through the mouth, and others in through the nose and out through the mouth. The key is to consistently and regularly bring air in and out of the lungs.

To incorporate the colors into your meditation, you can do so with the breath or visualization. Using the breath, bring the color in through the top of your head and envision it spreading throughout your whole body. The color can extend outward and surround your body as well. Another technique using the breath is to breathe the color in, and exhaling gray as you release the stress and toxins within your body. This is a good technique if using white or gold. If using visualization, see with your mind the color coming into the body, surrounding it and enveloping all aspects of your being. You can also concentrate colors on certain areas of the body that may need extra healing. Holding the corresponding stone to areas that need extra healing is also effective. The stones and color do not have to be used together. But, the synergy of the two makes the techniques more powerful. Color and stones can be used independently. Putting all these techniques to use, the following colors and stones can be used.


Red-This is the color that corresponds to the base or first chakra. Red can energize and stimulate the base chakra. It is also a very energizing color for the blood and circulatory system. This includes the kidneys and liver. Red can stimulate physical energy as well as emotional will. A good stone to use with red is Red Jasper and Ruby Crystals.

Orange-This color corresponds to the water or second chakra. It is a good color to utilize for energizing the digestive system, pancreas and spleen. It is also a good color to use for energizing the emotional state of being. This can help to create a positive mental outlook. Carnelian Agate is a good orange stone to use for this.

Yellow-This color corresponds to the solar plexus chakra. This is also a good color to use for energizing the digestive and elimination systems, as well as helping to stimulate creative and mental functions of the mind. It can also create a positive outlook similar to orange. Concentrating this color around the head and spinal area can greatly form an energized state of being that is geared towards positive outlooks towards life. Stones to use for this purpose are Citrine and Yellow Calcite.

Green-This is the color that corresponds to the heart chakra. It is a very powerful healing color. It is a balancing color for the whole body. Green has a calming effect that can help with anxiety and the nervous system. Green can also help stimulate healing after trauma where physical mending is needed. Green should never be used in cancerous or tumerous situations as green promotes growth, and that is the last thing that is needed in those circumstances. Aventurine, Green Calcite, and Serpentine are good stones to use for the color Green.

Pink-This color also corresponds to the heart chakra. It is also a very good overall balancing color. It helps to bring healing to emotional turmoil, especially in situations of anger and loneliness. Pink is considered a color of love and love energies. It can help stimulate feelings of compassion. A good stone to use for pink is Rose Quartz.

Blue-This color corresponds to the throat chakra. It is a very cooling color. It helps to balance and energize the respiratory system. A meditation using blue can help with conditions such as high blood pressure. Blue stones include Blue Lace Agate, Blue Calcite, and Sodalite.

Indigo-This color corresponds to the Third Eye Chakra. It is a very special color as it works on deeper intuitive levels. Utilizing indigo can create deep meditations that bring forth self-
actualization and enlightenment. This color can also be very useful when working on healing from cancer and the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Amethyst is a wonderful stone to use when meditating with this color.

White-This is not an actual color, but the reflection of all colors. It corresponds to the crown chakra. White is very highly vibrational and can be used for protection and attaining upper levels of enlightenment. It is also very detoxifying and cleansing. White can be used in any circumstance, especially if you are unsure as to what color to use during your session. A good crystal to use for this is Clear Quartz.

Gold-This is a very powerful color to use for healing. Golden energy meditations can greatly increase the overall well being of a person, improve mental attitude, and strongly balance all aspects of a person’s being, physical, emotional and spiritual. It can help to amplify the body’s own healing resources, bringing them to action for whatever is needed. One of the best materials to use for this is Pyrite or stones containing Pyrite. Pyrite in Quartz or Pyrite and Palladium is especially powerful.

These are just a few colors and stones that are useful for meditation. Incorporating these techniques can greatly enhance your overall well being, as well as help the body draw on it’s own natural resources. If you happen to be a person that uses techniques such as Reiki, healing touch, or other forms of energy healing, use of stones and crystals during these sessions can greatly improve the outcome. There are myriad combinations of stones and colors. Use your intuition to discover what works best for you.


Water Wisdom


Water Wisdom

by Kevin Fulton

If you are lucky enough to live near mineral springs that naturally flow from the Earth Mother's body, then you are lucky enough. If you do not live near mineral springs, locate some somewhere and make a pilgrimage there (weekly, monthly, annually, as often as you can). These waters are the lifeflow, the blood, of "Her" physical body and of our physical bodies. And just as the Earth Mother is being transformed and lifted into a higher level of consciousness, so is all life upon the Earth being transformed and lifted into a higher level of consciousness.

In MANY cases, the cycle for these spring waters is more than 100,000 years old. These waters were snow and rain upon the Earth at a time when human consciousness was of Lemurian consciousness, and they melted and sifted through rock fractures, as they journeyed for several miles down into the depths of the Earth Mother’s body. These waters merged with the Earth, became one with The Mother, contain the minerals of the Earth, and are the Earth Mother’s blood that runs through Her body. These waters are living waters; THEY ARE ALIVE with the Earth Mother’s body. Natural gases within the Earth cause these living waters to ascend to the surface and provide ancient consciousness to us---WATER WISDOM.

As the Earth Mother’s physical body transforms from a carbon-based consciousness to a silica-based consciousness, so are our physical bodies. AND THAT IS WHY THESE SILICA-BASED LIVING WATERS ARE VITALLY IMPORTANT TO US. For centuries and centuries the transformational significance of these living waters has remained hidden, just as the springs themselves have remained hidden and un-used. Why now? Why at the end of the twentieth century did living waters once again begin to speak to humanity about their ancient wisdom? Because---the Earth and all life on the Earth is now undergoing the Shift of the Ages---the end of a 26,000 year cycle in the Mayan calendar, a 104,000 year cycle in the Aztec calendar, and a 225 million year biological cycle---IT'S REBIRTHING TIME! And these ancient waters are the waters of the Earth Mother’s womb.


It is a good thing for our physical bodies to soak in these healing waters. It is a better thing (now) for our bodies to take these living waters internally---drink them to facilitate the organs and glands of our dense carbon-based bodies to transform into a silica-based body. In this day and time it is necessary to locate mineral spring waters that are tested regularly for bacteria and pollutants, and once you find such sources of living waters, take them INTO your bodies as often as you can.

The metamorphosis that our human bodies are going through is a transformation from water content to that of light content. Our bodies need LOTS of pure water to do this, and the Earth's pure silica-based mineral waters are the best. The cellular moisture in our bodies is being transformed through the bone marrow into a gaseous molecular form - - LIGHT! As Prana enters the bone marrow, the bone marrow becomes the electrical foundation for the physical body. As light is created within the bone marrow, it moves vibrationally into the plasma. Once in the plasma, this light is carried through the blood stream to every organ, gland, tissue, cell, in the entire body.

The light that is vibrationally flowing through the body is called the KA (the vibrational blueprint of the Soul---the Soul's memory). The object now is for humanity to awaken to the vibration of the KA and to remember the blueprint and to remember who we are. This is a time of tremendous metamorphosis, whereby the cellular moisture (the water) in the body is being transformed in the bone marrow by Prana into light----LIGHT BODIES!!!!!

Be good to yourself. Locate a natural spring that has not been contaminated with industrial pollutants or bacteria. Make your pilgrimage there often and take in the living waters from the Earth Mother’s living body. And please, don't forget to leave an Earth offering in the spirit of gratefulness. If ever there was a thing called "Holy Water"---THIS IS IT. It is not "holy" because a person with patriarchal authority has blessed it. It is "holy" because Our Mother created it.


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~~~~ I Am ~~~~


I Am

by James Ray

I know that I have the ability to achieve my definite purpose in life; therefore, I demand of myself massive, immediate, intelligent, persistent, and consistent action towards its attainment. I here and now promise to render such action.

I fully realize that no wealth or position can long endure, unless built upon truth, integrity and incredible value; therefore, I will engage in no transaction that does not benefit all whom it affects.

I succeed by attracting to myself the forces that are in harmony with my vision, and the partnership and cooperation of other people. I will induce others to serve me because of my willingness to serve others.

I eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, cynicism, anger, and competition by developing true love for myself and all humanity. I know that there is an unlimited supply of goodness in my universe and that a negative attitude towards others can never bring me success. I compel others to believe in me, because I believe in them and in myself.

This is my creed and my quest. To never stop climbing to the top, to always keep growing and moving forward, to always scale endless peaks of possibility and to fulfill my destiny. I KNOW that my spirit's sole purpose is for fuller expansion and expression -- that I am dying if not growing. Therefore, I learn, grow, and expand my comfort zone each and every day.

I believe in, and commit to progressive advancement, growth and improvement (P.A.G.I.).

I AM the power. I AM the magic. I AM unstoppable. I AM a winner. I promise to always be true to myself, because I AM a child of the creator and a master of my universe. I AM responsible for making a positive difference in the world and to the quality of life in it.


A True Life Experience with a Homeless Angel


A True Life Experience with a Homeless Angel

on the Streets of Washington, DC

by Ronald B. Kublawi

One should never judge homeless people and stereotype them as unfit to society. They are real people with vibrant hearts and yearning souls like the rest of us. Even though, many sacrifice their pride to remind society of its indignity, some better yet, are invisible spirits and guides on our shoulders protecting us. That is why, I believe we can fly.

Over the course of nearly one year, a homeless lady stood every Friday and Saturday night at the corner intersection of the Roosevelt Bridge and Constitution Avenue in Washington, DC.

Tightly seated in a Porsche 911, four boys raced the lanes of highway 66 leaving Northern Virginia into DC to party the night out every weekend. On every occasion, these boys always stopped by this homeless lady and pulled cash out of their 4 pockets to help her. Her name was Maradalene, of French-Algerian heritage.

As the car took off into first gear, you could literally hear Marandalene’s loud voice with prayers of health and wealth to the boys and their families.

As weekend after weekend and month after month passed by, it got to the point where the boys would empty all their pockets and give all their cash to Marandalene. They figured they could always revisit the ATM machine for their party spending. Marandalene’s voice grew louder and stronger. You could now hear her prayers echo all the way down Constitution Avenue.

Despite some heavy and hard drinking on one Saturday night, the boys were dropped off safely and the driver finally reached his home around 4:00 am. Unable to sleep, he went down his basement to review an instrumental melody in his music studio, and suddenly the lyrics of a song titled “Marandalene” were instantly delivered to him.

As he made his best effort to dictate the words, while his tears were rushing down, the song was perfectly matched with the melody, completely structured and fully written in less than 5 minutes.

We're driving out one Friday night; I saw her standing all alone
Out in the rain without a home; I had to stop and know her name
I felt her pain as if it's mine; I knew right then right from the start
We're all alone but not apart; Marandalene, we're here for you

Every time I think of you, someone in me wants to heal
Every time you pray for me, someone in me wants to feel
What's in your heart? What's in your life?
Marandalene, I want to be with you

This life to you might seem unfair; but those who love you dearly care
The spark in you I truly swear; has helped me when no one was there
I don't know when this pain will end; I know the truth reflects you eyes
I hear your voice reflect my soul; Marandalene, we're here for you

Help me mend this broken wing
I want to fly away with you
Take my hand
Spread your wings
Away from here, let's fly away

Away from here, where's no more tears
Away from here, let's fly away
Fly away; let’s fly away
Fly away; let’s fly away

Every time I think of you, someone in me wants to heal
Every time you pray for me, someone in me wants to feel
What's in your heart? What's in your life?
Marandalene, we're here for you
What's in your heart? What's in your life?
Marandalene, we're here for you

The next weekend, the boys went out on their same routine, but Marandalene was never seen again. This is the true story of an Angel disguised in the physical body of a homeless lady. Her name is Marandalene.


Giving Thanks for the Miracle of Life


Giving Thanks for the Miracle of Life

by Dr. Lisa Love

Just imagine. Imagine as if you could live every day as a miracle. Imagine if you could wake up and no matter what your day brings, you could go through your day saying, "Thank you Spirit! Thank you God!" Thanks for this opportunity to learn once more how to open my heart. Thank you for the opportunity to dare to love those who I was afraid to love, found it difficult to love, wanted to love but didn't know how. Thank you for the opportunity to love and discover more about being loved in return.

You in the airport or on the freeway.~ thank you for the opportunity to practice patience, to offer a smile, to encounter the limitations within myself that keep my heart frozen and blocked from revealing all the love that I am, and taking in all the love I can receive.

You in my family~ despite all the pain and hurt we have shared together, thank you for the opportunity to practice forgiveness, to replace my fears with love, to learn discernment, to see you more clearly, to know how to be with you in a safe space, where we can learn to be more conscious and open together.

You in another country~ thank you for being different from me, for teaching me to be less self-absorbed in my own view of the world, to discover how varied human kind is, and how to love others fully and clearly in an attempt to understand and learn how to be with different points of view.

You all alone~ out there somewhere believing no one cares. Thank you for helping me remember that you are there. Knowing this I can send you my love, and wish for you that you will reach beyond fear finding those who care.

You who are in pain or suffering~ thank you for reminding me about compassion. That I am here not only to receive, but to give. Thank you for teaching me the limits of my capacity to love, so that I may open my heart and expand my ability to embrace you even more. For in embracing you and helping you heal, I heal myself. Because we are one, all one, in our joys and our sorrows.

You who I have harmed~ thank you for revealing to me my shadow, all those nooks and crannies of ignorance I thought I had gone beyond. Thank you for showing me all the ways I need to grow. And, to those of you who found it in your hearts to forgive me, thank you for that act of grace, as I also attempt to shed that grace upon myself.

You who are in celebration and joy~ thank you for reminding me about the essence and true nature of life. Thank you for waking me up and reminding me that life is precious. So let us all wake up and embrace the day to see what it has to offer. Thank you for reminding me life is too short for bad moods, and all things go better when we simply remember to find joy in life and smile at one another.

You who love~ you are the reason for living. Thank you for the friendship, kindness, inspiration, and shear delight you bring into my life. Your courageous act of keeping your hearts open help heal this world. For you reveal that love is not scarce, it exists in an abundance.

You~ Spirit~ Divine~ God~ Energy~ Life!

You are all that is, in all your wonderous displays. Sometimes confusing, but always revealing the fundamental truth~. we are one. I am you, you are me. As we learn to consciously embrace the miracle of life, and lovingly dissolve the barriers that prevent us from seeing the essence we all are~ then love bursts forth!

So, thank you~. thank you~ thank you~ this day, every day, every moment.


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How to Recognize a Saint if You Meet One on the Street


How to Recognize a Saint if You Meet One on the Street

by anagarika eddie

Saints have fourteen unforgettable characteristics that distinguish them, and when even just one of these traits are observed in someone, that observation prompts us to exclaim, "He/She is a saint!"

As we read about these fourteen traits, we might think that we can become saintly too by simply practicing what saints do, however, it never quite works out that way. Mimicking secondhand or academic information never leads to an authentic shift in our basic behavior. And although we might convincingly pretend for awhile, what we really are will eventually come out, just as water seeks its own level.

Saints don't think about how to act. The traits below are spontaneous in a saint and require no thinking at all; they are simply reflections of what is inside a saint; a saint‘s innermost being. Since saints appear in all religions, these traits are universal and can apply to all religions that are not hamstrung by restrictive, authoritative dogma, i.e., "Unless you believe in ---- you can‘t be a saint!"

Therefore, how saints have come to this tremendous shift in consciousness and awareness lies not in their beliefs per se, but through a transcendent understanding of life. This is what is to be studied, understood, and practiced; how saints lived and practiced their lives. Only then might the traits arise in us.

The Fourteen Saintly Traits:

1. Loving-kindness: Wishing that all people and creatures will be happy and well.

2. Compassion: Wishing all beings to be free from suffering.

3. Altruistic or sympathetic joy: Toward all beings and their accomplishments, with no feelings of jealousy or comparisons. A sincere wish for all to be successful.

4. Equanimity: A clear, calm awake mind that sees clearly and is not deluded, with no regard whatsoever neither for themselves or others regarding the Eight Worldly Winds that constantly blow us around: Praise and blame, gain and loss, fame and shame, happiness and despair. No distinguishing between friend or foe, relative or stranger, but rather seeing all as equal.

5. No attachment to an individual self, which is that delusion that we are solid personalities, which leads to ego belief, which leads to arrogance, pride and deceit.

6. No doubt, questions or concerns about what a saint has been in the past or will be in the future, i.e., what state they will appear in after death. Or "Who am I?" or "What am I?"

7. No reliance on rituals, ceremonies, books or sermons. The saint understands the personal introspection involved to effect the rare shift in consciousness that is necessary for these fourteen traits to manifest. The saint sees the futility of praying for a new awareness of life and relying on an outside source for their understanding compared tofollowing the difficult path that leads to freedom.

8. Lustful, passionate, sensual desires no longer plague a saint, which is both a result of the saint's insight that these things cause suffering in the long run, and a general dispassion for the world that sets in when a saint's attention becomes focused on the transcendent rather than the greed, hatred and delusion that occupies worldly minds.

9. Anger, disgust, annoyance, and ill-will toward others are all absent in a saint's mind.

10. The saint no longer is attached to physical forms, and has no desire for or adversity against remaining in a form or not.

11. The saint is no longer attached to formless, spiritual realms or disembodied heavenly realms and only pays attention to this moment in time, not worrying about his or her future.

12. A saint is no longer prideful, conceited, arrogant, self expressive, judgmental, self assertive, or feels superior or inferior. He or she abandons all measuring and evaluating.

13. A saint's mind is no longer distracted, excited, disturbed, confused and restless, or wanting to hurry through life so as to experience that much more. A saint's mind tends toward tranquility, peacefulness, and focus or one-pointedness.

14. A saint is tuned into the suffering of human beings and as such has tremendous compassion for all people regardless of their station in life, or their mental capacities. A saint is super intelligent in this area and not ignorant, which means that a saint understands the delusions that we are all under, i.e., the illusion that that there is a separate self that we must protect and defend which is the basis of our consternation. But a saint also recognizes that merely mentioning these things to people doesn't help, it only confuses them, and that only through suffering can people come to the conclusion that something is amiss, and then, only then, can they can come around by themselves, just as the saints have done.


Loving Beyond Reason


Loving Beyond Reason

by Pamela Arwine

Have you noticed the common thread which weaves itself throughout all the great religions of the world? You are the very essence of love and you have been incarnated to carry this love into the world. This is true for all souls incarnate on the earth at this time…and yet, do you witness this manifesting around you?

Although your essential nature is love, have you been listening to the voice of the egoic mind? It would have you believe you are unloved, unloveable, unloving. It would have you believe you are separate from God. What would happen if you revealed the depth of your capacity to love yourself and others unconditionally? I believe that you are the open door to a world of boundless splendor, a world in which all sentient beings are gently held in the sacred arms of unconditional love. You are the holographic heart of God, born on this earth to be a channel for love. Through every level of your consciousness, love flows like a never-ending waterfall, warming the hearts of everyone with whom you come into contact. You are enveloped in an eternal force field of never-ending love and peace. As this love flows through you, you bathe the earth in the Christ consciousness, healing her. You have the power to instantly transmute every electron of lack, hatred, fear or illness through the limitless power of your love.

As a human being, you are called to love. Above all else, you must master the sacred art of loving all unconditionally in order to evolve into the fullness of your divinity. I invite you to open your heart in serenity and devotion to the consciousness of unconditional love. Every single human being has an aspect of herself which is invisible and yet is very real, more real and lasting, in fact, than the part of yourself which you perceive with your five physical senses. Although your senses tell you your body is solid, do not believe the evidence. Your eyes see because they are interpreting vibration. Your nose smells because it is interpreting vibration. You feel things because your skin and your sensors are interpreting vibration. You hear because your ears are interpreting vibration. Accept the truth of your being. In actuality your body is made of millions and billions of particles which are always in continual motion. What feels like a solid body to you, is actually more than 99% empty space between these moving particles. In our current body of knowledge, these particles are called atoms, molecules, quarks and atomontine particles. These atomontine particles all have intelligence and have created an exquisite dance, an inter-relationship of energy and information.

This dance is pure potentiality, unlimited possibility. Your physical body, as it is today, will cease to exist within several years. However, your consciousness will be dancing this graceful dance and will have re-created every cell; all of this is happening beneath, or perhaps I should say above, the level of your conscious mind. Atoms and molecules are continually leaving your body and new ones are entering your body…constantly…you can reorganize these new molecules in any way that you choose, in any way that you train yourself to reorganize them. There is a constant interplay here. The calcium leaves your body and travels to England to create the White Cliffs of Dover; the atoms and molecules which make up a Japanese Geisha today may be in your body by Sunday. We are continually created new, but energy never dies. The atoms and molecules which once made up the body of Jesus Christ have been, or are today, a part of your body. You could be breathing in the atoms and molecules of Buddha or Gandhi right now. Are the atoms and molecules which once traveled through Mohammed now traveling through you? Now or at one time or another, you have shared the very substance of your being with the substance of all the great men and women in history. There is no difference between you. Surely Walt Whitman recognized this when he wrote: “every atom I own also belongs to you.”


We are one; we are in continual motion; we are continually recreating ourselves according to the expansiveness or limitation of our current consciousness. You are pure love, sweetness, gentleness and light. Every cell in your body is unique and precious. Every cell in your body is created of the essence of God. There are more than six and a half billion people on this awesome earth which you inhabit. And there are trillions of cells within each individual. And yet, each cell is unique; every cell is precious and irreplaceable; you are precious and irreplaceable, the very essence of God. A geneticist could take any cell in your body and recreate the totality of you. For, you see, each cell is a perfect hologram of you. Go into your heart, see and feel the truth of your heart. Your heart is that holographic cell in the body of God; your heart contains the map of the universe, all universes, God. That is who you are, who all human beings are. The miracle of this message is the same for all people.

You have no idea how sacred you are, how deeply connected you are to every other sacred sentient being. You are a unique expression of God, creating a living bridge between heaven and earth. Choose to live as God. You are a perfect soul, created of the love of God, embodied in form. You are here to carry love to the earth. You are here to be love. Choose to live as love. God is in you. God is in all others. Choose to love God in all forms. Choose to love beyond all reason. As God, you have the ability to radiate a love so powerful, so immense, so unconditional, it will lift the entire planet. Like the tidal wave created by the butterfly who flaps her wings on the other side of the world, any small change you make in your consciousness, lifts the entire planet. You have the power to choose to make changes in your life which will create tidal waves of love and light throughout the universe.

You were given another gift that no other creature embodies in quite the same way, your soul. It has the capacity to fill your entire body with love; it has the multi-dimensional grandness to carry this love to all sentient beings. If you allow your soul to soar, you free it to free the world. I believe that this is why you are here. You are here for one purpose above all others. You are the vessel to carry love to all the earth. You are here to give love and find love, greater than all the angels of the heavens. You are here to be a vessel of God’s love which will pour through you like a warm gentle rain nourishing and heartening all the other carriers of love in your world.


Listen to the glorious harmony of the spheres of the angels inviting you to love, inviting you to allow yourself to be loved, inviting you to become love. No matter what the appearances, there has never been a time when you have not been deeply cherished and loved. All else is illusion. Once this is realized and embraced on a deep level, you will magnetize more love into your life. Feel the love of your being transforming all pain into beauty; feel the love of your essence expressing itself with the passionate love of all the highest Light Beings of the Universe. Everything is love and everything has always been love. Surrender deeply into the love. Surrender all that you are into the love.

This message is carried deeply within every cell in your body. Feel into the profound love within you. Surrender everything you are and everything you have into this love. This is God. God is in you and God is in all others. This is the message in your body which gives you the reason to love beyond all reason. It gives you the reason to love in the face of absolutely anything. This knowing gives you the strength to love through situations which you think are pushing you beyond your capacity to love. It gives you the strength to love in the presence of absolutely anything. As you accept that you are the very essence of love, you allow the floodgates of love to emerge through the consciousnesses of all other human beings. As you accept that you are God Essence, carrying love and peace into the world, you become a channel for brining the exquisite love of God into all sentient beings. And the hearts of all beings become as one heart, beating together, one heart, the sacred heart of God.”


A Shift In Consciousness: A New Earth


A Shift In Consciousness: A New Earth

by Marie C. Barrett

Can humanity actually drop the shackles of our past limitations and separateness to step into a new reality of unity and peace? This would require a universal shift in consciousness such as has never been attained before. And this era is precisely what we are moving into right now.

We are in the process of co-creating a new earth, an earth that vibrates in a higher dimension of consciousness. You will have noticed already a shift in energy surrounding you as you go about your daily life. Start taking notice of how you feel and consciously listen to your intuition and inner guidance. Observe life from the perspective of one step back. You can free your spirit to remember who you are and to allow the flow of abundance and joy into your life. Expansion of consciousness has started and an influx of high vibratory light is underway on earth.

The distractions of daily life, the pressures of making a living, providing for your family, developing relationships, guiding your children into responsible, loving adults – all these processes of life are not intrinsic to who you are. They are the tools life offers you to help you awaken to who you are. When you make a decision, think carefully about what you want to achieve through the effects of your decision, but above all, consider who you want to BE as a result of your thoughts and actions.

The energies flooding our planet and human consciousness at present are such that they give us the inner impulse to release our past patterns of behaviour and beliefs. We are being called to create a new world of caring and love. In the past we competed with each other for what we perceived to be limited time, limited amounts of love, money, resources and services. But the ways of exclusion and competition are over. Now humanity is being urged to unite, to work together, to help each other, teach and provide for each other.

At a high level of awareness all of humanity is one entity: many yet one. Uniting from all the lands on earth, coming together and embracing our diversity and complementarity
, we sing with one voice and feel with one heart. This unity point of our meeting is the Source, the One.

With the advent of computers, internet and rapid planetary communications,
our world has shrunk in size. We can whisper into a microphone or telephone and be heard by a dear one thousands of kilometres away. We can stream video so that our parents in another country can watch their two year old grandson blow out the candles on his birthday cake.

Unity, togetherness, mutual acceptance, delight in difference and true brotherhood are the hallmark of this new millennium. Having reached the extreme of divergence and difference, of separation from Source and from each other, we are now turning back toward our unity point of origin.

We are one because we are parts of the Creator, the One, who experiences diversity of life on earth through our consciousness. We are one in our growing awareness of our origin and destiny; way beyond the limiting beliefs and divisionary practises of times so recently past.

We are co-creating our collective future even as you read these words. Prosperity, love, joy and happiness are all ours for the asking. The more we share, encourage, accept and contribute to the collective good, the faster we will magnetize into our experience, an amazing and expansive future of heaven on earth: a new earth and a new experience of heaven. Begin within your own heart, to listen, to love and to grow. Make every thought count powerfully, for with every thought we create our future.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Love Is Multidimensional And So Are You


Love Is Multidimensional And So Are You

Adele Linsalata

As we are all multidimensional beings so too is the love in which we experience each day. For no two individuals experience love at the same level at the same time. For in each level of that love it is what the heart calls out to that individual that shall be experienced. Many can say we have the same love for one another. But as male and female experiences the mind at different levels so to do they experience love at different levels. Where one heart might call out for approval one heart may call out for acceptance… To bring both of these hearts together is to reach beyond what one believes about what another understands, to feel what level of the experience of love the other is at.

It is like when you are having a conversation with another individual and as you are talking you can feel and know that what is being discussed is coming on many levels from the others perspective. It is then when you start to comprehend that level in which you are hearing it, that you switch gears to understand what the expression is, coming from that individual. You then are deeply entrenched in the conversation as it is flowing and once again find it has taken a new direction or path than what you had been feeling it was on. Layering upon layering of information all headed in the same direction but being absorbed at different levels within the psyche.

So too is the levels of love, in which we give, receive and communicate…

When one is seeking love on one level, may not be the level in which it is being given and or received. I see this all the time when I am delivering messages to clients. I always say keep an open mind as to the messages you receive may not be what you want to hear… but what you need to hear. The client then has two choices… to keep their mind open for what the messages are, or to keep hearing in the one direction that they want to hear. Where the message hits them the most is what their experience shall be. It is the choice of the individual to what is accepted and what is the direction in which they are traveling along their journey to be integrated in who they are in that which they seek.

This then exemplifies the same with the many faceted levels of the heart and love. What is it that your heart is really asking for, compared to what you are seeking? So many will say they know what it is they want, they lay the whole game plan out as they are seeking a companion, a love interest or partner in this life. So when they do find that level of energy that corresponds to them, they place all their energy into it, never once seeing the energy as it is given or being received back to them or by them… For to see it is to step back and allow the others energy to be absorbed to recognize that what is there, may just not be at the level in which you are seeking. And then again as the heart is opened to many diversities of energy, so to must the individual be open to accepting the level in which is being given to them.

In hearing this… just how does one accept the level in which love is coming to them, if they have not accepted the love they have for their own self? Many are looking for the balance of what they do not have deep within to find the other half of themselves. This brings us back to… if one individual does not love themselves enough, they will seek the one they believe can love them to make them whole. They will search far and wide with many situations in between, a gathering of energy that can then give them the processes in which to find their own self and the love they are seeking. None of this takes into fact the contracts they may have with another human being or the lesson in which is to be learned with love. Many find themselves in relationships when after the energetic of love settles deep within that they have not that much emotional connection or interest with the other individual that they originally thought they did. An eye opener for sure as they realize the individual they are with, filled a void of learning that level of love within them, and now that they have experienced it, is it really time to move on or…Stay where it can then grow in a matching energy with each other and be willing to do this together. For in love… all things can find a way to the heart. But at what level is another’s heart ready to give as much as it receives and selfishly takes from another to only find that the other no longer has the love in their heart for the other.


The cycle continues until the time comes when the individuals finally steps back and decides it is time to really see what love is, where the love is for their own self and how to get there and what to do with it when they do step up and finally become that love.

For one must love their self as a whole before that love can then be absorbed to recognize it, to enjoy it and truly live it.

We can look at this and say this also has to do with the multi-
contracts that many individuals have with numerous different lessons and experiences of love. As there are those who in their search of love, find themselves on the doorstep of that which is completely opposite and similar to their own self of the one who they did not think it could truly be…accepting and finding that they shall then be whole and complete.

I have said many times the biggest lesson we are all here to learn and experience is that of LOVE…

Love being multidimensiona
l just as you. You will need to go through every layer of Love to become that which is whole. Just as you will need to go through every multi-level of self to reach the love that is there within you. The quest that you are in your search for that love brings you too many discoveries along the way… some good, bad and indifferent. For when you finally do find the love that matches your own, most times you run from it. Your heart finds that this individual has that twin flame just as yours but it is too good to be true. As this happens it is to once again look at the level of love for yourself that is talking to you, to not accept the love that is in front of you. For when you find that level you will see, that there is nothing that should stop you from claiming it as your own.

The many layers of love is integrating among us and it is in the discovery of which layer you are in. As multidimensiona
l as you may be, so to is love. It is how you look at love for within each of us we are at the level of love in which we can see, feel and experience. For in these experiences it is calling on a deeper level…. but which level are you willing to look at or go to?

Explore all the multi-levels of love that is within you and be truthful about what you feel, see, know in your discovery. For only you can hold yourself back from the experiences of Love that you seek. To deny love is to deny the breath you breathe and the light that is within…The journey of love I so rare and beautiful, hold it close as it will never be the same as it is… at this moment of time.

I send you my Love that is on a level of heavenly blessings from above… that you shall know you are loved for who you are and in the knowing that…. that which you seek is right in front of you this whole time…That which is LOVE…


The Lost Mode of Prayer


The Lost Mode of Prayer

by Gregg Braden

"If prayer is so powerful, then why does it seem like the more we pray for peace, for example, the worse things seem to become?" Without bias or judgment, is it possible that what we see as an unsettled world of chaos is simply the Field, the Divine Matrix, mirroring our belief that peace is missing—our "please, let there be peace" echoed back to us as the chaos of life? If so, then the really good news is that our newfound understanding of how the mirror works encourages us to change what we say to the Field!

This is why the lost mode of prayer can make such a powerful contribution to our lives. Whether we’re talking about a lasting relationship, the perfect job, or the healing of disease, the principle is the same. We’re simply reminded that the "stuff" that underlies all of creation is a malleable essence that reflects what we feel! So what we choose to create, we must first feel as a reality. If we can feel it in our hearts—not just think it, but also really feel it—then it’s possible in our lives!

In the example of peace, for instance, we know that it always exists and is present somewhere! The same is true for health and happiness; they always exist somewhere, or have existed, in some form in our lives. The key is to hone in on these positive qualities of our experience, viewing the world as it already is, with appreciation and gratitude. By doing so, we open the door to a greater possibility. We have already seen what happens when millions of people pray for peace to come to our world. What would happen if millions of people felt the feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the peace that’s already here? Certainly it’s worth a try!

In 1972, 24 cities in the United States with populations over 10,000 experienced meaningful changes in their communities when as few as 1 percent (100 people) participated. These and similar studies led to a landmark study, the International Peace Project in the Middle East, which was published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution in 1988.1

During the Israeli-Lebanese war of the early 1980s, researchers trained a group of people to "feel" peace in their bodies rather than simply to think about peace in their minds or pray "for" peace to occur.

On specific days of the month, at specific times of each day, these people were positioned throughout the war-torn areas of the Middle East. During the window of time that they were feeling peace, terrorist activities stopped, crimes against people declined, emergency room visits declined, and traffic accidents dropped.

When the people stopped their feelings, the statistics reversed. These studies confirmed the earlier findings; when a small percentage of the population achieved peace within themselves, that peace was reflected in the world around them.

The findings took into account the days of the week, holidays, and even lunar cycles, and data were so consistent that the researchers were able to identify how many people are needed to share the experience of peace before peace is mirrored in their world. The number is the square root of 1 percent of the population. This formula produces numbers that are smaller than we might expect. For example, in a city of 1 million people, the number is about 100. In a world of 6 billion people, the number is only about 8,000! This number represents only the minimum needed to begin the process. The more the people, the faster an effect is created.

While these and similar studies obviously deserve more exploration, they show that there’s an effect here that’s beyond chance. The quality of our innermost beliefs clearly influences the quality of our outer world. This is where the workshop really begins!


How is The Sun Shining Your Way?


How is The Sun Shining Your Way?

Adele Linsalata

How is the sun shining your way? The sun is always shining... it is like the energy source that lives within you. As the sun emits its beautiful rays out and around to all of us each and every day, you feel the energy move all through you. This too is how each person you meet or think about feel your energy come shining through to them. Is that not marvelous? Think about each individual you interact with each moment of your day, what is it that your are sending out to them? Think about all those with whom you think about, as soon as you connect with them by a thought, when you have that moment of knowing they too are a part of your life and you energetically connect with them on a ethereal level.

What is the energy you are sending out? What is the thought form in which you are thinking of them? What is the energy in which you meet the individual and interact with them on a personal level?

This is your energy you are sending on a constant basis as you live your life each day, with every breath you take.... Some ask me about feeling energies and how to see auras. I love this as please understand each time you meet someone or see them standing across a room you are energetically connecting with them. I like to say that all those you have instant eye contact with or a thought form are reading their energy field and instantly knowing who they are, what you like about them or what would make you step back and not want to connect with them on any level..... You instantly know how they feel on a personal level, if they are happy, sad, mad, and impatient, loving, and eager, upset, depressed, joyous. A good person, a not so-good person, an instant connection that will last for a lifetime or maybe just long enough for them to assist you in some way and then the opposite... for you to assist them in something that they are in need of, in their life.

You do this all the time. I find that every living being has this automatic connection without many individuals even knowing that they are doing this on an energetically level of any kind. Yes, you do see a red energy around the individual who just walked through the door, now what does red feel like or mean? Well this is one of those things that is already within you, you just need to take notice and keep a walking journal of what you are receiving and write it down. When you have interacted or received the same feelings in this way at least three times with the same color of red ( even though it is with different individuals) then this is your color sign/symbol for the color red. It will never fail you. So once you have this you will always know that when you meet someone or think about someone and you sense, feel or see the color red, what is going on with this individual in their life at that moment of time.

Please understand that when you see these colors they will not always be like what you have seen in pictures or may have learned; as a perfect outline of colors and lights all around the individual. Most times when I see the aura and energy colors with someone, I see it in different sizes and shapes, all of this will be around to the side and in front of the individuals. It is so amazing as it then gives me the chance to see colors on different parts or areas of the body.

Sometimes I might see a huge egg shaped color of orange on someone’s shoulder, after working with this for so many years, I have come to know that the individual is birthing new creativity in their life. When someone is connected with the Blessed Mother, I see a huge pink heart with hands coming from the center like a burst of light- right in front of their heart area. When someone is sad or depressed I see a deep blue with twinkling colors of light here and there all around inside of the deep blue color. This can be anywhere on their body that it is shining from. A practicing healer is immersed in a green light that flows all over there body like a funnel from above. When the healer is not working with their healing energy- the color surrounds them in a upside down tear drop, and there is no funnel to connect them higher to it. I know then to work with them in this area to see if they are sick, not feeling well or do not have the time or the individuals to do their work with. There are so many reasons for the colors we see, it is taking the time to focus and work with it and what you are receiving.


Say you meet a new friend and you sense the color blue, then at that moment of time - stop and think what do you feel? What is making you take notice to sense this color of blue? Now write it down. Blue has many colors and variations within itself, all colors do. So pay close attention to this. It will be very important to notice all things as you are feeling, sensing or seeing the different colors around someone. Where are you as you meet this individual? What is the energy like - where you are at? What made you notice this individual and the colors around this individual? Is this individual happy, sad, tired, hungry, etc..?

As I was saying colors have different variations and each can mean so many different things, do not stress on it. Please have lots of patience. Some blues may mean a true calmness within an individual; some may mean a calmness before the storm. Some blues relate to the depth of the individuals integrity or personality. It will all be on what you are feeling at that exact moment of time.

This can go on with each color you see/sense or feel with individuals that are around you each day. As you add this in your day to day living you will begin to notice so many other things about all those around you. You will begin to open yourself to see auras in so many ways. You will become comfortable and be more joyous in the fact that yes, you are seeing, sensing and feeling where you did not give yourself credit before. All of it is already with you, it is taking the time to focus, be patient and write down what it getting your attention in that moment of time.

Now this becomes stronger and stronger you will receive your own verification with those within whom you meet and think about as they connect up with you to exchange greetings.

This also, assists you in remembering what energy you are giving out this day and everyday. So, how is the sun shining with you this day? How is your energy shining out to others? What is it ...that when you go about your day - you want others to take with them from your energy? Remember in which light you shine out to others this day. Shall you be a yellow light, pink, purple or green? Remember that there are others around you who can feel, sense and see (without always knowing or giving themselves credit for ) your energetic field and it is the imprint of this in which you leave another.

Every day the sun leaves us in a glowing light of yellow and warmth, an illumination of the highest order. An illumination to allow yourself to shine from your toes up, to be thankful and grateful for all that is with you. Please be thankful to all that you are, to all those in your life at any given moment of time.

You are beautiful in your own light may it shine for all to see!

As I leave you now, I leave you the energetic pink light of Love from my heart to yours..... So, How is the sun shining your way?


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Are Intuitive By Nature

You Are Intuitive By Nature

by Marie C. Barrett

You couldn’t stop being intuitive, even if you tried. Intuition is intrinsic to who you are and to how you relate to the world. It never turns off and it will never leave you. Whether you choose to listen and respond to your intuition is another matter entirely.

Let’s widen the expanse of our visioning here and digress for a moment to consider what happens when you go to sleep every night. Researchers tell us we go into deep sleep, right down into unconsciousness, for at least a couple of hours every night. This is when our spirit reconnects to its cosmic energy Source; it refuels, as it were, to sustain the body for the dramas and experiences of the next day.

This time of spiritual recuperation is necessary for survival. Our physical body simply cannot feed our higher ‘bodies’ – emotional, mental, etheric and higher spiritual; the lesser cannot support the greater without extra assistance. Sleep deprivation is one of the most debilitating experiences one can undergo, because the structure of our castle begins to crumble when it is starved of the living substance it must receive during deep sleep.

But what happens to the build-up of this finer energy food during our waking hours? We burn it up. Just as a motor burns gas, our bodies expend these higher energies as we use our mechanical, physical body, our brain, thoughts, emotions and spiritual longings. These last can draw more heavily on our limited energy supplies than any other practise.

So can we have access to this higher energy during our waking state? Absolutely. This is the process allowed and fostered by expanding your awareness; your self consciousness; the appreciation that you are a spiritual being experiencing physicality.

When you remember you are this spiritual being, you reconnect to the flow of life force energy. So what has all this to do with intuition? Well, intuition is a direct way your higher spirit connects with you when you go about your daily life.

Your higher self inspires you through feeling and emotion, through intuition. Your intuition sends you energy impulses that offer inner guidance and clarity in the course of daily living.

You can develop your recognition of these intuitive impulses simply by following their guidance without analysing them with your rational mind. They are of a different order than that of rational thought. They come from a much finer energy vibration, a spiritual essence vibration barely perceptible feeling, and scarcely ever by thought processing.

Intuition communicates through feeling and emotion, not the mind or thoughts. Tuning into your intuition is a skill we can all learn and develop. Simply allow yourself to be in a state of relaxed allowing and see the miracles happen!

You will begin to notice synchronicities; you will ‘relate’ to other people and know what makes them tick. You will recognize a kindred spirit. You will be able to tune into another’s energy and send healing and love. You will begin to see events that are seemingly from the past or the future, even though time is an illusion and there is no time other than this moment. In all these ways and many more, you will be tuning to your intuition and following its inner promptings.

Spirit can never abandon us to only physical expression, because we are spiritual in essence. The great joke of the universe is that though we are spirit, we forget who we are and live our lives in the illusion that we are our body and mind, when, in fact we are spirit playing the game of living in the holodeck of daily life in a physical body.

Listen to your intuition and follow its gentle persuasion. Trust the intuitive information you get when it comes. Keep your connection to your inner spirit open and flowing; it is one of life’s greatest joys and deepest mysteries.


Creating Sacred Space From the Inside Out

Creating Sacred Space From the Inside Out

by Sukie Baxter

Have you ever noticed how wonderful it feels to come home to a clean house, especially when you've been gone on a long trip and are good and ready to sleep in your own bed? There's a certain refreshing feeling to walking into a space that's perfectly organized, dust free, and scrubbed sparkling.

While we know it as simply "cleaning house," ancient traditions have long valued the process of creating sacred space. Going deeper than the cleansing, the Asian practice of feng shui changes the flow of energy in a room by rearranging the objects within it.

House dwellers benefit from a positive energetic alignment, according to feng shui practitioners. On the other hand, clutter in particular corners of a house can clog the flow of vital energy and cause. certain life problems - prosperity, health, relationships, work, etcetera.

While you may not understand the complicated principles of feng shui, you can probably relate to feeling scattered, frustrated, and frazzled when your home or office are in disarray. Space around us affects our inner feelings deeply...

Consider for a moment that everything we perceive as solid is really full of giant holes. You can rearrange the atoms in a human body to fit on the head of a pin if you take out all the imperceptable (to the human eye) spaces in between.

Our bodies are full of space, and not just the microscopic holes between atoms. We often look at our bodies in terms of planes: this is my front, this is my back, this is the front of my leg and this is the side of my arm. Here is my face, it's on the front of my head. My hair is on the back of my head.

Rarely do we stop to think about the space within ourselves. We are three dimensional beings. Your leg is more than a thigh and a hamstring; you have space in the middle, a core.

If rearranging the space around can have such a profound effect on ease and flow in our lives, what a difference it can make to rearrange the space within our bodies!

You've probably heard the old adage that if you're feeling blue, you should paste a smile on your face, and it will lift your mood. Well, the same is true about every movement you make with your body.

Did you know that 97% of communication is non-verbal? 97%!! That means that only 3% of what you're projecting out to the world are the words coming out of your mouth.

If your shoulders are slumped forward, your head down and eyes on the ground, you're telling the whole world, "Hey! I'm depressed, sad, and discouraged!." The law of attraction being what it is, the more you project the "depressed" vibe, the more things the universe sends you to be depressed about!

Consequently, when you change the arrangement of the spaces within your body, you change the message you're broadcasting to the universe. Not only do you begin to feel healthier, more energetic, youthful, and vibrant, but other people notice the glow around you. They start to want to help you. Amazing opportunities come your way, and your whole life begins to shift.

It starts from within.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Ascending Needs

Our Ascending Needs

By Peter Shepherd

Those who seek the frontiers of their creativity and who strive to reach higher levels of consciousness and wisdom, were described by Maslow as 'self-realizing' individuals. He described a hierarchy of human needs in which our basic survival is the first priority, and the needs concerned with our highest potential follow on when other needs have been met.

We all have needs for oxygen, food, water and a relatively constant body temperature. These needs are the strongest because if deprived, we would die. Our safety is the next priority: children often display signs of insecurity and their need to be safe. Adults, too, need the security of a home and means of income, and often have an underlying fear that these may be lost, e.g. in war or times of social unrest, or due to misfortune.

We have mastery needs: to be able to get our own way, to establish some control over our situation and environment, to express some degree of personal power, to be able to communicate and obtain objectives. And we have needs for love, affection and belonging. People need to escape feelings of loneliness and alienation and to give (and receive) love and affection, and to have a sense of belonging with high quality communication (with understanding and empathy).

People then need to feel good about themselves, to feel that they have earned the respect of others, in order to feel satisfied, self confident and valuable. If these self-esteem needs are not met, a person may feel inferior, weak, helpless and worthless.

Maslow describes self-realization as a person's need to be and do that for which the person has a vocation. It is his 'calling', a full expression of his or her creative potential, of their true self. If tnot moving along this path, the person feels restless and frustrated, even if successful in other respects.

One reason that a person does not move through the needs to self-realization is because of the hindrances placed in their way by society. For example, education can act to inhibit a person's potential (though also of course equally it can promote personal growth). So can other aspects of the family and culture act to condition and funnel an individual into a role that is not fulfilling. To escape this conditioning, a person has to awaken to their situation, to realize that their life could be different, that there are changes that can be made in the direction of self-realization.

To promote our personal growth, we can learn to be authentic, to be aware of our inner selves and to hear our inner feelings and needs. We can begin to transcend our own cultural conditioning and become world citizens. We can help our children discover their talents and creative skills, to find the appropriate career and complementary partner. We can demonstrate that life is precious, that there is joy to be experienced in life, and that if one is open to seeing the good - and humorous - in all kinds of situations, this makes life worth living.

Beyond self-realization we have a need for higher truth - the need to make contact with the creative force that is beyond the human personality, to make sense of all the suffering and injustices of the survival struggle on earth. This need has been evident in all cultures, expressed by all religions, and is the spiritual path towards enlightenment, towards knowing God and one's self as God, towards discovering the truth of All That Is.

It is only by having at least a glimmer of this spirituality that we each are part of, that we can aspire to the highest potential of being human. To be able to genuinely love and to forgive unconditionally, we need to see in all others - even our enemies - the same essential quality that we ourselves are part of. Spirituality is a transpersonal quality, it is beyond the ego and obsession with the self. It is the maturity of intuition.

The path of personal transformation is primarily a process of becoming aware of, facing up to and taking responsibility for one's thoughts, feelings and actions, and then expanding this self-realization by communicating with others, retaining integrity whatever the response, and further enhancing the quality of communication with ever-increasing empathy and understanding. Through understanding others better, we can recognize their essential goodwill, however misguided it might have become, and begin to recognize the spirituality of humankind.