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The Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls

The Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls

By John Van Auken

Over the years, many mysterious "crystal skulls" have surfaced but many have been proven to be fakes. There are however, a few skulls that truly are mysterious wonders. The most famous of these is the legendary Mitchell-Hedges skull, named after the British archaeologist F. Albert Mitchell-Hedges. Its origin is believed to be in Central America.

The incredible thing about the Mitchell-Hedges skull is its craftsmanship. Much like the Great Pyramids of Egypt, it is impossible that it was crafted by the people of its time. Hewlett-Packard, the big computer company, actually did a study on the skull starting in 1964 which showed that the skull was capable of creating unusual optical effects through a system of prisms and lenses. Even more amazing, the 11 pound skull was made of one whole crystal and no scratches could be seen on the skull, even through a microscope! That proves that no metal instruments were used which is perplexing considering a crystal is only slightly softer than diamond. The skull is quartz crystal, meaning it does not age. This specific type of quartz crystal also has the ability to generate electricity due to the fact that it has a positive and negative polarity, similar to a battery. Hewlett-Packard also concluded that the skull is actually carved against the crystal's axis of symmetry, meaning that it positively should have shattered in the process of making it, even using modern technology! This discovery prompted one member of the team to comment, "This skull shouldn't even exist!" Even if it were possible for ancient man to create this skull, Hewlett-Packard concluded it would have taken "300 man-years of effort"!

There are other skulls similar in the mysterious Mitchell-Hedges skull, including the Rose Quartz Crystal skull, the Aztec skulls, the Texas Crystal skull, the Mayan Crystal skull, and the Amethyst Skull. Besides the fact that many of these skulls contradict the laws of physics, they are also known to have mysterious effects on those around them. The Mitchell-Hedges skull has actually been said to crash nearby computers! Anna Mitchell-Hedges, Albert's daughter, claimed that when she slept near the skull she would dream about ancient Indian civilizations and could describe them in great detail. At the Museum of Man, in London, there's a crystal skull known as the Aztec skull. Apparently, both workers and visitors have claimed that it moves inside its glass case! Workers even asked that it be covered at night because it caused anxiety in the workers. It is no longer on display.

The Edgar Cayce psychic readings explain that to the ancient ones, the human skull represented the perfectly designed structure through which consciousness comes into this world, and through which consciousness reaches into other worlds. (1602-3) These electrically mysterious skulls may have been devices to help humans reach worlds beyond Earth.

Who could have carved crystals without leaving tool marks? How could they shape such perfect reproductions of the human skull when the stone would have cracked if modern methods were applied? How do these stones retain content like a computer hard drive? We are left with a mystery, a mystery that has spawned a new Indiana Jones movie: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The more we discover of the ancient world, the more mysterious or origins appear.

John Van Auken is a Director at the Association for Research and Enlightenment. He is considered an expert in spirituality, reincarnation, ancient mysteries, and rejuvenation of the body, dream work, meditation, prophecy, mysticism, and Edgar Cayce concepts.


Learn from Your Fear

Learn from Your Fear

By Dr. Tim Ong
Nobody likes to feel fearful and because of that, most people will habitually react to fear by avoiding, repressing or suppressing it. It takes courage and wisdom to see that our fear can be our greatest teacher.

When we examine our fear, we will often discover that it is irrational. There is no real basis or substance to our fear. That is why fear is often described as "False Evidence Appearing Real". Fear is a self created illusion built upon past experiences or imprints. The situation may have changed but the imprints compel us to react in a knee jerk manner without proper examination and re-evaluation of the new situation.

The good news is that this habit or tendency CAN be transformed.

The Fear of Rejection

One of the most common fears is the fear of rejection. This fear comes in many forms.

For example, a person with this fear often feels it a challenge to talk to authority figures, whether these be their parents, teachers, superiors or even government bodies. They are especially fearful to ask for or request things from these people. The feeling of fear of rejection is an automatic response that arises from past experience of rejections from these same authority figures.

Another manifestation of this fear of rejection is in the inability to say "no" to other people's requests. This is the other end of the spectrum and arises because of the fear of being rejected by the person who made the request.

Confront Your Fear

The best way to overcome your fear is to confront it. However, there are two opposing ways to confrontation. You can confront your fear with great compassion and gentleness, or you can confront it combatively. The more skilful and effective way is naturally to confront it compassionately.

When you confront your fear compassionately, you'll soon discover the underlying false belief that gives rise to that fear. You'll learn that the external situation is merely a mirror reflection of your inner mental state. That false belief gives rise to a correspondingly false perception of reality, thus the irrationality of the fear.

Confronting your fear compassionately means to see it without any judgment and blame. It means to take responsibility for your emotion and even to embrace it with love. When you can do this, you'll be grateful for your fear because you know it is there only as a teacher. It is there to help you see your real self.

So the next time you experience fear, pause for a moment and examine it with love and compassion. Allow this teacher to show you the lesson you need to learn.

As they said, "Do the things you fear and the death of fear is certain."


Trouble Is What I Make It!

Trouble Is What I Make It!

by Hal Manogue

Oh, a trouble's a ton, or a trouble's an ounce,
Or a trouble is what you
make it.
And it isn't the fact that you're hurt
that counts,
But only how you take it.

Edmund Vance Cooke was born in Canada in 1866. He is known as "the poet laureate of childhood." The verse above is from his most famous work "How Did You Die?"

Trouble or contrast as I call it now is one of the main ingredients for being human. Out of the contrast comes growth and expansion and I learn a little more about myself with each episode that challenges my fortitude. It's not easy accepting a situation that creates so much turmoil, but once I understand that it's in my experience because I put it there, a new outlook begins to surface through my thoughts.

Why would I cause myself so much trouble? Why would I put myself in strange situations where the only way out is to go within? It seems that the contrast I create through my thoughts brings me a closer to understanding who I am. From the pain I experience I can move to another place within myself if I accept what is in front of me. If I fight it or try to control it, more of the same comes into my world. I continue to rage a war against myself and blame someone else for the mess I find in my physical life. Day after day I struggle with fear and anxiety hoping that this will be the day that everything goes well. Of course what happens is more contrast, more fear and more heartaches.

Edmund's message is right on the money; a trouble can be a ton or an ounce depending on how I think about it. It is me who can change how I experience pain and suffering; it only takes a thought to do that. My thoughts create my world and how I react to what I have created. By thinking about trouble in a positive way I transform it into a positive. The trouble is the same trouble but my thoughts about it make it a lesson instead of a death sentence.

I have four important tools to use on my journey through time: Freedom, Awareness, Connection and Contrast.

Freedom allows me to use my will and my desires to make thoughts into things. I use it all the time, but don't realize I do. I can think any way I want to think and that is what I experience.

Awareness brings the light of unity into my physical journey. I feel another aspect of myself living within me and it guides me through intuition and emotions when I allow it to function.

Connection is the bond between my ego and other aspects of myself. It is knowing I am always connected to my source of energy no matter what my physical world looks like. I am a whole part of another whole that is complete yet incomplete, perfect yet imperfect joined in a union of love and expansion.

Contrast is the tool that makes me grow; that makes me expand into a grander version of who I am. It is fuel for change and the essence of being human.
Contrast is the vehicle that re-introduces me to the aspects of myself that I have forgotten and a reunion takes place. Without contrast I would stagnate in my own pool of complacency.

With these tools and the ability to use them I travel through this time/space adventure testing myself, remembering different aspects of who I am, and growing from the experience. I am a spirit having a human experience and I can live accepting contrast as my friend rather than my foe. It only takes a thought to make it so. So it is done.


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Entertaining Angels


Entertaining Angels

by Jaye Lewis

It was fifty years ago, on a hot summer day, in the deep south. We lived on a dirt road, on a sand lot. We were, what was known as "dirt poor". I had been playing outside all morning in the sand.

Suddenly, I heard a sharp clanking sound behind me and looking over my shoulder, my eyes were drawn to a strange sight! Across the dirt road were two rows of men, dressed in black and white, striped, baggy uniforms. Their faces were covered with dust and sweat. They looked so weary, and they were chained together with huge, black, iron chains. Hanging from the end of each chained row was a big, black, iron ball.

They were, as polite people said in those days, a "Chain Gang," guarded by two, heavily armed, white guards. I stared at the prisoners as they settled uncomfortably down in the dirt, under the shade of some straggly trees. One of the guards walked towards me. Nodding as he passed, he went up to our front door and knocked. My mother appeared at the door, and I heard the guard ask if he could have permission to get water from the pump, in the backyard, so that "his men" could "have a drink". My mother agreed, but I saw a look of concern on her face, as she called me inside.

I stared through the window as each prisoner was unchained from the line, to hobble over to the pump and drink his fill from a small tin cup, while a guard watched vigilantly. It wasn't long before they were all chained back up again, with prisoners and guards retreating into the shade, away from an unrelenting sun. I heard my mother call me into the kitchen, and I entered, to see her bustling around with tins of tuna fish, mayonnaise, our last loaf of bread, and two, big, pitchers of lemonade. In what seemed "a blink of an eye", she had made a tray of sandwiches using all the tuna we were to have had for that night's supper.

My mother was smiling as she handed me one of the pitchers of lemonade, cautioning me to carry it "carefully" and to "not spill a drop." Then, lifting the tray in one hand and holding a pitcher in her other hand, she marched me to the door, deftly opening it with her foot, and trotted me across the street. She approached the guards, flashing them with a brilliant smile. "We had some leftovers from lunch," she said, "and I was wondering if we could share with you and your men." She smiled at each of the men, searching their dark eyes with her own eyes of "robin's egg blue." Everyone started to their feet. "Oh no!" she said. "Stay where you are! I'll just serve you!" Calling me to her side, she went from guard to guard, then from prisoner to prisoner, filling each tin cup with lemonade, and giving each man a sandwich.

It was very quiet, except for a "thank you, ma'am," and the clanking of the chains. Very soon we were at the end of the line, my mother's eyes softly scanning each face. The last prisoner was a big man, his dark skin pouring with sweat, and streaked with dust. Suddenly, his face broke into a wonderful smile, as he looked up into my mother's eyes, and he said, "Ma'am, I've wondered all my life if I'd ever see an angel, and now I have! Thank you!" Again, my mother's smile took in the whole group. "You're all welcome!" she said. "God bless you." Then we walked across to the house, with empty tray and pitchers, and back inside.

Soon, the men moved on, and I never saw them again. The only explanation my mother ever gave me, for that strange and wonderful day, was that I "remember, always, to entertain strangers, for by doing so, you may entertain angels, without knowing."

Then, with a mysterious smile, she went about the rest of the day. I don't remember what we ate for supper, that night. I just know it was served by an angel.


Developing a Positive Attitude, The Bright Side of My Life!


Developing a Positive Attitude, The Bright Side of My Life!

by Patricia Anaya

"There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.”
-Albert Einstein-

Humans are inclined to see negativity - at first sight - in everything. Unfortunately, we live in a world where BAD things are always reported in the NEWS. We love "alarming" headlines in the media. Most of the shows on TV are about suffering, infidelity, sex, killing, bad behavior, protests or just have nothing to teach us. It's the same on the radio, in newspapers and internet news. It seems as though we like to watch how people fight, how they break society's rules or how people are suffering – not to find a way to help them, but just to appease our morbid curiosity.

I can say from experience that negativity spreads 10 times faster than "positivity." That is why the media use shocking headlines – to get our attention. Do you think they sell as much if they used positive headings? I don't think so, because we are so conditioned to see the negative side of life.

Being positive takes an extra effort. Maintaining a positive attitude is a constant battle. We need to be aware of our thoughts, feelings and words. We can change our minds! Some people consider the human brain (mind) a muscle, so if we exercise it we can keep it in a positive shape. For instance, try to do something new, like writing with the left hand, if you usually write with the right hand. With this small change, we are exercising our mind. It takes a little time to learn, but it is a matter of practice.

Changing our negative attitude for positive attitude is the same process. We can develop our positive attitude with a few guidelines:

Be alert of your thoughts:

Every time you catch yourself having a negative thought, change it for a positive! You don't need to think too much, just use positive words – you can laugh about it!

Express your positive thoughts loudly:

If you see a flower (or something else) affirm positively about it: “How lucky I am to see such a beautiful red flower.”

Find reasons to laugh:

Look for funny videos in the internet, watch comedy shows, make jokes about yourself (this is the best way for me to laugh).

Be happy no matter what!

YOU have the choice to be happy (or unhappy). When you know and believe this, your life will change.

Believe in yourself:

You are the most beautiful person in the whole world. Nobody is like you and nobody can make things better than you.

Surround yourself with positive people:

You cannot change other people, but you can choose the people to be with.

Avoid complaints:

Every time you want to complain, write (think or say) three positive things about the thing you want to complain about.

Look at the bright side of life:

Everything and everybody has a positive side, you only need to open your mind and your eyes - and see it!

Pamper yourself when you fail:

Nobody is perfect! Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. Try one more time!

Turn off the media:

Especially the news and talk shows. Read inspiring books and look for good positive information in the internet.

Those are just some ideas you can practice to develop your positive attitude. Be creative and find even more that work for you. If you embrace a positive attitude your life will be happier and more successful.


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Are You Living an Old Story?


Are You Living an Old Story?

Give your ego a makeover!

by Peggy Rometo

Release the past and live your best life yet.

Much of the time, ego is about looking good. Sometimes when you’re working on pursuing your promises, you have to attack a problem, and it’s messy—which doesn’t look good. The ego doesn’t want to be caught not having the right answers, and it hates not knowing how things will turn out. So it discourages you from trusting your intuition, really looking at yourself, and doing what you need to do to live your own authentic life.

This discouragement can take a number of forms: patterns that keep us stuck in destructive behavior or painful emotion, beliefs that no longer serve us, fears that hold us back, negative self-talk that weighs us down. Or it can show up as stories we’re caught up in reliving—things that happened to us earlier in our lifetime, or things that we’ve carried with us from other dimensions, other lives.

If it’s hard for you to grasp the idea that other dimensions exist simultaneously with this one, or to believe in past lives and their influence on us now, that’s fine. Just think of them as stories that influence us, for better or worse. You can imagine that some of these stories have better endings than others. The stories with good endings don’t cause us emotional or physical problems now, but the stories in which we don’t fare so well create blocks or challenges for us, either physically or mentally, in our current reality. As an example, let’s say in one story (or dimension or past life) you drowned: consequently you’re now terrified of water.

Sometimes these stories connect not only to your emotions, like the fear of water, but to your character—the kind of person you are. For example, if you were a thief in another lifetime and never got caught, you might now have a penchant to shoplift or to steal and not think too much of it. Or you might suspect others of stealing from you, experience a lack of trust around your own possessions, or go through cycles of loss. Whatever the source of these stories, the benefits of releasing the blocks they create are endless. The more time and energy you put into shifting your stories—releasing your fears, phobias, anger, and other automatic negative responses—the more you’ll begin to see changes in your personality, anything from becoming more trusting to becoming more outspoken or outgoing. You’ll no longer turn to your negative behavior as an automatic reaction to your environment. You’ll begin to attract the right people, places, and situations to assist you in revealing and sharing your gifts in the world. Your life will become better because you’re living the life you were meant to live, not some old story that no longer defines you.


Natural Disaster Dreams


Natural Disaster Dreams

by Ariadne Green

Severe weather, earth shifts and cosmic events in dreams aren't necessarily a forewarning of natural disasters to come. No need to run and hide or scream out, "The sky is falling", like Chicken Little. In fact, most of these dreams are merely responses to events in the dreamer's personal life. Dark clouds in the sky may remark on the dreamer's mood, a metaphor for emotional turmoil or a heavy heart. A rain shower could represent the release of sadness in contrast to a bright sunny day reflecting a positive attitude. Weather such as rain, clouds, and wind in dreams, therefore, all mention something about the dreamer's mood surrounding the events the dream is reporting on. In the case of more severe weather, like tornados and hurricanes, the dream usually punctuates how disruptive the event was to the dreamer's life and emotional well-being.

On rare occasions however, a dream of a natural disaster such as, an earthquake, tsunami, tornado or hurricane may represent precognition. The dreamer seems to have an open window into the future, getting a glimpse of what is to come in the days, weeks or even months that follow. Dreamers have accurately predicted such events as: the 2004 Indonesian tsunami that claimed the lives of nearly 300,000, the Haitian earthquake of 2009 and the subsequent quakes that have rocked other parts of the world. Some consider these dreams to be warnings. However, in most instances, the dream doesn't identify the location or the time and day the event will occur. Therefore, it is difficult to heed a warning without specific details. Clairvoyant dreams aren't usually recognized as precognition until after the fact.

Here is a list of the common natural disaster themes that may emerge in your dreams:


With wind gust of 75 mph or greater and torrential rains, a hurricane brewing in a dream may remark that events in your life are making your head swirl and dampening your mood. It is probably an emotional time with much upheaval. The circumstances precipitating a hurricane dream could be anything from a nasty argument with your mate that threatens the stability of your marriage to a calamity at work. Whatever it was, it was a messy situation that brought with it a great deal of debris to clean up. For those who live in regions where hurricanes are common, a dream of a hurricane usually represents the dreamer's fears of another big one hitting close to home. And of course, in some instances, dreaming of a devastating hurricane could predict one on the horizon.


A dream in which a giant tornado destroys everything in its path is an awful nightmare. Winds of any kind in a dream represent change. The dream is likely a response or a forewarning of a big change, destroying your sense of security, plans, goals, and the hopes you had for the immediate future. Events such as losing your house to foreclosure, job loss or a forced relocation all are catastrophic changes that could elicit a tornado dream. But as with Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, the house swept up by the tornado transported her into a brand new and enlightening experience. Therefore, a tornado dream can mark the necessary dismemberment of the personality and shedding of one's previous identity to accept a transcendent worldview.


Tsunami dreams are quite common and many dreamers report them as a reoccurring dream theme. The dreamer may be on the beach alone or with others when all of a sudden an approaching wave threatens to engulf them. The dreamer usually awakens before the tsunami hits shore or before carried out to sea. A tsunami dream usually represents a huge emotional issue coming to the forefront. Sometimes buried memories from childhood can emerge out of the subconscious suddenly and with them a great deal of grief. In this case, the emotional swell of the tsunami represents repressed feelings from the past. Whatever the emotional issue, it needs to be addressed and cleared before the tsunami dreams will cease.


As a major shakeup, a dream of an earthquake mentions things are falling apart or are about to. Many times earthquake dreams of any magnitude are responses or forecasts of economic difficulties. It is a way of saying you are no longer on stable financial ground. A dream of an earthquake can also be a response or forecast of bad news such as, learning about a relative's death. Or the dream may be forecasting world news. For instance, in August 2000 I had a dream in which I was in a tall building and the earth started to shake and the building began to sway. The dream was a clairvoyant forecast of a shockwave that would be felt around the world – the attack on the World Trade Center.


Rising waters can be a response to an emotional overload. Your dream is telling you your emotional well-being is requiring attention. The location of the flood can be a key in interpreting the dream. A flood in the kitchen mentions your heart is welled-up with grief and sorrow. A flood in the bedroom points to emotional issues surrounding your romantic relationship and the expression of your sexuality. If the flood takes place in the living room, it could indicate emotional tensions are building with relatives or friends. Flooding in the bathroom suggests difficulties in releasing your sadness. And, finally, walking through floodwaters could represent that you are moving through your emotions by experiencing them fully.

Volcano Eruption

An erupting volcano can be a metaphor for someone who has lost his or her cool. Perhaps it's you who is ready to erupt because of anger that you have been holding back for too long. Or it could be someone close to you that has let out some steam. Volcano eruption dreams, especially those in which the dreamer is walking over hot lava fields, can signify sexual arousal or coming in close contact with a partner's sexual feelings. In this case, you are exploring the terrain of someone's creative sexual nature.

Meteor, Comet and Asteroid

As a cosmological event, a dream of an asteroid, comet or meteor shower is a sign of a new era in the dreamer's life. The dreamer is evolving in consciousness and the dream is heralding a time of deep soul transformation accompanied by life changing events.

End of The World

Many things can be perceived as "the end of the world": The loss of a friendship, the dissolution of a marriage, or some other heartbreaking situation that causes the dreamer to lose all hope. The subconscious emphasizes the impact on the dreamer's attitude. "End of the world" dreams offer us images of destruction and liberation at the same time. Some dreamers have reported dreams in which God or an angel messenger announces the time has come – "It's the end of the world." They relay similar scenarios such as, a flash of light preceded by a moment of darkness or the sun or the moon being pulled from the sky followed by cataclysm. What do these dreams mean? We will have to wait and see.


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The Divine Snowbank


The Divine Snowbank

Finding spirituality on a cold winter’s day.

by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

I became oblivious of the physical body and surroundings as my awareness fused with this all-present illuminated state.

In 1939, I was a paperboy in rural Wisconsin and had a 17-mile route. One dark winter’s night, I was caught miles from home in a blizzard. The temperature was 20 degrees below zero, and my bicycle toppled over on an icy, snow-covered field. A fierce wind ripped out the newspapers that I carried in my handlebar basket, strewing them across the terrain. I broke into tears of frustration and exhaustion; my clothes were frozen still, and I was far from home.

To get out of the wind, I broke through the icy crust of a high snowbank and dug out a place to burrow into. The shivering stopped and was replaced by a delicious warmth . . . and then a state of peace beyond all description. This was accompanied by a suffusion of light and a Presence of infinite love, which had no beginning and no end, and which was indistinguishable from my own essence. I became oblivious of the physical body and surroundings as my awareness fused with this all-present illuminated state. The mind grew silent; all thought stopped. An infinite Presence was all that was or could be, and it was beyond time or description.

After what seemed like eons, I was drawn back to an awareness of someone shaking my knee—my father’s anxious face subsequently appeared. There was great reluctance to return to the body and all that it entailed . . . but I loved my father dearly, and because of his anguish, I chose to do so. In a detached way, I sympathized with his fear of my death, but at the same time, the concept of “death” seemed absurd.

This experience was never discussed with anyone. There was no context available with which to comprehend it: I had never heard of spiritual experiences (other than those reported in the lives of the saints). But after this experience, the accepted reality of the world began to seem only provisional; traditional religious teaching lost significance. Compared to the light of Divinity that I had felt bathing all existence, the god of traditional religion shone dully indeed. I had lost religion. . . but I discovered spirituality.


What Drives You? What Drains You?


What Drives You? What Drains You?

by Jim Self

You are here to make a contribution to the world. And this Shift of Consciousness we are in the midst of is pushing us all to identify and demonstrate that contribution. Whether you know it or not, you already have all the information, skills, motivation and passion to do so. The trick, however, is to uncover that drive and allow that inspiration to lead you to your right-work. Discovering that work can sometimes be a major challenge in itself. Unfortunately, most of us choose to live by default rather than do what is necessary to discover and demonstrate our purpose. That choice, though unsatisfying, is typically the path of least resistance. It is easier to stay put than to take the minor action that may lead us to our work-joy.

Jack has a full and busy life of service. He volunteers for three non-profit organizations and is on the board of a fourth. Jack is a successful business owner and enjoys his family. Even though he has organized his life around giving, Jack isn't satisfied and continually questions his contribution and purpose.

Jill on the other hand, experiences the other end of the creative spectrum and is dissatisfied with a "dead-end job," isolation and a string of incomplete or failed projects. Whether your life resembles that of Jack or Jill, discovering and demonstrating your passion is probably a major desire of yours. In fact, in every free webinar we offer, I hear people ask the same question, "What is my purpose?"

So how do you begin to identify your purpose, contribution or gift? And then, how do you find the courage to make the changes necessary to act upon it? Accomplishing the former allows the latter to unfold quite naturally. A person in pursuit of her passion is a powerful force, a force that pushes against all previous programming she has lived with.

A Tool to Play With

The first step in identifying your purpose is to become aware of your current situation and those aspects of it that drive and drain you. Begin a written list and as you move through your day, make note of what moves and motivates you.

(1) What makes you want to move forward (even if that tiny movement is just off the couch)? What ignites your fire (even if that tiny fire is just a match flame)? Be amused and curious. This isn't a test; there isn't a right or wrong answer. You don't have to tell anyone. What are your motivators - caffeine, friends, deadlines, the gym, a messy house, a sunny day, fear of failure, lack of money, someone's approval?

(2) Now make note of those things that drain you. What do you currently include in your life that takes your energy away - deadlines, fear of failure, friends' drama, a messy house, a sore body, worry?

Just notice with curiosity and amusement, and write these drainers down.

(3) Next, begin to notice your Internal Response to each of these drivers and drainers. Are you judging yourself, or beating yourself up because you are motivated by money or caffeine? Getting to a place of observing without judging is the key to change and will allow the shift to wholeness to occur.

(4) The next step toward your right-work and passion is to take one simple, easy, do-able action — even if that action is just turning off the television and taking the dog for a walk.

You are great! You are here to add to All That Is and this Shift of Consciousness is pushing you to choose what moves you vs. what mangles you. When you shine the light of amused awareness upon what you do, you can then make a different, empowered choice.


Visits Between the Spirits of Living Persons


Visits Between the Spirits of Living Persons

by Allan Kardec

Questions related to the spirit world.

The emancipation of the soul during sleep would seem to indicate that we live simultaneously two lives; the life of the body, which is that of exterior relation, and the life of the soul, which is that of occult relation,-is this so?

"During the emancipation of the soul, the life of the latter takes precedence of the life of the body; this, however, does not, strictly speaking, constitute two lives, but rather two phases of one and the same life, for a man does not live a double life."

Can two persons, who are acquainted with each other, visit one another in sleep?

"Yes; and many others, who, in their waking state, do not know that they are acquainted, meet and converse together. You may, without suspecting it, have friends in another country. The fact of going, during sleep, to visit friends, relatives, acquaintances, persons who can be of use to you, is extremely frequent; and you yourselves accomplish these visits almost every night."

What can be the use of these nocturnal meetings, since we do not remember them?

"The intuition of them generally remains with you in your waking state, and is often the origin of ideas which afterwards occur to you, as it were, spontaneously, without your being able to account for them, but which are really those you had obtained in the spirit-intercourse carried on by you during your sleep."

Can a man ensure the making of spirit-visits by the exertion of his will? Can he do so, for example, by saying to himself, on going to sleep, "I will to-night meet such and such a person in spirit, and speak with him about such and such a thing"?

"This is what takes place. The man falls asleep, and his spirit wakens to the other life; but
his spirit is often very far from following out the plan which had been resolved upon by the man, for the life of the man excites but little interest in a spirit when he is emancipated from matter. This statement, however, only applies to men who have already reached a certain degree of elevation. The others pass their spirit-existence very differently. They give free rein to their passions, or remain inactive. It may happen, therefore, according to the aim of the proposed action, that a spirit may go to see the parties he had, as a man, proposed to visit; but it does not follow that, because he has willed to do so in his waking state, he will necessarily do so in his state of freedom."

Can a number of incarnate spirits, during sleep, meet together, and form assemblies?

"Undoubtedly they can. The ties of friendship, old or new, often bring together spirits who are happy to be in each other's company."
By the term old must be understood the ties of friendship contracted in anterior existences. We bring back with us. on waking, an intuition of the ideas which we have derived from these occult meetings, but of the source of which we are ignorant.

If a person believed one of his friends to be dead who is not dead, could he meet him as a spirit, and thus learn that he is living? Could he, in such a case, preserve the intuition of this fact on waking?

"He could, certainly, as a spirit, see his friend, and know what is his situation; and if the belief in the death of that friend had not been imposed on him as an expiation, he might retain an impression of his existence, as, in the contrary case, he might retain that of his death."


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A Recipe For Presence

A Recipe For Presence

by Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar

Presence can be imagined as celebrating the deepest knowing of who you are through an experience of feeling. In spiritual circles, we hear just about every teacher reminding everyone to “be present,” but what does that mean? Being present simply means to be aware of whatever you are feeling in your current experience.

This practice of presence does not urge us to understand why we are feeling the way we are, or even evaluate whether or not we are pleased with what we are feeling. The practice simply leads us to the awareness of whatever experience of sensations are arising in the body. When we are present with these sensations that are usually felt as emotions, we are simply remembering who we are is a guest in the body—observing emotional responses without judgment, like a child staring in awe at a fireworks display.

If there was a recipe for presence, you would simply want the best possible ingredients to make it a yummy part of your living experience. Those ingredients already fill the shelves of your inner reality as we now take a moment to learn how those ingredients go together.

The first ingredient is love. Love is a way of understanding how the heart remains open whenever you are ready to offer the gift of deep appreciation to everything you are as the various shapes and forms of presence.

Even if we were to focus on having more of what we want, the secret is to serve love. If you would love a new car, or a new house, or even love a new relationship, the difference between who you are now and the you in the future who has those things, is simply a you who is filled with love.

Serving love is saying to the Universe, “I am ready to discover the love that hides in everything around me because it’s an ingredient of everything I am as presence.”

The second ingredient is peace. The you in the future who already has the car you love, the house, and the relationship that loves you the way you wish to be loved, views this heaven on earth reality with peace, versus resistance. The presence you truly are that can be seen as a spark of the Divine or as the illumination of your soul, simply rests within your body peacefully awaiting the arrival of your awareness.

Another ingredient is freedom. Freedom is a feeling of ease we experience when we give ourselves enough space to choose versus need. If we are in need, we may find it increasingly difficult to create enough time or space to celebrate the choices that are always apparent. Freedom is not only your spiritual birthright, but the only means by which presence travels.

We take these ingredients of love, peace and freedom and combine them into a mantra or meditation to be repeated until we arrive at our desired emotional consistency. Whether throughout your day, before each meal, or whenever you’re feeling stress or conflict, calmly and slowly repeat in your mind the recipe for presence:

“I am loving, I am peaceful, I am free!”

By giving this statement your entire focus, you are reminding yourself of who you really are and blessing it with interest and priority. Share this recipe with your loved ones and most importantly, offer it for those you find you are unable to love, and discover the presence that all spiritual texts and teachings will ever guide you towards–the reality of your true divine nature.





I ran into a stranger as he passed by,

"Oh excuse me please" was my reply.

He said, "Please excuse me too;

I wasn't watching for you."

We were very polite, this stranger and I.

We went on our way and we said goodbye.

But at home a different story is told,

How we treat our loved ones, young and old.

Later that day, cooking the evening meal,

My son stood beside me very still.

When I turned, I nearly knocked him down.

"Move out of the way," I said with a frown.

He walked away, his little heart broken.

I didn't realize how harshly I'd spoken.

While I lay awake in bed,

God's still small voice came to me and said,

"While dealing with a stranger,common courtesy you use,

but the family you love, you seem to abuse.

Go and look on the kitchen floor,

You'll find some flowers there by the door.

Those are the flowers he brought for you.

He picked them himself: pink, yellow and blue.

He stood very quietly not to spoil the surprise,

you never saw the tears that filled his little eyes."

By this time, I felt very small,

And now my tears began to fall.

I quietly went and knelt by his bed;

"Wake up, little one, wake up," I said.

"Are these the flowers you picked for me?"

He smiled, "I found 'em, out by the tree.

I picked 'em because they're pretty like you.

I knew you'd like 'em, especially the blue."

I said, "Son, I'm very sorry for the way I acted today;

I shouldn't have yelled at you that way."

He said, "Oh, Mom, that's okay.

I love you anyway."

I said, "Son, I love you too,

and I do like the flowers, especially the blue."

Are you aware that if we died tomorrow, the company

that we are working for could easily replace us in

a matter of days.

But the family we left behind will feel the loss

for the rest of their lives.

And come to think of it, we pour ourselves more

into work than into our own family,

an unwise investment indeed,

don't you think?

So what is behind the story?

Do you know what the word FAMILY means?









Ain't No Mountain High Enough


Ain't No Mountain High Enough

by Alun Jones

"If you were all alone in the universe with no one to talk to, no one with which to share the beauty of the stars, to laugh with, to touch, what would be your purpose in life? It is other life, it is love, which gives your life meaning. This is harmony. We must discover the joy of each other, the joy of challenge, the joy of growth."
~Mitsuge Saotomi~

The journey of life can be challenging at times, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Challenge doesn't necessarily mean "difficult". I'm using the work "difficult" here to mean negative, depressing, too much, horrible, unpleasant, stressful. I think you get the message of where I'm coming from here. Challenges are there to help us grow, learn, and evolve. No one said life was going to be always a walk in the park in the sunshine - sometimes we find ourselves walking in the park in the rain. Of course, we can always choose not to walk in the park in the rain if we want to ;-) But it can be fun splashing in puddles and getting wet, especially know that when we get home we can get dry and put clean, dry clothes on. It's how we view the rain that makes all the difference about whether we embrace or reject the experience. Of course, we can always take umbrella or wear a raincoat to keep ourselves dry too. There are lots of options.

The other day, whilst walking through the park (strangely enough!) I had this sudden understanding and realisation why some people choose to rock climb and explore. Now this may always have been obvious to you and, on one level, it always has been to me. But, I suddenly understood why many of these rock climbers and explorers keep on going. It's the challenge and excitement of trying something new. Once you've climbed on mountain, there's a drive to find another one. A different one. That requires perhaps slightly different skills. A different approach. The need for support from others to reach the top. It will teach new things as the rock climber faces new and, perhaps slightly tougher, challenges. There's that word again "challenges".

I think I've always understood this on a logical level, but that day, walking through the park, I finally "got it!". It was like a lightbulb sparking on in my head and there was a loud "Aha!" moment! The reason we all incarnated in these physical experiences is NOT to have a difficult life, but to experience new and exciting challenges! Again, I've always understood this, but this deeper, more meaningful understanding helped me view things in a different light. Each challenge we face is not there to knock us back and stop us moving forward, it is there to help us grow and evolve!

Look at this way, if all life offers us is the same challenges, day in, day out, yes of course we can get incredibly good at them. But what happens when we grow bored? And trust me, we will! There is an inherent need and drive in all of us to seek out the next challenge that will help us grow and, whether we like it or not, the Universe is pushing us to face these challenges. As I said above, it's how we view them that makes all the difference.


So if you're in a challenging spot right now, take some time out to answer the following questions as honestly as you can:

How am I viewing this challenge? Positively? Or Negatively?
How is this challenge helping me grow?
Why did I ask for this challenge in my life?
What skills do I need to develop or hone in order to deal with it?
Am I, unnecessarily, trying to face this challenge alone?
Right here, right now, what would make this challenge easier to deal with?
Am I taking this all just a bit too seriously and dramatically?
Am I just feeling sorry for myself and being a bit of a victim?
How can I inject a bit of fun into it?
Am I clear about what the rewards will be when I've succeeded?

Remember the wonderful saying by Gandhi "Be the change you want to see". In order to change your challenges and make them more exciting and palatable, one of the key things is to change your approach to them.

One final point on this, no one will punish you if you decide to let go of a particular challenge and ask for another one. You may be a bit disappointed later that you didn't push yourself, but no one will think any less of you. You are who you are, and the Universe loves you unconditionally - no matter what you do.

"We are extensions of Divine Source. We are the architects of our life. We are the creators of our experience. What are you creating?" Alun Illumine


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Start Turning Barriers into Bridges


Start Turning Barriers into Bridges

by Guy Finley

Only the person who never gives up in life, who persists with his wish to find and fulfill the promise of himself, makes this truly self-liberating discovery: those places that he once mistook as being impassible barriers to his happiness become as bridges to the same, but only if he learns to welcome them as part of his journey.

Your Secret Power of Self-Disconnect

When you hear someone say, "I'm sick and tired of it," what he is really saying without realizing it is that he's sick and tired of suffering from his own lack of understanding. This all becomes clear once we understand that unhappiness does not come at us, it comes from us. For instance, impatience with our level of understanding is the very level of understanding we are impatient with. The understanding of this spiritual principle allows us to disconnect ourselves from our impatience. Life becomes instantly better. For one thing, the frustration fades. In its place, learning flowers. And the more we inwardly grow, the easier our whole life flows.

This new and higher idea of disconnecting ourselves from whatever we think has us blocked leads to true self-liberation because we have never been trapped by anything outside of our own lack of understanding. This is why even the attempt to disconnect ourselves from our present life-level already belongs to a higher level of understanding.

This new, intelligent action we are calling "self-disconnect" works for you by gradually breaking down the painful circle-of-self that is repeatedly formed by asking the problem for the solution. Barriers begin to crumble and disappear, because you have stopped creating them. In the truest meaning of the words, you are getting out of your own way! Practice self-disconnect as often as you can. The more you work at this special kind of letting go, the freer your days will flow and the higher your life will go.

Persistence is everything in your personal work. You must persist even if it is only with your wish to be persistent. You must persist in spite of all forces that seem to be against your wish to break through to a New You. Believe me, there are no real obstacles to keep you from making it all the way to a Brand New World. Remember this. With any true inner-growth, the hardest step is always the one you have never taken before. The greater the doubt you will step across, the greater the possibility for walking beyond yourself, because doubt and fear form the perimeter of all self-limiting barriers. Risk only comes into account in the self-limited view of seeing life as a win/lose scenario.

When self-discovery becomes more important than winning, then every situation in life presents you with an opportunity to win in a new way. Every time you step past yourself, you win a little more freedom. . . freedom to take another and yet another step into the great unknown where eventually, with persistence, fear turns into fearlessness because you have disconnected yourself from yourself.


Monday, September 20, 2010

The New Energy Lightworker Creed


The New Energy Lightworker Creed

by Christina Lunden

We stand for courage, integrity and justice. We help people to ground their energy on Earth while still connecting to Spirit. We help them see their lives have purpose and a deeper meaning than merely surviving. We help them to serve where they feel they can offer the best of their talents and abilities to make their part of the Universe a better place. We bring healing by helping them belong. We support them in creating families of choice based on love and friendship, which honors them in growth, truth and love. We help them form communities that sustain their spirit. We help people find their true path in life.

We assist people to know the proper measure of things so that they are able to ascertain what is enough. We assist them in knowing how to control their appetites. We teach them to value the material world and to treat their resources carefully and with pride. We help them know that who they are and what they do is enough. We encourage them to have fun and rest, and to love life in all its glory. We help them find their way when they have lost hope and give them a renewed sense of joy in life. We help heal people who have health issues. We assist those who want more joy and abundance in their lives.

We help people know the power of their own true worth. We encourage them to know themselves. We assist people who are experiencing doubt, fear or anxiety. We shine the healing light of God so that they can find their stillness and know their worth. We help people have an abiding sense of well-being and to know their true identity.

We bring God’s healing love to all. We assist people to know which prayers, food, herbs and medicines they can use to bring balance and healing to their bodies. We help people mend their broken hearts and to know a greater love than they have experienced before. We help them love and give their best to those they care for. We help people heal emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We teach people to honor truth by defending it with their commitment to speak up for themselves. We teach that they can use their voices to heal, inspire and soothe away pain. We help people to cultivate truth in their lives and stop lying to themselves, stop any substance, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, gossiping or spreading of negativity.


We provide people with healing, vision and love. We help people to see the inner light in all things and to honor everyone. We teach them to be discerning, intuitive, imaginative, and knowledgeable. We bring them the ability to find their inner wisdom and to know their beauty, power and healing abilities. We assist them with cultivating that wisdom and help them use it for healing.

We help people to understand they have access to the pure Light. We teach that it is inside of them and is never born and never dies. It is permanent, ever radiant and ever connected to the source of all life. We assist people to know their true self in its entire splendor. We help them know they can commune with that Light to request healing, peace, and love at any time for it is always present and always responding to their prayers.

We assist people with this new spiritual awareness of the Christ Consciousness. We help them with letting go of their human ideas and all karma. We help them have a greater sense of themselves as part of a larger community of people and beings. We help them to use their intuition, spiritual perception and spiritual wisdom daily. We help them develop a true sense of divinity and show them how to share that with others.

We do all of these things only when asked as we choose to honor each person’s choices for their Soul experience. Most of all, we walk our talk because we know that is the easiest and best way to teach and to share with others.

I pray that these statements are a blessing to you. I want to acknowledge Ambika Wauters and The Book of Chakras as her work inspired me with the help of the Angels to create this creed as well as the Chakra Prayers that have helped so many Lightworkers over the world for years.

It’s an honor to walk beside you in the Light!

Many Blessings of Light,