Thursday, September 2, 2010

Create Peace by Promoting Healing with Other People


Create Peace by Promoting Healing with Other People

by Anthony Cappello

The power and magnitude of healing energy is utterly magnificent when a group of people are gathered together in the name of love and healing. I had the honor and good fortune to become part of a healing community which works together as one force for the benefit of all the members and the group as a whole. It is a great blessing to surround myself with this energy because each time I am in the presence of this group, my energetic level rises significantly, and I become more peaceful and centered within myself. Not only that, but it is absolutely amazing to witness the deep healings that take place when the person who is receiving the healing finally is able to let go of a long standing issue. This person literally let go of that long standing issue that has caused grief in his/her life for such a long time and filled the spot with love. And by doing this for each other, it helps each and every one of us to bring more love and light to others outside the group. One by one, this helps more people have more inner peace in their lives. It is encouraging and inspiring. That in and of itself is a miracle. The more loving energy you surround yourself with, the more miracles in life you will witness.

Love is the most powerful force there is, and it attracts more love. By being part of a healing community, it not only enriches the individual's life, it enriches the lives of others whom the individual has contact. The more people that invest in healing themselves and creating more inner peace, the more they naturally help to enrich the lives around them. It also helps to raise the good vibrations of the community around the area in which the group healing is taking place. This is a great way to send that healing wave around the world to create more love and peace. In order for the world to have more peace, individuals have to find their own inner peace. It is then that the world will naturally gravitate towards more peace as a whole, and we are already on the brink of transformation.
Peace is like a magnet pulling us all together in harmony. Imagine a world where everyone is at peace with themselves and each other. That would truly be the grandest miracle.


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