Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Power of Hugs

The Power of Hugs

By Michelle Morovaty

Can you recall a time when you experienced a Hug so unforgettable?

This Hug was so juicy and it felt so gooooooood! This Hug that you received changed your day. This Hug raised your energy. This Hug that you received was Awesome in every way. This Hug was like God hugging you! God hugging us.

Can you recall a time when you Hugged someone and they felt so goooooood? They just didn't want to let go of your Hug. Your Hug changed their day. Have you ever hugged someone who is going through a hard time and your Hug just lifted their energy level to such a level that they were able to see the light?

The Power of our hands wrapped around another human being. God has given us such a Gift. God has given us such a Powerful Gift. This Gift has the Power to heal not only us but others as well.

When was the last time you gave yourself a Hug? Silly? Only if we believe so.

Do you believe that you are deserving of a Hug? I do!

I know that we are all deserving of embracing God's Gifts. Let us all start today to expect God's Gifts to humanity in such a way that healing takes place when we wrap our arms around ourselves and each other. Let us believe that God only wants the best for us. Let us believe that God has given us many Gifts to play and live with. We must open up our eyes and hearts to experience this truth.

Today and every day in every way I encourage all of us to let go of our perception that we are beneath God's truth, for God's truth is our truth.

Let us all open up to want to receive the gifts of Hugs and give this gift to others. What goes around, comes around.

Let us circulate God's gifts in our lives and be a channel of good. What else is more pleasing than this to bring Joy to our Souls and to others?

Today Give yourself a Hug from the God within you and truly experience the Power of Hugs through your own Soul. Then, if you choose to go forward, give another being your Godly Hug. For we are all worthy and deserving of this healing act of Kindness and Generosity.

With Big Hugs.

I love you. I love you. I love you.


Your Energy is Always Evolving You

Your Energy is Always Evolving You

By Lynn M. Scheurell

"The universe is looking at itself through our eyes, and we give life to everything in the way we view it." ~ Alan Watts ~

By definition, energy needs to flow in order to be in its natural dynamic state. I'm not a scientist, but I know that its' movement is what generates some level of power, even at the smallest increment of its presence. The movement of energy is what makes things go. And it is the force within your own life that makes things happen, which cumulatively becomes your evolution.

As a creature of nature, you are consistently evolving to your next level of being. However, that can take shape in a number of different ways, based on how fast or slow your energy is moving and how willing you are to go where it takes you. If you resist, stop or block the energy flow of your life, you create stagnant pools of stuck energy that become bigger, heavier and/or denser over time. Eventually, those stuck energy places manifest as dysfunctional relationships, unhappy careers or an unhealthy physical body. And these are the clues to how you can support your own evolution... your stuck places are homing beacons to guide you to what needs your energetic attention.

The truly ironic part is that we can always see somebody else's stuck parts more clearly than our own. There is a reason for this... if we knew the lesson contained in our stuck places designed to teach us what we need, they wouldn't be stuck, right? We can't see our own blindspots, because that's the source of our lesson in working with our own energy! But we can see what the people around us aren't addressing for two reasons: first, we're not attached to the outcome and second, it's not our lesson to learn (or, if it is, we have a jumpstart on it because we can see it!).

Three Things You Can Do Today:

1. Pay attention to the messages. Your energy is always "talking" to you... if you aren't experiencing the results you want in your life, your evolution is continuing in some area. If your energy is stuck, there's a message there. If you feel a sting, ping, charge or a desire to avoid a person, situation or opportunity, you are being invited to consider what you need to handle for your next level. AND, by the way, when you decide to go to your next level, anything that stands in the way of you achieving that level will come up for your consideration to be handled. Just making the commitment to move toward your own best evolution will bring up messages - that's the energetic gift of your spirit.

2. Believe in your own evolution. Know that your spirit is actually trying to bring you magic when it brings those "hurt-y" places to your attention. Understand that you are dynamic and growing and your energy is supporting you in going to new places in your life. Know that there is a better future waiting for you, and it is your responsibility to live it as a physical expression of divine consciousness. After all, that's your reason for being - to give form to divinity and feed your experience into the greater whole! Your evolution is a microcosm of the vital growth that fuels divine consciousness in every moment. It's a big deal. ;+)

3. Get out of your own way. Now that you know your energy is working to help you evolve to your next best level, it's time to get out of your own way to receive your best life experience. You are inherently worthy of the most amazing life, and it's trying to come to you. By handling your stuck places proactively and consciously, and opening up to receive all the infinite grace that has your name on it, you are no longer standing in your shadow wondering why it's dark! It is sometimes this action alone that can bring you what you want in your life.

As this year closes out, it's an ideal time to look at where your energy is trying to evolve you, and where you are effectively blocking your own dynamic being from your best possible expression. If you discover that there is something that you're not enjoying, or a nudge to try something new (much less anything you've been ignoring or neglecting!), it's your energy talking to you. Pay attention and let the energy flow... and it's likely your life will too.


~Celebrating Rainbows & Butterflies~

~Celebrating Rainbows & Butterflies~

The Small Miracles of Our Life

By Jonathan Huie

Rainbows and butterflies are themselves
beautiful and highly symbolic, but they are
also representative of all the small miracles of our life - the little things that are so easy to overlook, yet so awe inspiring when we take a moment to notice and to pay attention.

Give thanks for the rainbows, for the butterflies, for all God's creatures - large and small, for the bright blue sky and the soft fog and the gentle rain, for the tree veiled in the season's first frost, for the baby's laugh, for the touch of a hand and the whispered "I love you."

My own "Rainbows & Butterflies" are the squirrels chasing each other around the apple tree, the deer and her fawn who visit us for the apples, the magnificent hawk who swoops low through our yard, the sea otters at play on the beach, the ungainly yet graceful and serene manatees that once came to swim with us.

Consider these "Rainbows & Butterflies"

* a gentle kiss

* a baby's smile

* the voice on the telephone that says

"I'm glad you called."

* the gentle whisper from the other side

of the bed, "sweet dreams. I love you."

* a song that touches our heart - whether a

sad song, a song of love, or a polka

* raindrops on leaves

* brightly colored glass

* a bird in flight

* a basketful of kittens

* a gentle fog

* a sunset

* a roaring fire

* roasting marshmallows

* the season's first dusting of snow

* fruit and vegetables picked with our own


Exercise: What are my "Rainbows & Butterflies?" How often am I conscious of the small miracles that happen right before my eyes? How might my life be more Joyful if I adopted the practice of a daily Celebration of my "Rainbows & Butterflies?" How might that Celebration look?


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Importance of Being Dog-like

The Importance of Being Dog-like

by Deboah Hill

Being present and staying in the moment is a key for success. I’ve done my best to stay present, but was humbled by someone during a coaching session the other day – a dog I’ll call Sparky. My client asked for information about Sparky who was ill and was going to be “put to sleep” soon. She was concerned about the feelings of the dog concerning the procedure. Would this emotionally hurt the dog? Would he understand their decision? Would the euthanasia interfere with Sparky’s karma? During the session I was able to connect with Sparky and learned some remarkable lessons about life as a dog.

First of all, in Sparky I saw a lovely, sweet and caring being. His mission in life (which may be similar to all dogs) was to love and support his masters. And Sparky was a master at this. He loved my client unconditionally
and completely. His happiness was complete when she was happy. His world revolved around her. I saw that dogs respond to people in the moment. When we’re upset, a dog picks up these vibrations and is also upset. The dog doesn’t take it personally. He doesn’t think, “I should be less selfish/controlling/argumentative . . . “The dog just knows you’re upset and this is terribly troubling. The dog will do its best to help you to be happy, and won’t take responsibility for your unhappiness. It will even back off if it senses that you need space.

Dogs don’t hold grudges. If you hurt the dog physically it will shy away from you out of fear for its survival. But, it won’t dislike you. Dogs don’t think, “He needs to work through those anger issues.” Dogs don’t judge you at all. You can be angry and the dog will continue to love you. The dog doesn’t want to change you (OK, maybe it dreams about walks or drives with the top down.) Dogs accept us for who and what we are. You can tell your deepest secret to a dog and feel safe. Not only will the dog not tell anyone, it will forget it as soon as you change the subject.

Dogs live in present time. When you talk to your dog it listens. It might not understand, but rest assured, the dog is not daydreaming about eating a steak. The dog is there with you totally.

Sparky was very ill, and though he wanted to please and love, he felt a great deal of pain. Sparky didn’t know why or how this was happening. The pain just existed and it was difficult for him to be totally focused on anything else. The pain was distracting and his life was misery because of it. He loved his masters and wanted to please, but was unable to respond because of the pain and dysfunction in his body. He didn’t blame them or anyone for the pain. It was just there - a part of his reality.

Sparky had no more karma to complete. The pain didn’t make him a better dog. He wasn’t paying for some past sin he’d committed by being ill. No, his body was just falling apart, and this hurt. Sparky had one mission in life – to love and support his masters. And he’d done that from the moment he was born. He had no choice. It was his way as a dog. He’d completed his karma from the time of birth.

Sparky wasn’t afraid of death. He didn’t know what death meant. For Sparky life and death was one continuum. Either he was in a body or he wasn’t. He didn’t think about death – didn’t worry about it. The pain and dysfunction did not mean that he was going to die, because he didn’t know what death meant. Death didn’t exist for Sparky in present time. He had no concept of the future and not being here or anywhere. So his pain didn’t mean that he was dying. It meant pain. More pain was just that. Less pain was a day where he could play.

I fell in love with Sparky that day. He was a sweet, playful, joyful and light being, with a loving perkiness and caring nature. My new guru became a dog named Sparky. I vowed from that day on to act more like him – present, loving, non-
judgmental, forgiving and happy to serve. I know he’s happy and painless now, spreading his light from another plane.


Living in the Flow


Living in the Flow

Let us offer you some insights on this matter so that you may understand better the desire of your heart for a life of harmony, fulfillment and abundance…

We can begin by asking ourselves:
What does it mean To Live in the Flow?
Does it mean to sit down and wait for the Universe to magically satisfy all our needs and desires?

Does it mean to use the power of one's faith and to expect that one's desires will be fulfilled by a Supreme Being just because we have faith?
Does it mean to do as much as we can to pursue the satisfaction of our needs and desires with the trust that the processes of life will do their part with kindness?

In the Archives of the Perennial Wisdom is also found the expression, "living in the Flow"… There, the emphasis is not so much upon a way of living in which there is a complete satisfaction of one's desires and aspirations… Instead, the emphasis is upon awakening to the inner realization that we are co-creators with the Intelligent Forces responsible for the manifestation of the entire Universe…

Therefore, according to the Wisdom living in the Flow and living exercising one's responsibility as a co-creator of the processes of life are the same thing…

This co-creator role is at the very essence of our being, and it is founded upon some of the elements indicated by the above questions:


Yes! Being a co-creator is living in a world of magic!

But it is not magic as something unnatural, unpredictable, or miraculous… It is the magic that comes from understanding the processes of Nature and our dynamic, active role in them... It is the magic of knowing that in every one of us there is the same Mighty Power that has created the galaxies, the stars, the animals and the flowers in the fields...

It is the magic of exercising this Mighty Power to create what we want — through our capacity to formulate creative thoughts and to generate attracting feelings (Love) — and of experiencing our creation…

Yes! Being a co-creator is to make use of one's faith!

But it is not to make use of a blind, passive faith... It is the use of the faith that moves mountains — a faith which is born and grows in us from recognizing and accepting that we truly are made in the image and likeness of the Most High…

Yes! Being a co-creator is to do our part while knowing that the Intelligence originating and sustaining all things and processes in the Universe is motivated by Love and Abundance…

But it is not to do our part rushing through the daily life under stress attempting to be in control of every detail... It is to do our part everyday by consciously using the creative power contained in our thoughts only in the direction indicated by our heart's desire, while knowing that the Intelligence of the Universe always brings to fruition our desire with a mathematical precision…

Thus, dear fellow travelers, to live in the Flow is a magical experience founded upon the truth that WE ARE the image and likeness of the Most High — a magical experience which we attract to our lives by using the mighty creative power contained in our thoughts under the direction of Love and only Love…

These are the reasons why the Teachings of Wisdom, since times immemorial, have said:

"To live in the Flow is just to love — to love not only through our feelings but also through our thoughts…"

May the Blessings of the Great Host of Light surround your being and life conditions!


Secret Lessons In Your Soul's Liquidity

~Secret Lessons In Your Soul's Liquidity~

When we struggle against our perceived limitations,

we unconsciously embrace that level of self

that knows itself through these forms.

But when we'll work inwardly to embrace

these presently perceived limitations --

to see them not as solid, impassable states --

but as living lessons necessary in attaining

to our soul's native

liquidity --

then we transcend what seemingly stands before us

by ascending to a whole New Understanding

of our whole nature;

A Higher Self incapable of being hindered by any past


as is the dolphin by the approaching wave.

Here we find ourselves actually grateful

to these perceived limiting forms for the vehicle

they are in reality; for the real service they render

in delivering us to Holy Wisdom.

- Guy Finley


Monday, October 26, 2009

Angels Sing Your Name

Angels Sing Your Name

by Carrie Hart
carriehart. com

If all of the love in the world

were contained in one star, it

would shine for you.

If all the answers in the world were

contained in one word, that word would

speak your name.

If the full sea of peace were

contained in one drop of water,

that drop of water would be on your tongue.

You are the beginning and the end,

the alpha and omega, the source

and answer, the thought that reaches across

time and the timeless beat

of the heart of God.

Your importance is immeasurable,

for you are what there is.

The entire universe is

contained in one atom of your being.

Each breath you take gives life to all that is.

You do not have to try to be this

vital force. You simply are.

Now, right now, go deeply into your

heart and find the peace and love

that reside there.

Now, right now, embrace yourself

completely with love,

granting to yourself the right to be who

you are, as you are,

without criticism and contempt,

without dissatisfaction and frustration,

without blame and regret.

You, exactly as you are,

are good. You are what is needed.

You are what is wanted.

The entire universe embraces you

with love, and when it does so,

it simply embraces itself.

You cannot lose the love that is

there for you, for you are made of love.

You cannot lose the light that

shines for you, for you are made of light.

You cannot disturb the peace

that contains you, for you are made

of peace, peace and joy and light and love,

all made manifest in your being.

Simply be who you are and you will

hear the angels singing your name.


A Message from the Big You

A Message from the Big You

By Carol James
inspiredinside. com

I am your

confidant. You can tell me anything

at all and I will always understand and love you.

I know that you always do your very best

and that sometimes your fears get the best of

you. I know that you

have come a long way and have grown and

matured in immeasurable ways. To me, you are a

beautiful, bright shining

light beaming with courage and soul.

I am always here for you, waiting at your beck and call.

Tell me what you want. Tell me all your dreams,

and I will be delighted to help you live them.

I can find people and arrange circumstances in ways

that you could never imagine. Sometimes my

orchestrations are called miracles, but I just see them as

doing my job.

I am here for you. I have always been here for you,

even when you did not know I existed. I am the one who

brings people and circumstances to you. All that you

experienceis a result of that which I bring to you. All that

I bring to you is a result of that which you desire.

It's really a simple relationship we have, you and I.

It's one of master and slave, dreamer and dream maker.

You are master and I am slave. But I love my job.

I get to grant your wishes for a living so

that's okay by me.

Your wish is my command.

I am good at what I do. I am predictable,

consistent, flexible, fluid,

accurate, and timely. You can always depend

on me to give you exactly what you ask for when

the timing is right. Be careful what

you ask for, you might get it. I don't decipher

r or question your

requests, I follow them to the letter.

I am compelled to bring to you all that matches

what you focus on,

regardless of how that focus causes you to feel.

It doesn't matter whether you want it or not,

because from

my perspective if you didn't want it you

wouldn't be focusing on it,

so if you are focusing on it then you must want it.

My job is to find stuff that matches your tone –

your point of focus –

and orchestrate the connection between you

and the matches.

From my perspective, it's easy to see why you don't

always like what

you get, but I know that eventually you will

come to remember all

that you have forgotten. In the meantime,

I will continue to be here

serving your needs and fulfilling your wishes.

I am here for you.

Ask anything of me. I have nothing to do

but to serve you.

The rest is up to You.


How to Stay Positive with a Negative Spouse or Partner

How To Stay Positive With A Negative Vibration

Spouse Or Partner

By Jackie Lapin

People who are making the change to a conscious and spiritually-driven life often discover that they are yoked to someone who is not prepared to come along on that journey. The partner is mired in his or her own negative thoughts and emotions, and meets any topic of spiritual enlightenment, positive vibration and conscious creation with a wall of resistance. Don’t despair…lots of others have gone through this phase too, and come out on the other side with a happier life. Let’s look at what you can do in this situation:

• Stay in your positive vibration state. Don’t allow your spouse or mate to pull you out of alignment with the Universe. When you feel yourself drawn into it, take a walk, go play with the kids, read a book, go have lunch with your best friend… and continue to think and feel positive about yourself, your life and the good qualities in your partner.

• Create a sacred place in your home where you can go to meditate, clear your chakras, express gratitude, Consciously Create, connect with the Universe, —activities that keep your frequency high. Ask your partner to respect this private time, so that you can “recharge.” This recharging should continue to buttress you against his or her negativity.

• Demonstrate how your life has changed by just being happier, more upbeat, less stressed…and soon your partner may want to know what it is that has changed you and how he can he/she get some of it!

• By changing how you respond to things, your spouse is bound to have to adjust. If you are doing something different, that will change the dynamic between you and within the family. Your partner will have to adjust in some ways to meet or stay up with the new you.

• Visualize a harmonious relationship. See your relationship changing and your partner opening up to greater dialogue, a more open-minded attitude and a willingness to explore new avenues—new ways of thinking. Take your focus off of what is WRONG, and put it on what is right and what you desire.

• Throw your “love net” around him or her. I really believe this is an empowering tool to create waves of love that generate vibrational change. See yourself throwing the net of positive loving energy over your mate and yourself, so that it will allow him/her to release the negativity in a net of safety and acceptance. This changes the raises vibration between the two of you, and floods him or her with your loving, positive energy.

• Each day of the week, spend five minutes telling your partner one or more of the things you love about him or her. Your partner will be delighted to hear praise instead of complaints! It may well begin to shift his/her expectations, mood and outlook.

• Focus on making the present moment the very best and most enjoyable you can and vision for the future. Release the past. Don’t reintroduce old patterns, hold him or her to past behavior by bringing up how it’s been previously, and make sure that you don’t fall back into old negative repetitive interactions yourself. Let go of the anticipation that your partner will respond in “the same old way.” Leave the door open for change and possibility. Create a new pattern of interaction through your change of emotions, thoughts and energy habits.

• Present your partner with positive alternatives. When he or she focuses on the negative, gently demonstrate what alternative thought, emotion or perception may further his or her desire. Be a teacher, but do it gently, don’t force-feed these concepts.

• Become a Master Manifestor. As you raise your frequency, good things will increasingly come to you at your beckoning. If your spouse or partner gets jealous, point out that he/she can do this too if he/she follows your path. Then hand your partner a copy of The Art of Conscious Creation!

• Accept that the Universe is creating an opportunity to test how effectively you can maintain your own positive energy in the face of a challenge!

• Lastly, and this is the most extreme outcome, if you have tried all of these over time and you find yourself in a situation that is not emotionally healthy for you, you may have to leave the relationship. It is when the negatives outweigh the positives, with little prospects for change, that you have a responsibility to your ebullient and joyful soul to find an alternative lifestyle either alone or with a more positively-
disposed and spiritually aware partner. Remember, even when there are children involved, they fare better with at least one happy parent, rather than two miserable ones.


Friday, October 23, 2009

The Most Beautiful Flower

This Was The Most Beautiful Flower

By Cheryl Costello-Forshey

The park bench was


as I sat down to read,

Beneath the long, straggly branches

of an old willow tree.

Disillusioned by life with good reason

to frown,

For the world was intent

on dragging me down.

And if that weren't enough to ruin my


A young boy out of breath approached


all tired from play.

He stood right before me

with his head tilted down,

And said with great excitement,

"Look what I found!"

In his hand was a flower,

and what a pitiful sight,

With its petals all worn down

not enough rain, or too little light,

Wanting him to take his dead flower

and go off to play,

I faked a smile and then shifted away.

But instead of retreating

he sat next to my side,

And placed the flower to his nose and


with overacted surprise,

"It smells pretty and it's beautiful too.

That's why I picked it; here it's for you!"

The weed before me was dying or


Not vibrant of colours, orange, yellow

or red.

But I knew I must take it,

or he might never leave.

So I reached for the flower and replied,

"Just what I need."

But instead of him placing the flower

in my hand,

He held it mid-air without reason or


It was then that I noticed

for the very first time,

That the weed-toting boy could not see,

he was blind.

I heard my voice quiver,

tears shone like the sun,

As I thanked him for picking

the very best one.

"You're welcome" he smiled

and then ran off to play,

Unaware of the impact he's had on my


I sat there and wondered

how he managed to see,

A self-pitying woman

beneath an old willow tree.

How did he know about

my self-indulged plight?

Perhaps from his heart, he'd been

blessed with true sight.

Through the eyes of a blind child,

at last I could see,

The problem was not with the world;

the problem was me.

And for all of those times

I myself had been blind,

I vowed to see the beauty in life,

and appreciate every second that's


And then I held that wilted flower

up to my nose and breathed in the


of a beautiful rose.

And I smiled as I watched that young


another weed in his hand,

About to change the life

of an unsuspecting old man.


The Rising Sun


Burst into singing all ye lands,
for the time of awakening is here…



by Julie Redstone

A new sun is rising over the Earth. It is lifting up the mist that has covered the hopes of mankind, and dispelling the clouds that have darkened human consciousness through time.

It is awakening the hearts of those who feel its warmth to the possibility of love, and creating an infusion of light into the body and consciousness of all…

This new sun is rising above the horizon, casting its rays into the particles of matter that form physical substance on all levels of expression.

It is enlivening the physical structure of what is, so that it can contain more of itself and more of what it is meant to be…

Wherever life exists, the rising sun is bringing into manifestation even greater life so that everything on the Earth – the plants, trees, rivers, streams, birds, sea creatures, and even those silent rocks that pay tribute to the passage of time - all are being enlivened by its rays…

This new energy is not one that can be taken away. It cannot revert to its former state.

No matter what obstacles, inhibitions, limitations, or thoughts of limitation may have been present in the past, it is breaking down the barriers to further expansion so that each embodied being can extend beyond the limits of what it thought possible…

Today, in the heart of every creature, the rays of the sun can increasingly be felt, bringing with them an awareness of the presence of God's love, increasing the knowledge that there is but one sacred Life to be lived by all, and no one is separate from it just as no one is exempt from it…

This sacred Life is a great gift as well as a great responsibility.
Indeed, the twofold knowledge of joy and dedication arises within the human breast, creating an understanding that it is necessary to care for all others, not just for the self.

It is necessary to live with the Earth in mind, not just with the concerns of a few in mind.

This expanding commitment is a precious gift.

For it brings to the heart an awareness that love is everywhere – that it flows outward from the depths of self to all selves, and that one's deepest being is forever part of it.

In the presence of love, the response of gratitude arises to embrace the new. It washes over all that resides within that has been unforgiving or harsh. It gives to each perception a sense of beauty and holiness that filters down to even the most everyday and ordinary of events.

Gratitude seeps like a silent stream into even the most unhealed places of the heart. It begins to make its presence felt and to color all perceptions with a new hue, so that whatever remains of the suffering of the past begins to disappear.

As the rising sun imparts its glow to the Earth, so, too, does it bring to humanity a new sense of its own identity, carried by the sun's light itself. This identity is imparted through the skin, and the air, and the very breath that is breathed. It is not a knowledge acquired by the mind, but by the body and the heart.

Such knowledge causes the soul to quicken and the heart to sing a song of rebirth - of hope and of joy, of praise and of celebration - that the time of winter has ended, and a new Spring for the Earth has begun.



Dealing With Life's Hardships

Dealing With Life's Hardships

By Judy Merrill

We have the tools of our own consciousness to design a life of spirituality. We have been given the tools of strength and balance in our body, mind and spirit connection. We do not require any outside stimulus to open and expand our state of consciousness to include the sensitivities of empowerment within our humanity.

Using prayer to connect to the highest source of all qualities allows the spirit to grow and be within a framework of love. It solidifies the connection between human frailties and the God of our own understanding. Opening and closing all our efforts with spirit, in prayer solidifies the covenant we seek with the guiding force of all life.

As you can program your computer to its language, so can you program your universe to the language of love. With this programming in place, the universe will resonate with the highest frequencies of 'life force energy', 'God'; 'Light' that resonate at this frequency.

When you focus on this frequency, your being becomes attuned, like a musical instrument and will bring it into harmony in every cell of our universe. When you focus on fear, it creates dis-harmonic frequencies in your being.

This inspiration talks to our interaction with others: Reason, Season, Lifetime Author unknown

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be

Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn. They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done. They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it, it is real. But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons, things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life. It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

We can neither create nor destroy energy; we can only change its form. As we create something, we do not create the energy, but take energy that already exists and change its form into that which we desire.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The See-Saw

The See-Saw

by White Feather

We all have numerous egos and all we do is fight them and try to kill them. We label them as bad and we must exterminate anything that is bad, right? Egos are not bad. They are a part of us. We're confused because we're doing battle against parts of ourselves~

Stop fighting your egos. The more you fight an ego, the more energy you give it and the more it will fight back. Drop your weapons. Stop the confusing war. Get to know your egos. Try to understand them and you will eventually be taken to the source of their power. Egos are driven by emotions. Fear is the main one, but all emotions fuel egos. We created egos for protection from our fears, but we also created them to act out all our other emotions. We need our egos to get through those emotions and we need to get through those emotions in order to get to what is at the root of all emotions, and that, of course, is unconditional love~

Emotions can be seen as both our resistance to unconditional love and our attempt to translate unconditional love into a system of duality where our egos can act out that translation. So we don't get back to unconditional love by killing our egos, but rather by making peace with our egos and trying to understand the translation they are showing us~

The thing about dark nights of the soul is that they are followed by bright days of the soul, which are followed by dark nights of the soul, which are followed by bright days of the soul, etc. Living in duality, this is the natural flow. We can go with the flow, fight it, or go beyond it by focusing on the center null point of ONE-ness. Just like with our days and nights on planet Earth, there is incredible beauty to be found just before sunrise or just as the sun is setting; those times when it's neither fully day nor fully night. It seems like it's half day and half night. The two are, ever so briefly, balanced out. Edgar Cayce said that sunrise and sunset were big windows into other dimensions. The center null point of balance is
always a window~

As I watch people continually seesaw between dark nights of the soul and exuberant bright days of the soul, I see that everything is in order. It is very natural. The purpose of the seesaw ride is to have fun, but it is also to eventually draw our attention to that center null point; the fulcrum upon which we create our reality. As we ride the seesaw, our attention is usually either on going up or going down or on those sitting on the opposite end of the seesaw. There's great joy in shooting up in the air and there's some pain when your seat hits the ground coming down. But if you put your focus on the center null point fulcrum of the seesaw then you will find an incredible peace. There is no tension at all, even though the fulcrum is supporting the weight of the seesaw and its occupants. There is no competition in the fulcrum; it is all in the board and occupants. There is no war in the fulcrum because a fulcrum is a ONE-ness principle and war is a duality principle. A see-saw is symbolic of two different principles (ONE-ness and duality) working together to create a new principle and new reality~

Within us, our heart is our fulcrum and our egos are our children taking turns riding on the seesaw having lots of fun....and a few painful bumps. Don't battle your children. Don't discipline them. Love them, nurture them, understand them. They have a lot to teach. And they can show us how to have fun. But they need a steady fulcrum upon which to play~


Reincarnating Pets

Reincarnating Pets

by Nedda Wittels

It is always sad when a beloved animal family member leaves their body and goes into spirit. We call this death, but truly, no one dies. The physical body drops away as the spirit separates from it and goes into another dimension. The spirit is the being that we truly love, although we may be attached to the physical aspect that we associated with that being. Since we are still in physical, we often miss the sight, touch and smell of our friend and we grieve this loss, which is appropriate.

As an Animal Communicator, I frequently speak with clients and their animals who have passed into spirit. When the animal tells me they want to return, it leads to discussions about what form they plan to take and when they might come. Sometimes animals tell me that they "try out" different forms while still in spirit. At other times, they already have decided or know exactly what form they want, down to sex , size and color of the body.

Humans always want to know how they will recognize their beloved friend upon their return and how they will be able to find them. The replies are fairly consistent. "You will recognize my energy." "Look into my eyes and you will know me." "This is a time for you to learn to trust your intuition."

One of my clients, who had two dogs, was sad to realize that the older dog, Chanel, a white German Shepard female, was getting ready to pass into spirit. I spoke telepathically with Chanel prior to her leaving, and again, after she had completed her spiritual transition work. In a series of conversations with Chanel in spirit, she explained that she wanted to return to her family. She was very specific, saying she wanted to be a white German Shepard female once more, perhaps a bit smaller in size. She said she would return in the New England area, where her family lived, and would be born around April 1, 2002.

Her person (owner) wrote me, "White German Shepherds are fairly rare. However, that June, after much searching and networking, a friend of a friend told us of a white, female German Shepherd in Manchester, Connecticut, born on April 1. She warned us that this dog wasn't very friendly or social with anyone. We immediately visited the puppy. Everyone was amazed how she came right to us, sat down and gave me her paw!"

My client e-mailed some photos of the puppy to me, and in a telepathic session, she claimed to be Chanel. It certainly sounded and felt like Chanel to me, and my client also sensed it was her friend. She named the dog Lily, and brought her home on June 10, 2002. My client wrote, "It was amazing how she knew where everything was and, although we were told that she was not housetrained, we did not have to do anything in that regard. Lily had only one accident and was instantly going to the door to ask to go out--the same door Chanel used to go to! Finding Lily and knowing she is also Chanel has been a wonderful experience for our family. We feel blessed to have gotten our Chanel back in the form of another loving and beautiful canine."

Not every return to the physical plane takes places so quickly. Animals from our childhood may return when we are adults. Sometimes they come many times in our same lifetime, and other times they come once and then not again until we experience a different life. One of my cats, Violet, has been with me three previous times in my current lifetime, each time as a cat.

The important thing to remember is that we are never truly separated from the ones we love. We can speak to them while they are in spirit. Many of them visit us after they pass over. At other times, they may choose to return to us in physical.

One cat already in spirit was clear that she planned to return soon. "I want to be a dog this time," she told her family. The cat wanted to be small, white and lap size. The family was more interested in a larger type of dog. They compromised, agreeing on a nearly white Golden Retriever. When the family found her, they were so certain it was she that they never even asked me to speak with her to be sure.

Compromises of this type are not always possible. Types of bodies, sex, and colors, and possibly other details of appearance and genetics, have different vibrations. The being who is returning has specific life experiences and lessons they may be planning to incorporate into their next lifetime. Sometimes they simply prefer a particular form or color. It is up to spirit to make these determinations.
It is not up to us to try to control the process and the form the animal is choosing.

Another cat I spoke with didn't ever purr, according to her family. They wanted to know why she would make growling sounds whenever they stroked her, yet didn't move away or try to scratch or bite them. The cat explained that she had never been a cat before and was very experienced at being a dog. She said she didn't know how to purr, and was trying to imitate the sound. What came out sounded like a growl.

Experience has taught me that our job is to allow the returning being into our lives with love and acceptance. It is not our job to orchestrate all the details. Most returning spirits give us just enough information to get us to search for them. We are encouraged to strengthen our intuition and to learn to recognize them by their energy, their spirit. Then, when we welcome them with open arms and hearts, we experience the miracle of their return.


~*Your Reward*~

*Your Reward*

No act of kindness, respect or consideration ever goes unrewarded.

Though others may not ever notice most of the kind and

considerate things you do,

though your respect may not be returned,

still you have your reward.

Give quietly to life and you will make it better.

Your small and seemingly insignificant acts

may not seem like much.

Yet they add together to make your world a more positive place.

Your kind words and deeds may not be appreciated

when they are offered.

Nonetheless, they will have their impact. Keep them up.

The less they are appreciated, the more they are needed.

Take heart. You are making a positive difference.

You are making the world in which you live a better place.

It takes real, deep and genuine strength to be kind.

It takes confidence to be respectful and considerate.

Spite, anger and thoughtlessness are evidence of weakness,

and they serve as

a constant drain on those who live with them.

Each moment you live with kindness, respect and

consideration you grow

stronger and your world grows more positive.

What better reward could there possibly be?

Ralph Marston