Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The See-Saw

The See-Saw

by White Feather

We all have numerous egos and all we do is fight them and try to kill them. We label them as bad and we must exterminate anything that is bad, right? Egos are not bad. They are a part of us. We're confused because we're doing battle against parts of ourselves~

Stop fighting your egos. The more you fight an ego, the more energy you give it and the more it will fight back. Drop your weapons. Stop the confusing war. Get to know your egos. Try to understand them and you will eventually be taken to the source of their power. Egos are driven by emotions. Fear is the main one, but all emotions fuel egos. We created egos for protection from our fears, but we also created them to act out all our other emotions. We need our egos to get through those emotions and we need to get through those emotions in order to get to what is at the root of all emotions, and that, of course, is unconditional love~

Emotions can be seen as both our resistance to unconditional love and our attempt to translate unconditional love into a system of duality where our egos can act out that translation. So we don't get back to unconditional love by killing our egos, but rather by making peace with our egos and trying to understand the translation they are showing us~

The thing about dark nights of the soul is that they are followed by bright days of the soul, which are followed by dark nights of the soul, which are followed by bright days of the soul, etc. Living in duality, this is the natural flow. We can go with the flow, fight it, or go beyond it by focusing on the center null point of ONE-ness. Just like with our days and nights on planet Earth, there is incredible beauty to be found just before sunrise or just as the sun is setting; those times when it's neither fully day nor fully night. It seems like it's half day and half night. The two are, ever so briefly, balanced out. Edgar Cayce said that sunrise and sunset were big windows into other dimensions. The center null point of balance is
always a window~

As I watch people continually seesaw between dark nights of the soul and exuberant bright days of the soul, I see that everything is in order. It is very natural. The purpose of the seesaw ride is to have fun, but it is also to eventually draw our attention to that center null point; the fulcrum upon which we create our reality. As we ride the seesaw, our attention is usually either on going up or going down or on those sitting on the opposite end of the seesaw. There's great joy in shooting up in the air and there's some pain when your seat hits the ground coming down. But if you put your focus on the center null point fulcrum of the seesaw then you will find an incredible peace. There is no tension at all, even though the fulcrum is supporting the weight of the seesaw and its occupants. There is no competition in the fulcrum; it is all in the board and occupants. There is no war in the fulcrum because a fulcrum is a ONE-ness principle and war is a duality principle. A see-saw is symbolic of two different principles (ONE-ness and duality) working together to create a new principle and new reality~

Within us, our heart is our fulcrum and our egos are our children taking turns riding on the seesaw having lots of fun....and a few painful bumps. Don't battle your children. Don't discipline them. Love them, nurture them, understand them. They have a lot to teach. And they can show us how to have fun. But they need a steady fulcrum upon which to play~


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