Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Secret Lessons In Your Soul's Liquidity

~Secret Lessons In Your Soul's Liquidity~

When we struggle against our perceived limitations,

we unconsciously embrace that level of self

that knows itself through these forms.

But when we'll work inwardly to embrace

these presently perceived limitations --

to see them not as solid, impassable states --

but as living lessons necessary in attaining

to our soul's native

liquidity --

then we transcend what seemingly stands before us

by ascending to a whole New Understanding

of our whole nature;

A Higher Self incapable of being hindered by any past


as is the dolphin by the approaching wave.

Here we find ourselves actually grateful

to these perceived limiting forms for the vehicle

they are in reality; for the real service they render

in delivering us to Holy Wisdom.

- Guy Finley



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