Saturday, October 3, 2009

Divine Intelligence

Divine Intelligence

By Michelle Morovaty

Divine Intelligence is Right where you are and Right where I am.

Divine Intelligence is within all. Everything you see and don't see is made up of Divine Intelligence. The Beauty within and without is Divine Intelligence.

What is this Divine Intelligence used for? If there is this Divine Intelligence everywhere, why is there so much anger, hatred and chaos in this world? What can be achieved with Divine Intelligence?

Let us all wake up to this truth today and every day. The Divine Intelligence is within our consciousness ready, willing and able to reveal itself to us at the moment we recognize it. With Divine Intelligence one gains clarity and connects to the Source of Infinite Intelligence as energy.

From this state one can heal oneself.
From this state one can be one with the Universe.
From this state one can attune oneself to Divine Love.
From this state one can attune oneself to Divine Prosperity.

What is the catch? And if this is so easy, how come we are not experiencing our true selves? Are we meditating on these truths? Or are we meditating on what we don't have? Are we even thinking that there is something so grand and so available for us in our own consciousness? Or are we constantly thinking about lack and limitation?

Our beliefs have everything to do with the outcome of our lives. When we believe in lack, we shall experience lack. Some say but my whole life has been about lack. And I say the time has come to transform your life with the Divine Intelligence within your consciousness and within mine. With absolute trust and a dedication to meditate on this Divine Presence our lives will turn around. Just like everything else in life, how can one know of what another is talking about truthfully unless one practices these teachings?

What and how do you want to transform your life? By simply living a life of comfort and stagnation and then blaming the whole world for it and probably God as well? Or do you wish to take action Right Here, Right Now?

If you have chosen to take action, I encourage you to slowly take a few deep cleansing breaths, calm yourself and close your eyes. Now focus and attune yourself to this Higher Divine Intelligence to start a new fresh life. With your intention your energy will do the job.

Spring is here renewing itself with all. Let yourself be renewed today. Start fresh. Take time to be one with all in your consciousness. No separation only Oneness. When you repeatedly do this you will in fact feel and see the presence of Oneness in your life and this Universal Intelligence within and without will be your best friend. For we are all one.

Divine Intelligence is the call of the day to start your Inner Engine going. We can go many places with this new engine. New, Clean, Clear, Powerful, Whole and Ready to move forward from Right where you are in your Own Consciousness.

Divine Intelligence we Love you and we know you are ever present wherever we are. We let go of control and we allow your Love to Guide us. With pleasure we Accept your presence.


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