Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The World is Ending

The World is Ending

Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman

The world as you know it is coming to an end. This is not an end of the physical world, which you fear may bring earth changes that will disrupt your life although some of the physical world will change. But your material world is an illusion that you create, it is a manifestation of the collective consciousness. This is the end of the world that Jesus spoke about, where the lion and lamb would lie together, the end of duality and polarity and the end of the world which reflects it.

Every beginning requires an ending and the world as it is in this moment must end in order for a new one to manifest. Rise beyond the limitations of the physical which creates fear because you believe that the world of your five senses is the only world that exists. There are many worlds beyond what you can see in the third dimension through your physical presence. To not fear the end of the world you must expand your thinking beyond what you can see and remember what you have been taught, that the partnership with ego and spirit, the blending of material and spiritual, the creation of heaven on earth, is the next step on humanity's journey.

What do you do when that which you have been working towards finally arrives? For some this is the end of a long journey. For others their work will take on new aspects and for many, the work has just begun. There are people who are hungry for new knowledge and understanding, those who are ready to take a leap of faith and need to know where they will land. The new world is being birthed at this moment and you are part of its creation. It is a new life, waiting for your guidance because the new world is your creation, it is your gift to the Universe, the creation of new hope and potential for humanity.

You have brought the human experience full circle, which includes the Earth's experience as an ego-based energy, and all ego-based structures are ending because they have fulfilled their purpose. The ending allows an expansion into higher vibrations of spirit, encompassing all you have been and creating new potentials. The earth will not die, as it is necessary for the next part of this unfolding journey. Be in joy for the new world is being created and you will create a smooth transition through your learning, guidance and love. Celebrate the end of the old world, be glad for the proof of your efforts and bring the new world in with love, gratitude and joy.


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