Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Freedom of Understanding

The Freedom of Understanding

By Evette Gardner

Each must be free to choose his own understanding. This is the origin of freewill. It is the freedom to perceive reality, the freedom to interpret Truth in any manner you please. This is what makes Truth both constant and limitless; both Absolute and relative. If a thousand people were to look at the same light each from a different angle, each person would have a different perspective of the one thing being viewed by all. Truth is like this light.

Truth is everlasting, omnipresent, Absolute. Truth, Itself, does not ever change. However, our understanding of Truth is constantly evolving. It is through this understanding that we fashion our unique points of view. It is through this understanding that we create the realities we experience. For our experiences in life are born directly from our expectations of life. In other words, whatever you suppose life to be; whatever you suppose life to involve is exactly what your life experience reflects. This is what the Law of Attraction (which we have been hearing and reading so much about lately) is all about. There is no limit to the possibilities of creation because there is no limit to the number of ways Truth may be understood. And this openness towards different perspectives should be honored without fear because this is what makes Truth, though changeless, also boundless. Each one’s understanding offers a different expression of the One thing endeavored to be understood because each one creates in his or her experience the effects commiserate with their degree of awareness or ignorance of Absolute Truth. With this understanding comes the realization that there is no need to ever feel threaten by points of views which are different from your own. Because with this understanding you will come to appreciate that you can only (and will only), regardless of what anyone else is experiencing in life, invite into your own personal experience of life your own personal expectations of life. And this is a magnificent thing.

To truly celebrate the limitless brilliance of the One Creator (the One who resides within all of creation as the single Inner Witness of All); to truly glorify His infinite magnificence we must, as Yogi Ramacharaka puts it, “permit each man to shine by his own light.” To this end, each must be free to choose his own understanding. To attempt to manipulate another person (through fear, dishonesty or any other mechanism) in order to try to make them view the world through the same lens from which you view the world violates this inherent attribute of life’s boundlessness. To attempt to manipulate another person in order to try to make them view the world through the same lens from which you view the world invites instability into your own life experience as a consequence of this violation.

Again, each must be free to choose his own understanding. This is the basis of freewill. No matter how dim the luminance of Self Awareness appears in another person, have the faith to let each one shine by their own light. Have faith in the certainty that all apparent displays of dimness will ultimately evolve to brilliance over time. And have the wisdom to appreciate that it does not ever aid another person, whose light may seem less evident than yours, to be led by the light that radiates through you. Have the wisdom to appreciate that it is only by recognizing the brilliant light perceived in others, within one’s own self that enlightenment may be realized. Have faith... To each must always be his own.


To Become Enlightened

To Become Enlightened

By Conrad Raw

To become enlightened is to know that no matter what your life has been like, each and every experience you have had taught you a valuable lesson that you were meant to learn. The universal energy has always provided assistance to us in one way or another. Life’s lessons are nothing more than a way for us to gain wisdom.

As you get older, one of the lessons we all should learn is to be patient with life. By being more patient and calmer, you will have more time to explore your higher self or you inner self. Learn how to focus by meditating and practice it every chance you get.

Many people believe that there is no such thing as an accident or coincidence because we and everything else is connected to a universal energy of love and information. This energy is ever increasing tide of insights and awareness and another source of information. You just need to know how to access it.

To become enlightened is the ability to change the way you think. Focus on what is working rather than becoming frustrated and angry over what isn’t. Think about it, listen to the mind chatter going on, talk about it even meditate on it. This will allow you to confront the issue directly and by thinking about it and talking about it you are also focusing in on the issue, which will help you to clarify what needs to be done about it.

Release any mental, emotional or physical attachments you may have formed by listening to negative people and their opinion of you. Let go of any negativity of the past. We also have a habit of becoming attached to people we are familiar with even though those people are the same ones who are critical of you or think they should have some kind of power of what you do, say or think. The reason we feel pain and suffering is because it goes against the universal order of things in that pain and suffering is our life force energy telling us to let go. It is to affect change, which is necessary to get away from your ego and return to the spiritual.

Sometime we are our own worse enemy due to an internal victimization programming because of people who feel sorry for us because of our pain. This is a way for the unenlightened to get attention, which is feeding the ego rather than the spiritual. We also become victims by becoming martyrs and groining the ‘woe is me’ mantra. This is a serious impediment to enlightenment. You basically need to get over yourself and really start to live by getting in touch with your higher self.


Thankful for You


Thankful for You

by Laurie J Brenner

If there's one thing that I have learned in creating the life of my dreams it is this: be thankful. Being full of thanks for what you have in this moment will create opportunities in your life that will bring you more things for which to be thankful.

A thankful state of being is a welcoming state of being. You are open, you are receptive, and nothing stands in the way of you achieving the desires of your heart. Things begin to resonate in a way that you cannot even imagine. Synchronicities pop up around every corner you turn, things once thought lost become found, joy fills your heart and so you find yourself doing things you once dream t about..

There are a lot of instructions on how to use the law of attraction in your life; how to put to use the simple steps outlined in The Secret, but the easiest and best thing you can do for yourself is to create a journal of things for which you are thankful..

Some call this the Gratitude Journal, but what you call it does not matter. What matters is that you make a date with your journal daily. Get in the habit of starting each day by writing down five things for which you are thankful..

By doing this you start each day in a great mood. What better way to improve your mood than to think about all the good things in your life? Thinking about these good things and then writing them down creates new neural pathways and receptors in your brain and thus integrates these thoughts into your being.

When happy, thankful thoughts are integrated into your being on a daily basis, pretty soon things start to change. You begin to take on a happy glow, the cells in your body are receiving zaps of positive electrical energy that make them expand and go AAAHHH! Think of those little yellow happy faces. That's what your cells begin to look like.

When your cells are happy, your countenance begins to change. Your body emits positive energy and radiates. You must know people like this - when you're around them you can feel the positive vibes.

Your health begins to change, you begin to change, and the things in your life begin to change. You become a lightning rod for the desires of your heart. Events, circumstances, and people come together to make your desires a reality.

It really is that simple. But it takes a commitment and a little work from you. What will it cost you? A few dollars and a few minutes. If you've got the extra cash, get a fancy journal and a great pen. There is nothing better than writing with a great pen.

When you write in your journal with your special pen, you'll feel special. This will help you get in the mood of thankfulness. As children the majority of us have been taught to say thank you when we received a gift or kindness from another.But how many of us thank the universe, our god, or our source for the things in our life on a daily basis?

Learning to give thanks will only add more blessings to your life. But saying it and writing it are two different things. A daily habit of writing down five things for which you are grateful will soon grow to a bigger list.

Can't think of anything for which you are thankful? How about the simple fact that you are breathing? As long as your lungs are expanding and contracting - you have options on this physical plane. If you're breathing - anything can change - if you take the time to invest in you.

A daily journal of thanks is about investing in you. It's about learning what makes you a special being - it's about learning that you are indeed a beloved child of the universe and every good thing that you desire can be yours. It's about learning how to be a child again and accept what goodness the universe has for you.

Right now - I'm thankful for you. One of the things I love most in this world is to write. Without you that would not be possible. So thank you for being here and reading this.Thank you, thank you, thank you! And may all your dreams find you!



Tuesday, September 29, 2009



~Author Unknown~

Every once in a while the world opens

Up and lets heaven shine through...

We open up our senses and realize

just how wonderful the simple things


and just how beautiful nature can be:

Sunshine on an early spring morning...

A beautiful sunset...

A song that brings back memories...

Moonlight over the water...

The smell of fresh flowers after a rain...

A snowy egret skimming across a pond...

The laughter of people having fun...

A peaceful stream and a gentle waterfall...

All of these things make me love life and

feel good,

And the same is true when I think of


You are an important part of my life

and I just want to thank you for making

my world even more wonderful!

Thank you for being you!


Unanswered Prayers

Unanswered Prayers

By Tracie Ann Robinson

How many times have you prayed for something to happen in your life?

You prayed that a great job opportunity would work out. You prayed that the man or woman in your life would be "the one". Some people even pray to win the lottery, saying it would enrich their lives. You may have even bargained that if God answered your prayer you'd sacrifice or pledge something. You'd attend church faithfully; you'd treat your fellow mankind with appreciation and compassion. You'd never ask for anything again. The list could go on and on.

Country music star, Garth Brooks, sings a song titled, Unanswered Prayers, which I'm moved by every time I hear it. He sings a story of meeting his old high school flame at a hometown football game with his wife. During the encounter he realizes that had his teen-aged prayer to "make her my own for all time" been answered he'd have missed out on the true gifts in his life.

The story is about a man who discovers how God's plan doesn't necessarily include all our prayer requests. It represents that some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. As the lyrics say "I guess the good Lord knows what he's doing after all".

The song says to thank God for unanswered prayers. If you think back on some of the prayers you've asked along your journey I'm sure you can come up with at least one that you are grateful for it going unanswered. I will admit that some of my prayer requests were, in hindsight, not thought out too well and often desperate. Yet I was quite passionate and full of conviction at the time. To share a real example - I prayed for years, literally, that God would make my marriage right and bring relief to my frustration. That prayer went unanswered. Now I understand that was the path intended for me. I never would have evolved to who I am today nor would I appreciate the individual I've rediscovered or the true gifts in my life.

Learning from what's behind us and never knowing what's in store for our future makes for an unknown. I've replaced the craving to define the "unknown" with a desire to experience and benefit from the self-evolution that I trust will unveil. The true wisdom to be gained from an unanswered prayer isn't necessarily the content of the prayer. I think it's more about appreciating and recognizing the blessings we do have in our lives. If we adjust our "need to know" and begin trusting God's plan we might consider it exciting to not know what our future holds. Which prayers God will answer and equally important, which ones will go unanswered and how will that shape our destiny. "I guess the good Lord knows what he's doing after all."


A New Thought Creates Change

A New Thought Creates Change

Beth and Lee McCain

Really think about this. How wonderful would it be to have the life that you want? We don't mean a fast forward version and a 'quick think' of how wonderful life 'could' be. We're talking about really thinking and feeling how it would be to have the life that you truly, really, one hundred percent want. The money, the relationships, the career, the health. What would you do with your life and how would you spend your days?

Would it be with your family traveling around the world or sitting at the computer writing the book you have been thinking about? Would you be touring the world letting everyone know about the charity or cause that you are excited about? Would you just sit back, relax and enjoy? Really think about the life that you want and at the same time remember not to worry about 'how' it will happen or that it couldn't possibly happen. Just think and feel how wonderful life 'could' be. Build these thoughts and emotions and daydream as much as you want.

Forget about the worries of your current life for the moment and begin to build a wonderful account full of visualizations that represents your perfect life. Do this every day because every thought you bank will enable you to withdraw from your Universal account when it is full, assuming you have aligned with the thoughts of what you want.

New thought creates change in your life. Old thought processes will create the same repetitive patterns you are currently living. That's not necessarily bad, assuming you're already living the life you want. Just remember that when you don't do a thing to change your thinking and focus, your life will continue to be as it is.

Again, if you are happy with that keep it up but if you want a better life full of manifested wants, then start creating new thoughts and beliefs that work for you and begin making those your repetitive thoughts full of wonderful feelings. Kick out the desperation, kick out the doubt, kick out the worry, and replace them with new thought and new positive feelings. Sometimes when you are so down and your world feels as if it is crumbling around you, this is the time to change your course

Your inner you is telling you it is time for the next journey in your life. Thank the Universe and the inner you (your Core Being) and begin to focus on what you want in life. Sure, you have to deal with the changes and the current world you have created but deal with it knowing that your new life is right around the corner. You are closing down the old life. This is something to be excited about even when you may be in the midst of negative situations.

What will bring you out of where you are is new thought. New thought and the 'what if' I had everything I wanted right now' exercise. In order to have the life that you want you have to be in alignment with the thoughts and feelings of what you want. The Universe only brings you what you are emitting. What have you got to lose by believing everything is right there just for you? Think, think, think, feel, feel, feel, and see it now.

Really give yourself some time to live each day as if you have it all. Just because the new car isn't sitting in the driveway doesn't mean it isn't coming. See it in the driveway. Feel how wonderful it feels to live the life you want and live it within your mind throughout the day. These thoughts and feelings will bring you what you are focusing on.

Is it easy to just change to new thoughts? It takes some mental retraining on your part, but once you get the ball rolling it will become your new life that you want. It can happen a step at a time or all at once. This depends on how well you are able to align with what you want. New thought creates change. And it creates change for the good.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Positive Energy/ Dr. Judith Orloff


by Judith Orloff,

Are you forever in a rush, staving off exhaustion? Are you desperately overcommitted, afraid to say “no”? Do you have fang marks from being bled dry by energy vampires? Does the onslaught of violence in the news leave you drained?

A hidden energy crisis threatens our world. Our high tech, volatile society thrusts many of us into chronic physical, emotional, and spiritual depletion. With information overload, we sink into techno-despair, the burnout of being enslaved by beepers, email, faxes, and phones. Meanwhile, geopolitical realities grind us down. We’re confronted with hostile forces on a global scale. No surprise: our energy suffers. Most alarming, we come to tolerate tired, joyless states as normal. We must shift this socially condoned pattern of madness, no matter what external threats are looming. Using extraordinary solutions to liberate energy, I’ll show you how to alleviate tensions that can do us in and design a life that nurtures.

In this book I want to introduce you to Energy Psychiatry, a term I’ve coined to describe a new kind of psychotherapy I practice which addresses the subtle energetic underpinnings of health and behavior. It’s a subspecialty of Energy Medicine, which views our bodies and spirits as manifestations of subtle energies, what indigenous cross-cultural healing traditions revere as life force--a concept that’s missing in mainstream health care. This is a travesty: there’s no way to fully grasp who we humans are without it. Energy Psychiatry mixes traditional medicine with how the mysteries of our life force functions in everyday ways. It distills a broad body of knowledge about subtle energy, and specifically applies it to psychiatry, an increasingly prescription-dependent field that could use a little re-invention. All the healing arts can benefit from my approach too.

As a board certified psychiatrist and Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA with twenty years in practice, I now believe that the most profound transformations can only take place on an energetic level. I’ve met a slew of people who’ve spent lots of time and money in intellectually-oriented therapies hoping that rational insights alone can bring the joy they seek. It’s true, the mind will set you on the path, and the depth of emotional healing can be phenomenal. However, as much as I encourage and work with both, my approach coordinates them with a conscious rebuilding of subtle energies--learning to wield the raw power of your life force itself.

My style has never been to play it safe just to satisfy some status quo. To offer my patients all that’s in me, I’ve pushed the envelope of what a physician can be. Along with my conventional training I’m also an intuitive (from a long line of intuitives--including my grandmother, mother and aunts, including Aunt Bertha, the Tarot-toting undertaker.) That is, in Energy Psychiatry I integrate non-linear messages from images, knowings, and reading energy fields to help patients--a potent alchemy strengthening my practice of medicine. (My struggle to blend intuition with the academic world of science is described in my books Intuitive Healing and Second Sight). What I do isn’t just a job. It’s my life’s passion. I consider sessions with patients sacred time. For fifty minutes, each one becomes my world; my attention is total. With all systems on “go” I listen to what they say, and what they don’t say. It’s exhilarating to track my patients with both intellect and intuition, to function as a finely tuned instrument, a medium offering surprise prescriptions to what often seems unsolvable.

The problem is, we physicians weren’t taught the full story about energy in medical school. I’ve always been incorrigibly curious with a rebellious streak, have no qualms rejecting what doesn’t ring true. (Like my female predecessors, I shot out of the womb stubborn and strong!) No wonder that as a student the conventional dull take on energy never jibed for me. Professors, who looked bored themselves, taught that energy was like gasoline: we fuel up with a healthy diet, sleep, and exercise, then set out to face the world. (Even these basics were mentioned as a tag on to the “hard core” sciences.) Our energy level is gauged by how much we accomplish. As deeply grateful as I am for my medical education--I consider it Mystery school training--I’ve come to realize the traditional model that’s still touted, is stuck in the Dark Ages. It grasps energy only in its crudest form. To plug into a far vaster source we must also draw on the dormant, subtler energies that lie beneath. In most people they remain only potential.

This book is a call to activism, an imperative to claim your vitality using the methods of Energy Psychiatry I’ll share. It’s dedicated to people under stress who may have low energy or only so much to give. You’ll find it pivotal if you’re a workaholic, if you have a job that devours every last minute, or if you’re a parent balancing family and career. You’ll sigh with relief, suddenly finding answers to “psychosomatic” symptoms such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, and anxiety. The book is also for those inundated by the upheaval of our times, struggling to keep themselves together. You’ll learn ways to protect yourself from draining people, and also how to counter feelings of helplessness or doom about societal tumult. Further, you’ll benefit if you feel good but want to feel better. All of us can soar with higher energy.

We live in a world of violence, selfishness, an erratic economy, and scary diseases--as well as a world of love, miracles, and healing. All this affects our energy, while ours affects people around us. We are part of great swirling invisible energy fields, positive and negative, that shape personal and planetary health. The formula for expanding energy you’ll apply is to both build the positive and turn negativity around--a calculated tact requisite for our peace of mind and our survival. In the words of Helen Keller, “To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.”


Healing (from) the Heart

Healing (from) the Heart

by Rev. Margaret B. Self

Love is the strongest of emotions, the most powerful force we can experience. We have all known or heard stories about people who were called back from death’s door with the loving words of someone dear to them, as well as stories of those who suffered such grief at the loss of their spouse that they shortly followed them to the grave. Heartache, closed hearted, broken hearted, hard hearted, a heart attack waiting to happen; these are words we often hear in descriptions of others. Less often heard are open-hearted, heartfelt, unconditionally loving and my favorite word, loving-kindness. Why is it that the life negating descriptions flow so easily from the tongue and the life affirming ones are so difficult to express?

In my many years of practicing and teaching Reiki, a Japanese technique for reducing stress and promoting healing, I have experienced over and over the healing power of unconditional love. Unconditional love is the doorway through which all things are possible. Think back to one of those moments of pure unconditional love and within seconds you will feel a softness growing and glowing around your heart. Why is that emotion so elusive and difficult to hold on to? Do we not believe that we deserve it, or is it because the memories of times when love was lost or we were betrayed have too strong a hold on us? Maybe it is because we are often loving, but rarely unconditionally loving. Our nature is to project onto others what we believe they “should” do, feel or look like and then try to improve them. We are seldom inclined to simply accept people as they are.

Unconditional love supplies the healing, and without it, treatments such as Reiki are not nearly as effective. Reiki energy flows from Spirit and the Universe into our hearts and then out from our hearts to our clients. It isn’t necessary for us as practitioners to know what is troubling our clients in order to facilitate their healing, although allowing them to speak may help them to connect the dots. In actuality, all that is required of us is to open our hearts without judgment or attachment to the outcome, to become clear and open channels for the loving energy, and to trust that surrounded by, and filled with that love, our clients are receiving exactly what their bodies, minds and spirits require at that moment.

I once was given an exercise to do that consisted of spending the day telling everyone I knew or saw “I love you and I forgive you.” But if I truly love another, then there is nothing to forgive. It is the conditions we place on our love that, when unfulfilled, generate circumstances that need forgiving. Instead, I would recommend a different exercise.

Find that memory of love within you, allow your heart to soften and fill and hold onto the feeling as long as you can, even if it is only a few seconds. Do this again when you first awake in the morning, repeat as often as you can during the day and one last time before you fall asleep at night. If you will do this every day, you will soon find yourself staying in that place of love longer and longer and you will begin to heal (from) your heart.


Catching Up With Your Life

Catching Up With Your Life..

Welcome to the river of life! You have an inner tube to float along in. It is yours and will never be taken away from you. Float with me down this river of life. We can’t see where the river is going, we can’t see around the next bend, but look there over you head, grab that fruit off the overhanging branch and taste the gifts of the river. There are many more branches with all kinds of delicacies here in the river.

Look at all those who float along with us! Honest people, healers, good people who want to float here and experience life and live their lives to the fullest.

Here comes a boulder in the water. You will just float around it, don’t worry about the obstacles, they come and they go but you are in your inner tube and always safe.

The river is quickening now. People are saying there are rapids up ahead. Some people are trying to climb out of the river. Look at them holding on to the boulders. Clinging to them, fighting against the water. Some are scrambling up the river banks standing still watching the river of life go by them. They look sad don’t they, and scared to ride this river.

But we are not scared! We go through the rapids like a great Disneyland adventure! We come out the other side just fine even if we got a little wet and we see more gifts hanging on branches over the water we can easily reach. The people on the river banks can’t reach these gifts from there. They must get back into the river if they want these gifts. Let’s holler to them! "Come on! The water is fine! You are safe here! You belong here! We will be with you! Come on in!" Maybe one will come out of his or her rut, back to living life and we will be happy about that.

I hear the rushing of a water fall, do you? Oh boy, hang on! This will be a big adventure! Swoosh! Over we go tumbling around and bobbing back up, laughing and quite wet indeed! What an adventure that was! We are safe throughout this ride and we know it, no matter what happens.

We know there are more bends in the river but we don’t know what they will bring. We know there are more boulders in the river but we know not to cling to them. We don’t need to. We know other people are standing on the river banks too scared to travel this river of life freely the way we do. We feel sad that they can’t do it. It is their choice. We know that will be other branches along the river offering us precious gifts and we need to stay in the river to reach them.

Where does this river go? Eventually when our time has passed, it takes us to a golden sea where all the other souls can be found in peace and joy and harmony. I can’t wait to get there myself! But we have to ride the river until we get there. So in the meantime I am loving this inner tube, this river, this ride and experiencing it for all I am worth.

I am glad you are here beside me!

Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Radiant One

Radiant One

by Suzanna Kennedy

So we have it then -- in the beginning there was you. You are light. You are a Radiant Being of golden light, shining brightly. Brighter than any star. Bright as a Radiant Child of God. You are Light and to Light you shall return. Be confident in your radiance, dear one. Be alive in the light. Be the light. Shine. It’s what you are. It is all you have to do. The time of doing is over. Your radiance has been seen by all the other beings of light and they are attracted to you. They honor you, you Divine Radiant being.

Whence you came from the light. You came to experience yourself as a Creator God. You came to play with form. You clothed yourself in a body of matter. It was dense and heavy, and you adjusted to that in time. But once anchored in the density, you began to forget from whence you came. You forgot to remember your radiance. You entered the three-dimensional earth hologram and agreed to play the game.

Radiant One, it is time to remember who you really are. It is time to shine on the world once more. It is time to let your profound love flow through you to teach and heal. It is time, dear one. It is time.

Whole nations grew up around the notion of one God, one Supreme Being. Nations -- not only on this planet and this dimension, but many others as well. What is God then? God is all. God is pure energy. God is all. The totality. The light and the dark together. The good and the bad together. There is no good or bad. There is no light or dark. There is only God. You are God expressing through a human body now. Your personality is like a role you play in a movie. It is not who you are. It is not fixed. Does every actor in a movie become that role for the rest of his life? No.

You are not your personality. You are not your thoughts. You are not your beliefs. You are not your feelings. You are not your behaviors. You are God expressing the creative life force through a human body, choosing to focus your attention through the physical eyes and perspective of that one physical body at a time. But all other physical bodies are God too. They are you too. In the denseness of form, you forgot that.

So your purpose now, in this time, on this planet is to remember who you really are. It is to bring your radiance into this body. It is to transmute this dense physical body into a body of Light. It is to anchor spirit into matter and express Heaven on Earth.
Each body will express spirit and create heaven in a unique way. Oh – the magnificence of this Divine plan. How many ways can we express Heaven on Earth? A different Heaven for every body. Can you imagine that?


A Journey of Circles

A Journey of Circles
By Hieu Doan
thepathofpower. net

Becoming masters of our own spiritual destiny requires just that - that we be masters. This means moving our consciousness more and more in the direction of listening to our own inner voice, developing our psychic senses, knowledge and wisdom - all the faculties that provide us with the ability to make our own choices. It’s about being responsible for our own choices, progress, knowledge and intuiting. It means being in control of seeking.

It’s important to differentiate between learning and acknowledging teachers and placing all our faith in teachers and outside knowledge. It needs to be remembered that all beings have their own path and even when this path is one of teaching and sharing knowledge, it is expressed in a particular way that is specific to that being’s own journey. Tools and techniques can be given and knowledge can be imparted on how to integrate information, however the feeling of it must be done and experienced ourselves.

Furthermore it is the actual process of learning to trust our own power and wisdom that opens the way for communication and a relationship with our true self. During this process we develop the ability to listen and speak, mutual trust born from learning to give and take and understanding and respect.

For a “teacher” to transcend their own ego’s need for adoration from students they must recognize that a “student” is only passing through. In this the teacher gains the opportunity to confront their own ego at the juncture where it is most powerful and in moving through the illusion of this power they find real empowerment.

At the same time as the student learns that no teacher or being can bring them liberation if they do not take the steps themselves, the teacher is also learning that no student or being can bring them power if they do not realize this power themselves. This journey of learning is a weaving and twisting, shape shifting movement of mind, body and spirit that at its depths reveals the true teacher which is always within ourselves. In looking for the lessons in every moment and place we follow the leads, the flows and spaces and find this inner teacher. For a time consciousness makes sense. Then it is lost as a new expansion occurs and the grasping mind recognizes that the unknown has met what was for a time familiar.

Stretching the mind once again we come to know the unknown intimately and once again there is integration. This weave of chaos becoming order then back again is a gift that allows us to understand the real essence of integration, unity and connectedness. The journey at times may seem infinite, but realization occurs to the one taking the journey, not the journey itself. As our consciousness learns to see itself, it begins to understand that each step has removed a thread of division that separates perception from truth. The journey has come full circle.


A Beautiful Being's Message

A Beautiful Being's Message

by Mathew Hart

Once upon a time, a Beautiful Being materialized before a twenty-three year old agnostic man's eyes, forever changing the way the young man perceived his life. Without uttering a single word, the Beautiful Being communicated to this young man, Mathew, that God was real, that a dimension of spirit existed, and that prayer was a worthy practice (not just for Mathew, but for the Beautiful Being as well).

Five seconds later, the Beautiful Being was gone. But not before the following additional information was indellibly impressed upon young Mathew's heart and mind:

You are loved
You are cared for
You are respected
You are forgiven
You are important
You are special

Unfortunately, it would take Mathew another twenty-three years before he felt he was finally ready to share this message. You see, although Mathew intuitively sensed that the message was intended for more hearts and minds than his, it would end up taking him all those many years before he knew, without a hint of reservation, that the message was completely and utterly true. Of course, by this time, Mathew wasn't so young anymore. Nevertheless, he was finally ready to share the Beautiful Being's message:

God is real;
A dimension of spirit exists;
Prayer is a worthy practice, and;

Unconditionally, without exception, and with absolute equality,

We are all loved
We are all cared for
We are all respected
We are all forgiven
We are all important
We are all special

Furthermore, with time and experience, Mathew also learned that within each and every one of us, a potential for greatness exists. Not only a greatness that can impact innumerable lives, but a greatness that can provide each and every one of us with a joyously unique and fulfilling life. Of course, the choice is absolutely ours and ours alone to make. And we will always be loved, cared for, respected, forgiven, important and special no matter how we choose to live our lives. However, for anyone interested in knowing a little more about the path to one's greatness, Mathew would like to share three helpful practices he has learned thus far (although, for the record, Mathew knows he has a long way to go):

One because Beautiful Beings are governed by a Universal Law that prevents them from interfering with our free will, if we want help from loving celestial sources, we need to be willing to ask for and accept the unseen help that is around us at all times;

Two although making a conscious choice to live our greatest life is not an effortless practice, the more we consciously believe in our worthiness to live such a life (even if we have no preconceived idea of what such a life might entail), the more helpful synchronicities we will experience, the more our lives will seem to flow and attract what we need with less and less effort, the easier it will become to navigate challenges and impediments, the more frequently we will experience joy and fulfillment;

Three call it what you will, but there is an unseen energy in this world that exists for no other reason than to prevent us from achieving our greatness. Because it empowers itself through our negative thoughts, emotions and actions (especially fear), by consciously seeking to transend our negative impulses and to align ourselves with the energy of Divine (unconditional) Love at all times (while remaining fearless and yet aware of negative energy), the more we will consistently maintain our personal vibration at the very high level that is ultimately essential to the achievement of our greatness!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We Are One With All


We Are One With All

By Tom Robarge
tomrobarge. com

We are all together, we are all one, there is no other, just us~

When we realize that we are one with all things, this is an important step towards enlightenment~ We have always been and we will always be, there is no beginning or end, just now, just us~

Together we created the heavens and the earth~ We watched man take his first step and we watched man have his first fall~ We watched man grow and populate this planet~ We watched man turn against himself and we wonder why? Why is it so hard to understand that we are one? That when we hurt another we are really hurting ourselves? That when we go to war against one another that we are really warring against ourselves? Why do we want to destroy ourselves? We are all one, there is no you or me, just us~

I am you and you are me, together we are one~ We are one with Adam and Eve in the garden~ We are one with Jesus on the cross~ We are one with Buddha and Mohammad~ We are the masters and the slaves~ We are the giver and the receiver~ What we do onto others we do onto ourselves because we are one~ We are God, we always have been and we always will be~

We just need to wake up and realize who we are~ Once we realize who we are, we will be able to create the world the way we want it~ We will be able to put an end to suffering and pain~ We will be disease free~ There will be no hunger because we will have the power to feed all the people~ Just as Jesus was able to feed the crowd of five thousand with a few fish and a few loaves of bread~ We will be able to feed the world~ Every man, woman and child will be able to go to bed at night with a full stomach and a warm place to sleep~ Every man, woman and child will be able to live the life that today they only dream about~

How is possible you ask? It is really very simple~ We need to learn to walk by the spirit and teach others how to walk by the spirit~ As more people begin to do this they will find that all their needs will be meet~ Then they in turn will be able to help and teach others how to walk by the spirit~ We have at our disposal all that is needed to change the world and make it a better place~ We just need to go within ourselves for all the answers to today's problems~ That is the only way it can be done~ Not with power or might but with the spirit~ That still small voice that is within all of us will lead us down the right path to real freedom~


All is ours if only we would accept it

All is possible if only we would believe

All is available if only we would seek for it

All is spirit

All is love

All is joy

All is happiness

All is peace

All is because we are

All is now


The Angels Amongst Us

The Angels Amongst Us

Bare foot and dirty, the girl just sat

and watched the people go by.

She never tried to speak,

she never said a word.

Many people passed, but never

did one person stop.

It just so happens the next day

I decided to go back to the park,

curious if the little girl would still be there.

Right in the very spot as she was yesterday

she sat perched on high,

with the saddest look in her eyes.

Today I was to make my own move

and walk over to the little girl.

As we all know a park full of strange

people is not a place for young children

to play alone.

As I began walking towards her I could

see the back of the little girl's dress indicated

a deformity. I figured that was the reason

the people just passed by and made no

effort to help.

As I got closer, the little girl slightly lowered her

eyes to avoid my intent stare. I could see the

shape of her back more clearly. It was

grotesquely shaped in a humped over form.

I smiled to let her know it was ok,

I was there to help, to talk.

I sat down beside her and opened with

a simple Hello. The little girl acted shocked

and stammered a hi after a long stare

into my eyes. I smiled and she shyly

smiled back. We talked 'til darkness fell

and the park was completely empty.

Everyone was gone and we at once were alone.

I asked the girl why she was so sad.

The little girl looked at me and with a sad

face and said "Because I'm different."

I immediately said "that you are!"

and smiled.

The little girl acted even sadder, she said,

"I know.

"Little girl," I said, "you remind me of an angel,

sweet and innocent." She looked at me and

smiled, slowly she stood to her feet,

and said, "Really?" "Yes, ma'am, you're like

a little guardian angel sent to watch over all

those people walking by.

She nodded her head yes and smiled,

and with that she spread her wings and said,

"I am. I'm your guardian angel,"

with a twinkle in her eye.

I was speechless, sure I was seeing things.

She said, "For once you thought of someone

other than yourself, my job here is done.

Immediately I stood to my feet and said,

"Wait, so why did no one stop to help an

angel?" She looked at me and smiled,

"You're the only one who could see me,

and you believe it in your heart."

And She was gone.

And with that my life was changed dramatically.

So, when you think you're all you have,

remember, your angel is always watching

over you.

Author Unknown


The Call To Higher Ground

The Call To Higher Ground

By Ada Porat

Feeling stuck in life at this time? Frustrated?

Take a moment to really feel what is going on. You are not stuck… you are simply constrained. Yes, the old way of doing things is no longer working, and you are trying to adjust to radical new ways of looking at life, doing things, and even living.

Outside yourself, the whole world is going through a spin cycle. Deep wounds in the collective psyche of mankind are surfacing, releasing both great horror and amazing opportunity. Societies hunger not for war or peace, but for Truth to cut through illusion and bring about spiritual healing at the deepest levels of being.

Never before in the history of the planet has there been such a clarion call for healing to avert global destruction. The time for dilly-dallying and empty promises is over. It is time to heal our world – starting with ourselves!

The truth is that, throughout this time of constraint and upheaval, there are unseen forces holding you steady while you learn to run this new kind of energy… the energy of oneness with Divine purpose. It is your Divine connection, hosted in a human shell. Long ago, before you ever came into this life, you chose to embody this energy at this time. It is your contribution to the shift of the ages, and now is your time to fulfill that agreement.

The energy of Divine oneness or unity is the most powerful force in the Universe. It is powerful enough to constrain you when you try to separate from Divine guidance at your core and assert your human will.

In the old way of life, we learned to accomplish goals by asserting our human, egoic wills in the external reality. We were conditioned to be willful and determined, wanting whatever we chose to have when we decided to have it.

This way no longer works. When we assert our human, egoic will in the new energy that surrounds us now, there are numerous obstacles constraining us.

To move past these constraints, we have to give up the drive to accomplish things by sheer force of will. Instead, we need to align with the power of All That Is. We need to surrender to trust: trust in the Divine, in Higher Guidance, in Spirit, God… whatever you choose to call the essential life force energy.

When we choose to trust, the energy of the ego yields and aligns to a bigger plan - the higher picture of Divine perfection. From that place of alignment, we are able to flow with creative energies to create a higher reality than we could have ever conceived of before.

It is no longer possible to move forward in ego and still make spiritual progress. The constraining force of Spirit will block your movement at every turn - the old ways of doing need to be surrendered to embrace higher ways of being.

Spirit will get you through the time of transition, no matter how difficult it feels. Those same unseen forces that hold you steady now, can and will lift you out of all illusions of despair. All it takes is for you to let go of the old way of using power, and to embrace the path of alignment, the pathway of trust and allowing.

We are living in a very different reality now than we were in even five years ago. The old life with its hopes and dreams has been filed away in the archives of All That Is. To keep looking for it, merely deters our progress.

Instead, now is the time to embrace what shows up in your life moment by moment. Look for new ways to reframe things, new tools to do things with. Go inward. Drink deep from the wellspring of life. Let the timeless wisdom and healing energy of sacred teaching wash over you to renew your soul. Develop a dialogue with Spirit and ask for guidance and clarity. Stay present in the moment and allow the answers to flow to you through circumstances.

When action is indicated, do it. When circumstances open up for you, move forward. And when doors close, don’t try to break through them. Sometimes, we need to spend a while living in the in-between: learning to let go of the need to control, the need to logically understand. At times like these, we need to ask ourselves what we really want and why…even as we surrender the need to know how it will come about. We need to simply align to the Eternal Presence and be present, be patient, and be still.

You don’t lack power. You are a powerful being. What you lack is remembrance. There is nothing wrong with you that complete remembrance will not heal. Like a survivor who has buried the unbearable agony of trauma beneath a layer of amnesia until they are ready to process it, we have chosen not to remember everything at once. As we proceed on the path we are shown, more is revealed to us. Through the integration and healing of each memory that surfaces, we reclaim our wholeness and power.

Powerful new healing modalities and tools for personal growth are emerging at this time to support our transformation. We are indeed blessed to live at this pivotal time in history – and this blessing carries with it the clarion call to learn, to grow, to heal and to transform our world. Do you hear it?

For many centuries, mystics lived on the fringe of society. They did not mix with the masses or participate in affairs of the world. This has all changed. Today, the level of consciousness on the planet has tipped the scales to offer potential for unprecedented growth and change.

Spiritually awakened beings are called to participate in this worldwide shift by becoming mystics in the marketplace - not on the mountain or in the monastery. We are called to be the change we desire to see in the world, as Gandhi said.

To answer the call, you need to learn how to commune with your soul to access the inner guidance that is stirring there. Every change that you wish to see in society starts with you and the field of consciousness that you are holding.

You are called to be the very change you desire to see in the world, and you change the world around you through the power of your evolving consciousness. As you consciously evolve in response to the Divine nature within, you hold the higher energies of the life force field wherein everyone’s consciousness can evolve. In a world crying for healing, there is no greater service you can offer!