Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Beautiful Being's Message

A Beautiful Being's Message

by Mathew Hart

Once upon a time, a Beautiful Being materialized before a twenty-three year old agnostic man's eyes, forever changing the way the young man perceived his life. Without uttering a single word, the Beautiful Being communicated to this young man, Mathew, that God was real, that a dimension of spirit existed, and that prayer was a worthy practice (not just for Mathew, but for the Beautiful Being as well).

Five seconds later, the Beautiful Being was gone. But not before the following additional information was indellibly impressed upon young Mathew's heart and mind:

You are loved
You are cared for
You are respected
You are forgiven
You are important
You are special

Unfortunately, it would take Mathew another twenty-three years before he felt he was finally ready to share this message. You see, although Mathew intuitively sensed that the message was intended for more hearts and minds than his, it would end up taking him all those many years before he knew, without a hint of reservation, that the message was completely and utterly true. Of course, by this time, Mathew wasn't so young anymore. Nevertheless, he was finally ready to share the Beautiful Being's message:

God is real;
A dimension of spirit exists;
Prayer is a worthy practice, and;

Unconditionally, without exception, and with absolute equality,

We are all loved
We are all cared for
We are all respected
We are all forgiven
We are all important
We are all special

Furthermore, with time and experience, Mathew also learned that within each and every one of us, a potential for greatness exists. Not only a greatness that can impact innumerable lives, but a greatness that can provide each and every one of us with a joyously unique and fulfilling life. Of course, the choice is absolutely ours and ours alone to make. And we will always be loved, cared for, respected, forgiven, important and special no matter how we choose to live our lives. However, for anyone interested in knowing a little more about the path to one's greatness, Mathew would like to share three helpful practices he has learned thus far (although, for the record, Mathew knows he has a long way to go):

One because Beautiful Beings are governed by a Universal Law that prevents them from interfering with our free will, if we want help from loving celestial sources, we need to be willing to ask for and accept the unseen help that is around us at all times;

Two although making a conscious choice to live our greatest life is not an effortless practice, the more we consciously believe in our worthiness to live such a life (even if we have no preconceived idea of what such a life might entail), the more helpful synchronicities we will experience, the more our lives will seem to flow and attract what we need with less and less effort, the easier it will become to navigate challenges and impediments, the more frequently we will experience joy and fulfillment;

Three call it what you will, but there is an unseen energy in this world that exists for no other reason than to prevent us from achieving our greatness. Because it empowers itself through our negative thoughts, emotions and actions (especially fear), by consciously seeking to transend our negative impulses and to align ourselves with the energy of Divine (unconditional) Love at all times (while remaining fearless and yet aware of negative energy), the more we will consistently maintain our personal vibration at the very high level that is ultimately essential to the achievement of our greatness!


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