Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Choose Love

There are really only two emotions in the Physical Universe - those being LOVE and FEAR~ All other emotions are just variations on these two primary states of emotion~ LOVE is the emotion associated with a 'knowing' that everything in the Universe is an expression of a singularity (i e God) and is therefore interconnected, whereas FEAR is the emotion underlying the perception (i e illusion) of being separate from God~ The following article compares these two states of consciousness~

LOVE is an expression of the Oneness that underlies all reality associated with a deep felt knowing that everything is an expression of Source and that nothing (no-thing) can exist outside Source~ By contrast, FEAR is rooted in the illusory perception of separation that pervades the Physical Universe~

LOVE expresses itself as an urge towards unity, whereas FEAR is a result of the perception of dis-unity that is part and parcel to God's game of separation that defines the Physical Universe~ (i e The 'them' versus 'me' syndrome associated with the isolation currently experienced by most humans)

LOVE is rooted in a state of 'knowing', whereas FEAR is based entirely upon 'beliefs', most of which are false~

LOVE knows the difference between 'knowing' and 'believing', whereas FEAR is unaware of the difference and believes they are one and the same~

LOVE knows that existence is eternal and that 'time' is an illusion~ FEAR believes 'time' is real and as such is only aware of the temporal nature of physical existence~

LOVE recognises the perfection underlying all processes in the Universe, whereas FEAR thinks the Universe is imperfect~

LOVE knows that the Universe is in a perfect state of balance and that all the circumstances a Being finds itself in have been created entirely by that Being for the purpose of experience~As such, LOVE knows that the Universe is perfectly safe, whereas FEAR perceives potential threats all around it and believes the Universe to be unsafe~

LOVE knows that physical death is simply a change of state, that consciousness is eternal and as such survives physical death~ FEAR believes death is final and that consciousness ceases upon death~ LOVE welcomes physical death as an old friend because it knows existence is the never-ending evolution of consciousness and that 'death' is a return to a more authentic state of consciousness~ Fear is terrified of death and will do almost anything to avoid it, including the killing other Beings in order to perpetrate its perception of existence~

LOVE knows that everything in the Universe is an expression of Itself and that so called 'enemies' are just aspects of Itself mirroring facets of its psyche (i e Soul) that need to be addressed and healed through the process of unconditional love and acceptance~ LOVE knows that at a higher level of existence all enemies are really just loving friends acting out a role in Love's play for the purpose of experience~ By contrast, FEAR believes its enemies are truly separate Beings bent on harming it~

LOVE knows that 'true' love is unconditional, meaning it judges nothing (no-thing) LOVE knows that "conditional love" is by definition an oxymoron~

FEAR expresses an emotion called "conditional love" believing it to be "love", but it is not~

LOVE is an expression of Truth whereas FEAR is the result of Illusion~ FEAR could be correctly described as being "False Expectations Appearing Real"

At its essence, SOURCE is LOVE and as such love is the only 'real' (authentic) energy in the Universe~ All else is just illusion associated with the game of separation that defines the physical Universe~

by Alex Paterson



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