Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Connecting With Your Soul Group


Connecting With Your Soul Group

Do you feel that there is a group of souls

on the planet, that you are supposed to meet,

and do some spiritual work with?

The group could be you,

and one other person,

or several people, who are all

on your frequency…

You sense each other's presence…

They may be other aspects of your soul

wanting to come together…

The Internet has been instrumental in

bringing soul groups together…

But this feeling goes beyond the Internet

It is a feeling in your soul,

you sense these people,

often living in areas not near your home.

The people who share our journeys

vary as we learn and move on…

If you feel that is time to meet them,

and they too are in readiness,

synchronicities will reunite you…

You must feel this tugging in your soul…

Many people want to have

metaphysical adventures,

but they have no free time –

work, school, family, or other obligations

fill up their time… When you are ready,

you will make time, and it will be amazing:

You need amazing in your life…

There is nothing more fun than meeting

someone on the same path..

you speak the same language. often

the written word is not needed…

You realize that you are going through

Something together that will make you

more aware when you are finished.like

taking a voyage.


If you sense these souls.

just relax your mind and body.

clear your thoughts.

see yourself as a beacon of light.

send out a message.

they will hear you…

They may come in to help

with healing and clearing,

Or for something beyond…

You will recognize each other and move forward…

You never know who may show up…


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