Thursday, October 21, 2010

On Being Purely Human


On Being Purely Human

by Dr. Frank Kinslow

“A great silent space holds all of nature in its embrace. It also holds you.”

--Eckhart Tolle-

Not one sparrow falls from the sky that our heavenly Father does
not know about - so much does he love the creation he made.

--Matt 10:29-

This may seem an obvious question but have you ever noticed how nature makes you feel
good? Did you ever ask yourself why? We love to watch billowing clouds slowly
transform into lions or gnomes or a blustery Uncle Fred. The power of the ocean draws
us to its shore to watch waves tumbling over each other like playful kittens, only to
surrender exhausted at our feet. We feel more complete, somehow more human, when we
acknowledge nature. How does that work?

We humans are self imposed prisoners of concrete and steel, cut off from the vibrancy of
nature. We compensate by bringing plants and animals into our coffin like quarters, and it
works, in part. Through them we are reminded of how we were in childhood when we
were most like nature. But, what is it that nature has, or is, that we have lost?

Nature is our partner in evolution. It fluidly expresses, what we strive so hard to attain;
effortless being. A bird acts without forethought or volition. A sparrow doesn’t say,
“O.K., now I’d like to eat those berries but I’ve been gaining a little weight lately, maybe
I shouldn’t. Besides, the purple ones give me gas and ...” A bird naturally eats or doesn’t
eat according to its nature. An elephant sleeps when it is time, a coyote hunts, a leopard
leaps and a whale sings in perfect cadence with the singular beating heart of creation.

Nature is a tuning fork. It resonates at the perfect pitch for human harmony. It is always
resonating, waiting for us, like a loving mother waiting for her children to return. When
Nature does enfold us in her peaceful embrace the human mind gives up its mental toys
and settles into the bliss of being purely human.

Then it happens. We prodigal sons and daughters of nature return the favor. We inspire
nature to become conscious of its own existence; a completing of the Self-awareness
circuit as it were, a reunion of Self with Self.


Several days ago I was leaving home for a meeting. I heard a rustle high in the tree
overhead. My eye was drawn to a pair of blue jays flitting along the top branches. The
male led the way to the next tree but the female hesitated as she looked at me, looking at
her. She was ever watchful for predators, twisting her neck this way then that, in jerky
motions as birds in the wild must. She cocked her head to one side for a long second and
our eyes met again. This was no accident. She dropped down a few branches and began
watching me more closely. I felt a strange sense of familiarity in her, an ancient
camaraderie. I stood, neck bent, looking up into the branches. As she descended limb by
limb, a sense of peace settled over me. She was less wary now, checking for threats only
occasionally, content to calmly connect with me. By contrast her mate nervously scanned
sky and earth while pacing between branches, giving little peeps and hurried chortles. But
she remained steady on a branch now just above my upturned face. As I stood looking up,
slightly swaying, she pulled one leg up under her and fluffed out her feathers looking like
a blue-white snowman with one twig leg and two fathomless dark eyes.

I don’t know how long we bathed in that communal silence, ten or fifteen minutes I
suppose. I was the one to break it off. My neck was getting stiff and besides, I was now
ten or fifteen minutes late for my appointment. I bade a silent goodbye to the jay, but
what we shared could not be left behind. Our forms could separate and resume life in our
alternate and alienated worlds. But we could not leave the silence behind; or the Knowing
that had fathered it.

Walking away I turned to see if my friend was leaving too. She was, easily working her
way back through the branches to console her harried mate. He met her among the leaves
of the highest tree, scolded her lightly, looked both ways as if crossing a street, and flew
beyond the roof of the building next door. Before following, she hesitated briefly and
looked back over her shoulder. Our eyes met for the last time and stirred the still lively
silence between us. Then she dropped into space, unfolded her wings and left our world


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Are You Being Visited by a Ghost or...

Are You Being Visited by a Ghost,

a Loved One From the Other Side

or an Angel? ..

By Melissa Van Rossum
theirwayhome. com

Everyone receives visits from ghosts, loved ones from the Other Side and angels. Even though many of these visits are meant to be comforting, sometimes the presence of an otherworldly visitor can be unnerving and even frightening. Knowing who these guests are, however, and why they're visiting you can make their visit easier and often, even comforting.

Here are three ways you can tell these visits from one another:

1.Ghostly Visits -
Visits from a ghost, or the earthbound spirit of a deceased individual, usually bears several tell-tale signs. First, their presence is typically not comforting. When you're around a ghost you feel watched - even if you're alone in the room. You might even begin to feel unexplained nervousness, sadness or depression. You may feel sudden cold spots in the room or, in some cases, you might even see a ghostly human image - if only for a moment. Some people have seen a kind of blur or a flash of movement when no one else is in the room.

2.Visits from Loved Ones from the Other Side -
A visit from a loved one who is on the Other Side is a very different experience from a ghostly visit. While you can also feel a cold spot or a temperature shift when a loved one is around, you typically don't feel nervous or uncomfortable when it happens. Along with the slight temperature shift, you may begin to reflect on memories of that loved one. Our loved ones often bring messages of encouragement when we need it, so you're more likely to feel loved and comforted when they're around. When a deceased loved one is around, we often start thinking of them and feeling their presence and reflecting on our memories of them as a result. For example, Tony, a hairstylist, feels his grandmother nearby whenever he is thinking his way through some of his life's challenges. He smells her perfume, remembers her advice, and begins to feel the comfort she offers him. Visits from loved ones are a very positive, healing experience.

3. Angelic Visits -
Angelic visits feel a bit different from when our loved ones visit. There is definitely a shift to a cooler temperature and often a slight breeze. You might even see sparkles of light where they move. Sometimes, because their energy is so pure and their vibration is so high, you can even feel a bit dizzy. Angels are available whenever we need them - they help us ease through conflicts and protect and comfort us through frightening times, though they most often respond to our calls and requests for their help. Angels are present with newborns and small children to comfort and protect and to pass on messages to their parents and caretakers. After my son was born, an angel appeared to me and gave me a message about his life purpose. While she was with us, the air around us felt as though we were on the top of a mountain. Unlike ghosts, an angel's presence always has a purpose. They often bear a message or ensure protection and because of this you usually feel comforted, assured, loved and happy.


Find Your Life Purpose

Find Your Life Purpose

by Keith Varnum

"What Am I Doing Here?" It's ironic that one of the questions people on this planet ask themselves most is also one of the questions that goes most unanswered. After a few years of fruitless inquiry, many people resign themselves to never knowing their own unique Soul Vision for this lifetime.

Most people know they are here on earth for an explicit reason. They know they have something specific and special to bring to the party on Planet Earth. And most people also know in their heart they will never be truly happy or healthy until they find a way to express their signature vibration, their unique gifts and talents—their Birth Vision.

I've discovered that the happiest and healthiest people on the planet are the people who are living their dream—that is, fully expressing their Soul Vision. Would you like to find more purpose, prosperity and a zest in being alive? You can. By connecting to your Soul's Design!

Your soul is in charge of your life. Your soul has been running the show from behind the stage curtain since the beginning of time. You can become aware of the ways your soul design influences the actions of your personality and directs the spiritual unfolding of your unique destiny. You can uncover the brilliant strategies and scenarios of your spirit—and break free of old patterns that keep you from having what you truly desire.

How do you discover your Original Intention, your Heart Path? It's a lot easier than most people think! A major key is learning to ask yourself the right questions. A further assistance is to approach the subject from a radically new and different angle. A third aid is a safe, supportive environment in which to ask the questions.

The right questions activate your soul assignment. Fresh questions spark personal insights that have never surfaced before. Feeling safe when you ask allows you to go deep enough to get authentic soul answers.

For example, getting an insight to a question like "What is the spiritually beneficial purpose of going bankrupt, being betrayed or losing my job?" can reveal your Soul Vision.

You can also use the power of peak moments of clarity you've had earlier this lifetime to trigger the same lucidity now. Re-experiencing the vibration of these past moments of clearness creates the same vibration of clearness in the present. From the space of this clarity, you can receive accurate, satisfying answers to all your life questions.

In addition, through meditation you can intuitively identify the common thread running through the relationships, jobs, hobbies and activities of your life. Recognizing this theme allows you to capture the essence of your soul's expression this lifetime. Knowing this essence is the key that unlocks the mystery of the challenges you face this lifetime.

With this factual information, you can restore your natural ability to recognize the people, opportunities and activities that will lead to a soul-satisfying life. You can get invaluable guidance on how to attract more magic, meaning and money in your world.

As you get clear on your Life Path, you can then align your personality with this Soul Blueprint. When you synchronize your actions and attitude with your Soul Blueprint, you begin to receive all the support and love you need to fulfill your destiny. By the Law of Spiritual Attraction, your clarity vibrationally draws to you the resources and good fortune to achieve your dreams.

When you harmonize your daily life with your Soul Vision, you're also automatically in alignment with the Soul Vision of every other person on Earth. Through natural synchronicity, every other person on the planet will then assist you to achieve your goals and happiness!

A life journey "with soul" is fun, exciting and fulfilling. With this new clarity, you see where you walk in balance and where you are missing the mark. You find your own true circle of truth. You discover the prosperity and peace in following the guidance of your Higher Self and the Heavenly Helpers—Archangels, Spirit Guides and the Ascended Masters.

You now can answer your Life Calling. You can uncover what you're being beckoned to do this lifetime. And you can translate this true calling into right action. Then you move into a new arena of personal creativity and self-expression!