Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Find Your Life Purpose

Find Your Life Purpose

by Keith Varnum

"What Am I Doing Here?" It's ironic that one of the questions people on this planet ask themselves most is also one of the questions that goes most unanswered. After a few years of fruitless inquiry, many people resign themselves to never knowing their own unique Soul Vision for this lifetime.

Most people know they are here on earth for an explicit reason. They know they have something specific and special to bring to the party on Planet Earth. And most people also know in their heart they will never be truly happy or healthy until they find a way to express their signature vibration, their unique gifts and talents—their Birth Vision.

I've discovered that the happiest and healthiest people on the planet are the people who are living their dream—that is, fully expressing their Soul Vision. Would you like to find more purpose, prosperity and a zest in being alive? You can. By connecting to your Soul's Design!

Your soul is in charge of your life. Your soul has been running the show from behind the stage curtain since the beginning of time. You can become aware of the ways your soul design influences the actions of your personality and directs the spiritual unfolding of your unique destiny. You can uncover the brilliant strategies and scenarios of your spirit—and break free of old patterns that keep you from having what you truly desire.

How do you discover your Original Intention, your Heart Path? It's a lot easier than most people think! A major key is learning to ask yourself the right questions. A further assistance is to approach the subject from a radically new and different angle. A third aid is a safe, supportive environment in which to ask the questions.

The right questions activate your soul assignment. Fresh questions spark personal insights that have never surfaced before. Feeling safe when you ask allows you to go deep enough to get authentic soul answers.

For example, getting an insight to a question like "What is the spiritually beneficial purpose of going bankrupt, being betrayed or losing my job?" can reveal your Soul Vision.

You can also use the power of peak moments of clarity you've had earlier this lifetime to trigger the same lucidity now. Re-experiencing the vibration of these past moments of clearness creates the same vibration of clearness in the present. From the space of this clarity, you can receive accurate, satisfying answers to all your life questions.

In addition, through meditation you can intuitively identify the common thread running through the relationships, jobs, hobbies and activities of your life. Recognizing this theme allows you to capture the essence of your soul's expression this lifetime. Knowing this essence is the key that unlocks the mystery of the challenges you face this lifetime.

With this factual information, you can restore your natural ability to recognize the people, opportunities and activities that will lead to a soul-satisfying life. You can get invaluable guidance on how to attract more magic, meaning and money in your world.

As you get clear on your Life Path, you can then align your personality with this Soul Blueprint. When you synchronize your actions and attitude with your Soul Blueprint, you begin to receive all the support and love you need to fulfill your destiny. By the Law of Spiritual Attraction, your clarity vibrationally draws to you the resources and good fortune to achieve your dreams.

When you harmonize your daily life with your Soul Vision, you're also automatically in alignment with the Soul Vision of every other person on Earth. Through natural synchronicity, every other person on the planet will then assist you to achieve your goals and happiness!

A life journey "with soul" is fun, exciting and fulfilling. With this new clarity, you see where you walk in balance and where you are missing the mark. You find your own true circle of truth. You discover the prosperity and peace in following the guidance of your Higher Self and the Heavenly Helpers—Archangels, Spirit Guides and the Ascended Masters.

You now can answer your Life Calling. You can uncover what you're being beckoned to do this lifetime. And you can translate this true calling into right action. Then you move into a new arena of personal creativity and self-expression!


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