Monday, October 19, 2009

Message from Archangel Michael

Message from Archangel Michael

Love is being brought forth in every

conceivable way for what appears

tragic is a greater opportunity to stop,

look and feel everything that surrounds

you. It is not meant to hurt but to open

each of you to not only feel but to

choose…and the choices expand in

knowing and the heart opens through


Choices that appear to be hard

choices are truly heart choices. Loving

awareness, conscious participation,

moving through the illusion of fear and

loss, transcending into light. You are

expanding. You fall to your knees and

ask the same questions but in the quiet

the answer is found for love is alive and

love shall conquer all. For the sword of

truth is swift and mighty and cuts

through all pretense and falsehoods

and the sword is not mine alone but is

gifted to all who choose to see, to feel,

to go forward in strength, wielding the

sword, not to be the victor but to use

this sacred symbol as the illuminator. It

shall illuminate all, your strengths and

your weaknesses, your trials and your


How do you see with the sword at your

side? Do you see the battle or the

illumination? The light of Christ and the

heart of Mary Magdalene illuminates

the sword of truth and courage. This

trinity, from the origin of all, these

hands of truth clasped upon the sword,

upon the sword in unity, oneness, no

gender, for in no gender there is no


This vision shall now be yours. This

knowing awakens your heart. This love

most pure, most divine. This blessing

offered in love.

This knowledge received in truth.

Keep your grasp upon the sword. Allow

it to enlighten and enliven your heart.

Feel the strength in the power of truth.

Rise ever higher through your own free

will. See this image, now remembered.

Bathe yourself in all aspects of


The power in this is unimaginable.

The strength in this can move


The belief in this can transform all.

I see, I believe, I am


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