Monday, October 26, 2009

Angels Sing Your Name

Angels Sing Your Name

by Carrie Hart
carriehart. com

If all of the love in the world

were contained in one star, it

would shine for you.

If all the answers in the world were

contained in one word, that word would

speak your name.

If the full sea of peace were

contained in one drop of water,

that drop of water would be on your tongue.

You are the beginning and the end,

the alpha and omega, the source

and answer, the thought that reaches across

time and the timeless beat

of the heart of God.

Your importance is immeasurable,

for you are what there is.

The entire universe is

contained in one atom of your being.

Each breath you take gives life to all that is.

You do not have to try to be this

vital force. You simply are.

Now, right now, go deeply into your

heart and find the peace and love

that reside there.

Now, right now, embrace yourself

completely with love,

granting to yourself the right to be who

you are, as you are,

without criticism and contempt,

without dissatisfaction and frustration,

without blame and regret.

You, exactly as you are,

are good. You are what is needed.

You are what is wanted.

The entire universe embraces you

with love, and when it does so,

it simply embraces itself.

You cannot lose the love that is

there for you, for you are made of love.

You cannot lose the light that

shines for you, for you are made of light.

You cannot disturb the peace

that contains you, for you are made

of peace, peace and joy and light and love,

all made manifest in your being.

Simply be who you are and you will

hear the angels singing your name.


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  1. This uplifting and inspiring: Thank you kindly for sharing. May WE all remember!
    Blessings kindered soul,
    Delphina JOYce~Messenger of JOY