Friday, October 23, 2009

The Rising Sun


Burst into singing all ye lands,
for the time of awakening is here…



by Julie Redstone

A new sun is rising over the Earth. It is lifting up the mist that has covered the hopes of mankind, and dispelling the clouds that have darkened human consciousness through time.

It is awakening the hearts of those who feel its warmth to the possibility of love, and creating an infusion of light into the body and consciousness of all…

This new sun is rising above the horizon, casting its rays into the particles of matter that form physical substance on all levels of expression.

It is enlivening the physical structure of what is, so that it can contain more of itself and more of what it is meant to be…

Wherever life exists, the rising sun is bringing into manifestation even greater life so that everything on the Earth – the plants, trees, rivers, streams, birds, sea creatures, and even those silent rocks that pay tribute to the passage of time - all are being enlivened by its rays…

This new energy is not one that can be taken away. It cannot revert to its former state.

No matter what obstacles, inhibitions, limitations, or thoughts of limitation may have been present in the past, it is breaking down the barriers to further expansion so that each embodied being can extend beyond the limits of what it thought possible…

Today, in the heart of every creature, the rays of the sun can increasingly be felt, bringing with them an awareness of the presence of God's love, increasing the knowledge that there is but one sacred Life to be lived by all, and no one is separate from it just as no one is exempt from it…

This sacred Life is a great gift as well as a great responsibility.
Indeed, the twofold knowledge of joy and dedication arises within the human breast, creating an understanding that it is necessary to care for all others, not just for the self.

It is necessary to live with the Earth in mind, not just with the concerns of a few in mind.

This expanding commitment is a precious gift.

For it brings to the heart an awareness that love is everywhere – that it flows outward from the depths of self to all selves, and that one's deepest being is forever part of it.

In the presence of love, the response of gratitude arises to embrace the new. It washes over all that resides within that has been unforgiving or harsh. It gives to each perception a sense of beauty and holiness that filters down to even the most everyday and ordinary of events.

Gratitude seeps like a silent stream into even the most unhealed places of the heart. It begins to make its presence felt and to color all perceptions with a new hue, so that whatever remains of the suffering of the past begins to disappear.

As the rising sun imparts its glow to the Earth, so, too, does it bring to humanity a new sense of its own identity, carried by the sun's light itself. This identity is imparted through the skin, and the air, and the very breath that is breathed. It is not a knowledge acquired by the mind, but by the body and the heart.

Such knowledge causes the soul to quicken and the heart to sing a song of rebirth - of hope and of joy, of praise and of celebration - that the time of winter has ended, and a new Spring for the Earth has begun.



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