Sunday, October 4, 2009

Engage the Magic of You

Engage the Magic of You

By Lynn M Scheurell

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"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream
precedes the goal."

~ Ralph Vaull Starr

Imagine that you are walking along your path in life as happily as can be for the moment when you hear something that interrupts your reverie. You notice that there is something shimmering over to the side, just a bit off the path, beckoning you to come closer. Trusting your intuition, you move closer to the beam of light, and you see that it's a beautiful door that's cracked open ever so slightly and the brilliant light is coming from behind the door. Naturally, your curiosity prompts you to walk through the door, and you decide to step through the mysterious portal to discover where it goes.
So inside you go.and as you walk, you see around you beautiful flowers and trees and the air feels fresh when you breathe. You notice that animals are walking with you and you feel incredibly light. Although you wonder where you are going, you're not worried - you know that you will get there.
And eventually you do.

You come to a place that seems to be created just for you. It's a gorgeous, lush, idyllic place, and it has all your favorite things. You can do anything you want, you have unlimited energy, and you feel complete harmony with your environment. Off to the side, you see a package that is gift-wrapped with your name on it - and you know that it is something that is what you've always wanted. You have this magical feeling of having exactly what you want as you think it, because gifts keep showing up for fast as you can think of it, a gift appears. As you sit to enjoy your special, magical place, you suddenly realize that.
It's you. It's all you. Your personal portal into the inner sanctum of you is what creates the magic of your life. The partnership between your inner being and your outer self is the one that powers your experiences. And the way to access it is through your intuition. Your magic is revealed to you through your intuition and is externally proven through what you manifest.
When is the last time you felt your magic? How does it feel to engage with your magic - even if it was for just a moment as you read the words above? Engaging with your magic is the way to create what you want in your life. And if you're feeling the magic has been missing.

Three Things You Can Do Today:

1 Clear your path. That is, de-clutter what isn't you, the things that are in your way, the obstacles that you are climbing over as you are trying to walk your path. Finish what's unfinished, clean out junk, and get rid of anything that doesn't work, is broken, is unnecessary - including physical items, relationships, beliefs, habits, etc. You get the idea.

2 Look for your portal. Your door will become more clearly visible to you, but you might notice other doors on your way. If it's not your door, it won't be easy for you to walk through it, it won't be as inviting, and it won't suit you. It's important to have discernment about what is appropriate for you, and what isn't, on every level.

3 Notice all your gifts. From being in gratitude for what you already have (which is the only way to know you can create more, by the by) to seeing what's coming into your life, it's vital to acknowledge that these gifts are being special-
delivered to you. If you don't like what you're getting, you can change the order anytime by engaging with your magic. Own what you magically created, retrace your steps, refocus and try again - think of it as exchanging your gifts for an upgrade..

So, the big question.
where's your magical doorway? Are you following your intuition to find it? If not, why not? Do you notice it when it's nearby? Can you feel your inner being and your outer self communicating? Are you allowing your magic to express through you every day? I know that when you do, your world will's to engaging the special magic of YOU!


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