Monday, October 5, 2009

Accept Yourself and You Heal Your Soul

Accept Yourself and You Heal Your Soul

By Nadia Khalil Bradley

Accept yourself and you will be happy

Healing your soul, Is truly in your hands.

In your hearts language, In its fight to

keep you whole. Healing by telling

yourself, that you care about you. That

you want to be prudent to your soul. That

you want to be your best And that

sometimes when you don't feel you are

your best Simply ask yourself why? And

then tell yourself, I love you anyway.

Accept that you are not perfect, that you

are love And love in itself is perfection,

and in that perfection of love and not your

actions you have room to grow and then

let yourself grow.

You see Acceptance of yourself is

Healing. It really is that simple! When you

accept yourself, you accept other things,

too, other people, too. All things are

doable and when things don't work out,

You truly understand it wasn't meant to

be or isn't time yet That is love, love of

self, acceptance of your soul, healing of

your Heart My entire body rests as I write

this, It is healing to just tell you that the

love of ourselves isn't in the big things, it

is in our moments alone. When we lay

down to sleep and we can breathe in our

day, our decisions, our detours and our

love And say, "I worked from my heart

today, enough to rest my soul for the

night" Good night


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