Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Love: the Ultimate Vibration


Love: the Ultimate Vibration

by Candace Talmadge

Feel the vibes?

Although ridiculed, that question is not nearly as silly as it may seem at first. In fact, science has now recognized that what we call "reality" is in fact based on strings of vibrating particles.

In other words, we and everything else in the universe consist, in essence, of vibrations. And the ultimate vibration--the highest, lightest, fastest, finest, largest, and most powerful of all frequencies--is unconditional love

The vibration of unconditional love is sheer joy, utter bliss, total transcendence. It is the healing, uplifting Source of All That Is. Some of us call that ultimate love vibration God. Others use different names. The moniker makes no difference. God is love. Love is God. Love is the Goddess, too.

This begs some obvious questions, however. If everything is love, why is there so much ugliness and nastiness in this world? Why is our ultimate love-essence so well hidden? Why so much alienation, separation, suffering, and cruelty? Why are we wounded, fearful, and lacking instead of whole, loving, and abundant?

Sages have maintained for millennia that the physical world is just an illusion. For being "unreal," however, it certainly packs a powerful and painful bite.

No, the physical world we inhabit is very real. It serves many useful purposes, the most important of which is to reflect back to us the state of our vibes. If we don't like the reflection, instead of trying to "change the world," perhaps we might start with changing ourselves--our individual vibrations.

There are many ways to do this. We influence our vibrations every time we meditate, pray, chant, assume yoga postures, consume certain foods, herbs, or supplements, visualize, and more. And while the effects of the preceding activities are often very positive, they also tend not to be permanent. To keep experiencing the benefits, we have to repeat the chanting, the meditating, the yoga postures, the visualizations, the supplements, and so forth.

Some maintain that this is simply spiritual discipline. But it can also devolve into a spiritual treadmill, tying us to routine and repetition even when it may no longer make much sense for us to continue.

Instead, why not just go straight to our actual vibrations? Most of us intuitively sense that love is healing. What we don't yet realize is what wounds us in the first place. We are in the dark about what keeps us separate from that ultimate love vibration, locked into cycles of misery, poverty, violence, and despair.

Two words: self-judgment. Let us shine the light at long last on how self-judgment injures us at the energy-essence level because it does not vibrate. Self-judgment stops what is meant to be our free-flowing essences into a fixed interpretation of our experiences, even when that interpretation is mistaken or no longer valid.

Once parts of our vibrating essences are stopped entirely or slowed by self-judgment, we experience pain and disease at all levels of self: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We manifest lack instead of abundance, disease instead of health.


Self-judgment hampers, warps, and twists the vibration of our essences into something barely recognizable and often repulsive. Self-judgment is the pervert, the liar, the deceiver, spreading darkness and disconnection, reveling in pain and mayhem. If self-judgment sounds like a more familiar term, such as Satan or the Devil, well, the shoe certainly fits.

All of us go through our lives reeling unknowingly from the self-judgments trapped within our vibrating essences which, as a consequence of self-judgment, do not vibrate as freely as they could and in some places do not vibrate at all. And, just as self-judgment wounds us individually, the collective reality we know as the human condition on earth suffers in the extreme from the combined impact of all of our self-judgments.

Believe it or not, the preceding is good news. It means that once we remove even the slightest self-judgment from our vibrating essences, we have healed not only ourselves individually, but our world collectively.

We are indeed linked to each other and All That Is through our interconnected vibrations. When self-judgment slows a part of our vibrating essences, the rest of us suffer as well, even if indirectly. The
reverse is also true. When we remove a self-judgment from our vibrating essence, we help heal everyone and everything else around us.

Healing our vibrating essences, then, is the greatest gift we can offer to others as well as to ourselves. Far from being selfish or self-absorbed, healing self at the vibrating essence level is the ultimate act of generosity because doing so helps others heal, too.

We are indeed all that connected via the vibes.


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