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Shamanic Techniques For Space Clearing


Shamanic Techniques For Space Clearing

by Sharon Sinclair

Shamanism is the foundation of Space Clearing and Feng Shui and both are very magical art forms. The sensing of subtle energies, ghosts, thought forms all take time and continual practice to become skilled at discerning what is real and what is not. Shamanic truths and techniques have been used by every culture from the prehistoric through the great classic civilizations and on through the present. There are many different techniques I employ in my work. I may work with the elements, with music and sound, with chanting and prayer. The choice of technique depends on the given situation. My mother and grandmother taught me many of these techniques and I have found them very effective for working with most energies that need to be cleared.

The Elements

Energy Shifting with Earth -

Salt has remarkable purifying properties. Salt is a crystal so it absorbs, cleanses, clears and protects. Salt is wonderful for clearing and neutralizing negative energies in a home or office. Salt cleanses the aura and is most effective for individuals when used in the bath. Salt can be used in many ways to clear a space. Salt is a valuable resource and has been used and valued by ancient people who knew of its amazing healing powers for thousands of years. It has been used as a medicine, preservative and a link to the spiritual realms.

One of the first clearing techniques taught to me by my mother was the use of salt. My father was in the Air Force and we moved about every 18 months. I recall my mother with a bowl of salt in her hands inside the moving van. She was tossing the salt about into the empty van. I asked her what she was doing. She told me that she was clearing the moving van of the energies of the people who were here before us; that this would allow us to move our things into the van without taking on the energies of the other people. I watched in amazement.

Energy Shifting with Fire -

The use of fire in the home for spiritual cleansing and dedication is one of the oldest, surest and most immediate of Energy Clearing techniques. The simple lighting of a candle with focus and intent can help to shift the energy in a room almost immediately. Fire is a catalyst between the visible and invisible worlds. It is purifying and transforming. Fire is a very powerful force. There are many different methods to incorporate the use of fire for clearing. The use of fire is especially appropriate after an argument or experiencing intense emotions: if someone has been ill, and when moving into a new house, especially if previous occupants have experienced strong negative emotions. Fire is useful for therapists after a day of clients, after a burglary or break in, after an incidence of violence and when working with spirits or ghosts.

Energy Shifting with Air -

For many centuries we have used incense to cleanse and purify space. Incense cleanses the atmosphere of negative energy and energizes the astral field and inhabitants in the space. Some of my most favorite forms of incense are a combination of the resins of Frankincense, Benzoin and Myrrh. The combination of these resins will cleanse negative energies; help with the removal of trapped earthbound spirits or ghosts and will raise the vibration of the space it is used in.

Energy Shifting with Water -

Water is childhood and innocence, healing of emotions and healing of the past. Water is excellent for clearing a room of negative emotions, as water has been long associated with emotions. It is also essential to be hydrated yourself. You will be able to perceive energy more clearly and be more effective if you are adequately hydrated.


Smudging is a ritual burning of herbs, using the smoke produced to alter the energy for oneself or another, or to cleanse the energy of a specific space. The most common herbs used in North America are sage and cedar. Most native peoples use one of the gray-green herbs for purifying and sanctifying.

Sage is associated with purity, things of the spirit and of heaven and dispels negative energy. Used to purify ceremonial objects and people, sacred smudge or sage is used throughout many cultures to purify and transform the energy of a space before meditation or ceremony. It is used as a catalyst between the known and the unknown. Sage will clear the auric field of a person, place or object of unwanted energies. Smoke is the element of air and when the sage or (smudge) is burning the smoke rises up to the heavens and takes our prayers and intentions with it to the Great Spirit. The use of Sage in the home for spiritual cleansing and dedication is one of the oldest of energy-clearing techniques.

Cedar’s evergreen needles are used to purify space, for clearing and cleansing and dispelling negative energy. Another wonderful use of cedar is to make an infusion for the bath.

Energy Shifting with Sound -

Everything has a vibration, a frequency and a sound. Sound, whether audible or not, produces vibrations and will affect all people and all matter, both emotionally and physically. Different sounds affect molecules in different ways. My favorite tools to use for clearing are singing bowls and drums. Drums can both clear and invoke energy. Drums break up thick energy very quickly and are good for clearing emotions as well as clearing the room of negative energy. The drum is a balancing space clearing tool and has traditionally been used by the Native Americans to invoke the spirit realms. Another very old and widely used technique is the use of clapping one’s hands in the corners of a room to clear space. Both the Druids and the Balinese use this technique.

Energy Shifting with Bells -

Clearing with bells leaves a crystal-clear energy field in a room. The quality of this energy will depend on the size of the bell, the kind of metal used in the casting of the bell and the energy and culture of the bell maker. Listen closely as you clear, the resonant note from a bell will sound much clearer and last much longer after a space clearing is complete.


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