Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Love You

I Love You

By Michelle Morovaty
spiritualityinsideandout. com

Simply, I love you.

I want to love you. It feels good to

love you.

Therefore I am placing my

intention on loving you.

I love you.

Are all these “I love you”’s too

moo-shy for you?

Are you wondering if this is real?

Are you wondering if I'm real?

Do you want it to be real?

Do you want to tell another human

being that you love them today?

What would happen if all of us

chose to say "I love you" to one or

more people today?

Can you imagine how this energy

would flow from one person to

another, filling each person with this

Divine Love?

And what the result would be?

WOW, Awesome in every way.

Are we shy? Possibly!

Is it a stretch? Possibly!

Do we have to go beyond our

egos to do this? Possibly!

Can we do it? Yes!

What if we want to and someone we know

is not receptive to this Love at this time?

What can we do next? Can we perhaps,

silently in our own hearts and minds,

whisper the words “I love you" to that person?

No harm. We are simply sharing the energy

of "Divine Love" to create peace, healing

and a renewal of energy all around.

What does this act do for us and others?

This act of unconditional love creates healing

within us and within all. This in no way a misuse

of this Creative energy of Life. In fact this is

a Godly act, a wholly holy act and if these terms

are too much for us to handle, then this is

a human act of kindness and wholeness.

By all means take time to meditate and ponder on this

and any other Insight. Make sure in your own hearts

that these words resonate with you.

If they don't, feel free to not accept

and simply move on with your day.

It all simply Is. Everything simply Is.

We simply Are.

We simply Are here to Love as God

and the whole Universe Loves us.

This is quite pleasant news, news for our highest Good,

energizing us on all levels.

With love to you and the more I write about love

the more I want to write,

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.


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