Thursday, December 31, 2009

Create a Great Day!

Create a Great Day!

Today is a blank canvas upon which

you can create a masterpiece

It's not just a chunk of time to be endured.

It is an opportunity to live,

to experience, to learn, to build,

to grow and to make a difference.

Today is full of ways in which you

can move forward.

To look at this

day with the goal of "just getting by"

is an enormous waste of the

possibilities which are open to

you this very moment.

Right now you're in a special place,

a place filled with opportunity

and promise.

There's something you'll be able

to do today that you've never been

able to do before,

and you may never be able to do again.

Make the most of that opportunity.

Fulfill that promise.

Take advantage of the special

circumstances while they're here.

How many times have you

wished that you had the world

at your feet, that you had the opportunity

of a lifetime? Stop wishing.

It's here.

It's called today.

The world is indeed at your feet.

So go where you've been meaning to go.

Do what you've been intending to do.

Now is your grand opportunity.

Get busy creating the unique

masterpiece of today.

Ralph Marston


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