Friday, December 11, 2009

Forces From Within

Forces From Within

by Tom Robarge
http://www. enlightenment4u. org

I and you are one, we are all spirit. We are all love. We are all peace. We are all joy.

You have all come to this place called earth for only one reason and that reason is to live. You are not to be burdened with other peoples wants or needs. You are to live your own life and fulfill your own desires. That is not to say that you do not care. That you do not love. What it does say is you help others out of your love and desire to be a help to others. For we are all one. We have all agreed before the beginning of time that we will show our love though actions. That by helping others we are in fact helping ourselves for we are love, we are one.

We have come to place called earth to find ourselves to discover that we are in truth God's and as such all power is giving to us to create. Create love, create joy, create peace. Create a life of oneness with others which is reality is ourselves. To give, to receive, to have, to have not. in all to be all that is the reason for life.

Do you for one minute think you can create anything outside yourself that is not already within you. All is within you, all power, all joy, all peace, all love is already within you. All you have to do is bring it out. It all starts with the desire to be. To be love, to be joy, to be peace.

I have come upon you to be a light. To show you that there is more to life then death. To show you that you to can become a light onto others. To show you that there is a better way to live. That you do not have to conform to others but that in fact you can be yourself. The person you believe yourself to be. That you can live in peace because you are peace. You can live in love because you are love. You can live of life of joyful experiences because you are joy.

I am not telling you anything that you do not already know. I know you can not know the feelings behind these words because you are not the spirit behind these words. That is why the most important thing you can do is to find the spirit within you. To find your true self and the only way you can do that is to have a desire to do so. Do not be dismayed, we all do it. We get so wrapped up in meeting the needs of others that we forget about ourselves. We forget why we are here. We forget that there is power available to us that comes from within. We forget that we are in total control and let outside forces control our life. We let our feelings be hurt. We let pain and suffering enter our lives because we forget the power within.

You are GOD do not ever forget that because it is the only truth. Do not look to others for the power, for the power is within you. There is none greater then you, there is none less then you, we are all one. The things you wish to create in this live is yours to create. Do not look upon others and wish that you had the power they have because you do have the power that they have, you have to just realize that the power they display is available to you because all power is within you.

My greatest desire is to be love. To have so much love it glows and flows out of me like a river onto all others. To walk in love every moment of every day. So when I come in contact with others they walk away feeling the love I have to share. Knowing the peace I have within, that surpasses all understanding. To feel the joy of life though me. To be onto others what I am onto myself. I can not put into words these feelings. As much as I wish to. It is something you have to discover for yourself. The only power I have is to shine like a light house on a cold star less night. To be a beckon to the ships that pass though the night.

So I offer you my love, my peace, my joy. Take it with you where ever you go. Let it be a light onto you and grow from it. Be a light onto others and share the power and love that you are. Walk in the love that surpasses all knowledge and understanding. Be a beckon for the world to see. Be your true self which is love.


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