Monday, December 14, 2009

A New Chapter Begins


A New Chapter Begins

Dearest Beloved Ones,
Much has been accomplished in the recent period of time that has strengthened God's light on the Earth and within individuals. Your own transformationa
l process has been accelerated and moved to a new level of depth. For some this has enabled breakthroughs that were not possible before. For others this new level has brought to a head issues and aspects of consciousness that were previously buried.

Many souls have passed through a period of more focused and intensified cleansing that has been deeply productive but also that has left a residue of fatigue or even exhaustion in the body.

Dearest ones, you may feel called to recharge your body, mind and spirit by spending time in nature, close to the Earth, and breathing in the fresh air of the new day that is dawning. Accelerate your intake of pure water, and continue to release yourself from objects, situations and relationships in your life that no longer serve your spirit. Enable yourself to see new perspectives and viewpoints by changing your surroundings and environment, and by upgrading your own living situation to reflect the new energy that is manifesting. Even if you are still in an older or expired situation, affirm the new by physically changing your living environment to reflect what you are working towards and waiting for.

Dearest ones, the pace of change has been steadily increasing, however is still relatively slow compared to how things will be when the light reaches a critical mass on the Earth. The higher dimensions of light that are steadily manifesting do so at a pace that is the maximum possible to allow all of physical matter to absorb the new energies and transition into the higher dimensions. You would experience the evidence of this most strongly in two ways, through changes in your consciousness and changes in your physical body. Some souls are able to see or feel the higher dimensions of light that have manifested, though for most this perception is still covered.

What is most important at this time is that you continue to attune deeply to the inner wisdom of your heart, and to follow humbly and gratefully the calling of spirit. You are being led, through ways that may seem mysterious or unknowable, and you can trust God to lead you perfectly, even when you have little or no understanding of what is going on. For some souls, it is necessary to let go of the need to know or understand, in order to receive a deeper knowing that comes from God and not from the mind.

Dearest ones, you can even trust the pain that comes up for you during this time. Whether it is physical or emotional pain, it is serving a purpose of healing. By accepting it and moving forward in the secure embrace of God's love, you are being led towards what your innermost being most deeply longs for. For some souls, you are led through a long period that feels like you are wandering through the desert. Your faith is tested, and there appears to be little support or confirmation for what you are going through.

We bless especially all those who are enduring such long and difficult trials, for the purpose of these often are a preparation for a spiritual level of service that may or may not be known to the human, embodied self.

Dearest ones, may the blessings and peace and the comfort of God's love be upon you now and in each moment of this new time.

~With all love and blessings~


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