Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let Your Life Shine

Let Your Life Shine

By Yvonne Chiarelli, PhD CHC

We journey together in discovering ourselves. You are on this human journey to express life in a way that only you can express it. How can you filter out the myriad of distractions and focus on allowing your inner light to shine? In our culture, it is easy to get caught up in the stream of busy, keeping up with the pace, doing what we must, not always what we want.

The best way to let your life shine is to really get to know who you are. Pause to greet yourself and come face to face with someone you're still getting to know. Who's underneath your facade?

You have ways to engage your inner life, perhaps it is when you are still. When you engage your inner life you enter another level of exploring yourself. This process allows you to know what you value most, recognize your needs, crystallize your desires, gain a profound knowing of who you really are.

Your inner landscape is vast, and likely, there are parts of you that you do not like, or store negative experience, or harbor shame. Your inner light could be covered with layers of dust and gunk - limiting beliefs that no longer serve, unmet needs, unexpressed values, unsatisfied expression, destructive relationships, a sense of separation. In order to let your life shine, it is necessary to peel away those gunky layers that cover your magnificence, but how?

Perhaps you start by recognizing those stifling layers. Begin to align your energy toward what you want by identifying what you want. Notice your inner dialogue about what you want. Be bold in surfacing up the hurts, the negative feelings, the story you tell yourself, the limiting beliefs. Acknowledge them straight on and allow a higher love to respond to it, - your higher self, or God. Lovingly release them, transmuting negative energy to love. Connect to a higher thought with the intention of raising your vibration. Take inspired action to re-engage. In short, surface, allow, respond, release, reconnect, and act.

As you remove layer after layer, your light shines through brighter and brighter. There's so much inner life to experience, yet when you tap into your pure essence, it becomes very simple. Words are not necessary when you are aware of your inner light - when you know that you Are the Light. Your light shines eternally and comes through whenever you uncover it. All of it is your life. Peel away those dusty and gunky layers. You have always been, and always will be, life in divine expression. Let your life shine brightly.


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