Saturday, December 12, 2009

Go To Your Happy Place

Go To Your Happy Place

Your Happy Place refers to a state of mind, a tranquil place you can visualize that calms you down and allows you to restore balance. It is a mental vacation spot. It allows you to go there as needed, to be alone, with spirit, or those you may see as here to help you through the rough times we all face~ Some people use meditative techniques to get there, others close their eyes, others relax and are there instantly, as they have been there, did that, before~

'Your Happy Place' is a coping tool, or focusing point, that aids the healing process through visualization, self-hypnosis, or meditative techniques. Daily stress, loss, boredom, and emotional problems, trigger turmoil Patterns and conditioning . We experience through the mental body, but immediately process what is happening to the emotional body (how does this event place us out of balance, and how can we restore it) which creates physical reaction, often panic attacks~

People choose serene places, such as a beach and water, a field with fresh flowers, a forest and stream, sand dunes, feeling the warmth of the sun, the womb, the symbology of which you should easily recognize and associate with. Feeling the sun, or rain, tactile sensations, gives Your Space greater depth. Go for the holographic approach and visualize sounds, texture, more~

Cyberspace brings us MySpace where people play and express themselves. Your Happy Place is non-physical MySpace… yours to create~ It may change on its own, or by your design, as your conscious awareness evolves~

If you don't have a Happy Space, create one, as time and need permit.

~Just remember, it is a coping mechanism, a temporary fix, not the solution to your problems~


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