Thursday, December 31, 2009

So What?

So What?

By Carol James

So what if I am confused,

I can seek clarity.

So what if I feel overwhelmed,

I can always change my point of focus.

So what if I am upset that I didn’t know that sooner,

I know it now.

So what if that didn’t turn out okay,

I gained new knowledge and wisdom from it.

So what if I lack money,

I can always attract more.

So what if I am in a bad mood,

I have the power to change it.

So what if I am feeling negative emotion,

I am only a shift in focus away from relief.

So what if it has not come yet,

I know it is on its way.

So what if I did that wrong,

I can always do it over.

So what if I’ve got stuff in my life I don’t want,

it's only a temporary condition.

So what if I don’t know the answer,

I can always attract wisdom.

So what if I am not as far as others,

I am as far as I need to be.



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