Saturday, December 12, 2009

Love Is All There Is

Love Is All There Is

You may seek companionship and

warmth, for example, but if your

unconscious intention is to keep people at

a distance, the experiences of separation

and pain will surface again and again

until you come to understand that you,

yourself, are creating them.

Eventually, you will choose to create

harmony and love. You will choose to

draw to you the highest-frequency

currents that each situation has to offer.

Eventually, you will come to

understanding that love heals everything,

and love is all there is.

The purpose of our journey on this

precious Earth

is now to align our personalities with our


It is to create harmony, cooperation,

sharing, and reverence for Life.

It is to grow spiritually.

This is our new evolutionary pathway.

The old pathway - pursuing the ability to

manipulate and control -

no longer works.

It now produces only violence and

destruction. "

You cannot find your soul with your


you must use your heart.

You must know what you are feeling.

If you don't know what you are feeling,

you will create unconsciously."

Illusion holds power over you when you

are not able to remember that you are a

powerful spirit

that has taken on the physical experience

for the purpose of learning. It has power

over you when you are compelled by

wants and impulses and values of your


It holds power over you when you fear

and hate and sorrow

and fester in anger or strike out in rage.

It has NO power over you when you


when compassion opens your heart to

others, when your creativity flows

unimpeded joyously into the present


In other words, the illusion had no power

over a personality

that is fully aligned with the soul."

"The decisions that you make and the

actions that you take upon the earth

are the means by which you evolve.

~ Gary Zukav ~


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