Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Heaven to Earth through the Body

Heaven to Earth through the Body

By Luke Le Bree


Love is the reality. Love is the energy of

Divineness. Love is God.

Love is the moment. The moment is

now, not the past which has gone or

the future which is yet to unfold.

There is nothing that was not first born

of love.

You are love. You are awareness. You

are your breath. You are your peace,

you are your joy.

You are a divine being who is beautiful

and perfect, right in this moment. You

will never lose your divineness. You are

unique, there is only one you.

To the degree you open yourself up to

accept and be your true self, is the

degree you will have what is rightfully

yours. Love, peace, joy.

Love creates and unifies. Love heals all

physical, mental and emotional


Love is not your thoughts, nor is it your


Know that love (God) never judges.

Love never accommodates sickness,

control, sacrifice or limitation. Love is

not fear.

Fear can never influence the perfection

of love. Love transforms fear into love.

There is nothing more powerful than


There is only one true reality and that is

God, however you perceive God to be.

God is love. Everything has the life of

divineness flowing through it, including

you. Without this energy, your body

would be dead.

So, if you can accept your divineness

(life) there is nothing you need to do to

improve on yourself.

You can learn many ways to express

who you are. To the amount you

express love, is the amount you have

awakened to the God/Goddess within.

Your divineness allows you to live

forever both in physical and in spirit


The quality of life you have will depend

on you and only you. In spirit or physical

form, your life is your creation.

You can accept who you are (love) or

believe you are less than love (fear) If

you choose to own your divineness and

live it out in all that you do, your peace

and joy is assured.

With Love, Luke


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