Wednesday, February 17, 2010



by Arlene Cohen Miller

I met a Child of God

She walked into my life

She spread her loving arms

And enveloped me in Love

I stood in awe of her

Her majesty and splendor

I felt her beauty

Her glory and her might

She walked the talk of love

Never wavering or faltering

She walked the talk of Compassion,

Generosity and Joy

She manifested “miracles”

Her smiles, they were contagious

She laughed at herself with Humility

She celebrated life.

She was the love I yearned for

She was the alchemist

Transmuting fear into love

She was the warrior

Destroying old worn-out

Ideas and thought-patterns

She was the visionary

Knowing that there is always a better way

She looked familiar

Yet, I swore I’d never met her

She was new, vibrant and alive

Her never-ending love

Washed over me

Like the cleansing rain

Of a warm summer’s day

Her unconditional love

Melted the fortress

I had built around my heart

Her compassion nourished

My heart, my mind, my soul

She touched all that I AM in song

And cradled me in her arms

With her, I felt safe to feel

The anger, grief and fear

That I had buried in my bodies

With her by my side, I acknowledged

The dis-ease, pain and suffering

I had created in my life

She lead me to the waters

Of Gratitude and Self-Acceptance

She opened me to the blessing

Of Re-choosing and Re-birth

I choose to swim and drink

In the new-ness of my Creation

I choose to dive and float

In the ocean of my Love

Who is this angel, this beauty amongst the briars?

Who is this maiden untouched by guilt or blame?

Where did she come from and why does she help me?

Why am I graced with her presence in my life?

As I was moving forward

Into the Light of the God Within

Releasing all that no longer served me

Re-choosing to surrender

To trust my own inner knowing

She was there beside me

In a moment of Light, she descended

She merged with all I AM

And I grounded a new knowing

That I AM the Christ Within

That she, I and we are ONE

That Gratitude is key to transformation

And Love given freely without expectation of return

Is the cornerstone for manifesting

Our highest potential in all moments

I AM a Child of God

I dive into my “Pool of Potential”

Releasing all of my attachments

Experiencing the void

In the nothing-ness I re-choose

To BE the Spiritual Leader that I AM

To fulfill my promise to Self and the Masters

To ground the vision of the Golden Age

For Gaia, humanity and beyond.



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