Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How do You Know if You're Having a Spiritual Hangover?

How do You Know if You're Having a Spiritual Hangover?

by Faith Lynella

A Spiritual Hangover is evidence of emerging spiritual growth and re-alignment.

It's hard to keep one's balance (or sanity) as our world seems to spin out of control. Something is shaking up everything you've considered normal or relied upon. But all this craziness needn't be so scary or puzzling, once you comprehend what's really going on.

You're being jerked into a more intense relationship with life, and with your future. It is hitting your body, mind, emotions, values-as well as every relationship you have. No aspect of your everyday experience is untouched. Everybody’s life is being altered in many ways, great and small. And it's not going to be over soon.

~Here are five signs to look for~

1~ You find yourself wondering if the whole world is crazy - or you are.
The sense of puzzlement over why things that used to work OK don't seem to. Not only that, words like "reliable" or "normal" are simply too much to expect. And those in charge seem to be clueless about what to do about any of it.

2~You struggle to find something trustworthy.
Whether you look to the experts or familiar beliefs.

3~You can't muster much enthusiasm for many everyday responsibilities. Or other routines that don't seem to provide an emotional lift. More stress and demands on you leave you wondering, why bother?

4~ Relationships are unraveling, or are increasingly strained. You find that people you've know a long time drifting away, while others come into your life who suit you better.

5~ Physical symptoms that involve any part of your body. They result from greater sensitivity to energy. And you're more sensitive to negative and toxic influences than ever before.

~Learn to Ride the High Energy Winds of Change~

These changes aren't random. But to read the confusing signals requires a fresh way of looking at things. Especially the very things you thought you could trust to remain unshaken. As you begin to "read the signals" you'll recognize a Spiritual Hangover as a boost rather than a setback. You'll soon discover how to keep your balance and get the most mileage from the ride.

We live in exciting times because something remarkable and energizing is in the wind. In the meantime, much of what you've taken for granted has got to go. Be reassessed, anyway. Figuring out how to read the unfamiliar signals has assumed added urgency. You'll find yourself re-examining whatever you treated as life's truths. The beliefs you totally counted on to remain solid are shaking as well.

In the end you'll find the answers you need from tapping into your own deeper wisdom. As the clambering distractions fall away the voice you find to be most reliable will be your own.


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