Friday, February 19, 2010

Take the Road

Take the Road

Some take the high road.

Some take the low road.

Some take the road with friends and family.

Others take it alone.

Some travel with clowns and animals.

Some take only walking shoes.

Some take the road with guru and saint,

While others take the road with drunks.

Some walk the road so slowly as to stand still,

Even as some sprint toward a finish line as if it's in sight.

Some take the road filled with dreams.

Others take the road to leave their dreams behind.

Some take the road and wait for each sunrise,

While others walk all night, every night.

Some don't want to take the road at all

But wind up taking it anyway..

While others say they take the road,

But only walk when they can stay in one place no longer.

Some take the road with a forced smile.

Some dampen the road with their tears.

Some take the road and kick up dust with dancing heels

Just happy to be upon it wherever it goes!

Some take the road and pray the entire way,

While others sing to fill the emptiness that comes each time

They round a bend and see only more road ahead.

Some take the road and help others along the way,

While others can't help themselves from wishing

They were ahead of everyone walking just ahead of them.

Some take the road and complain the whole way.

Some take the road with sheer gratitude that they can still walk.

The point is it does not matter how you take the road...

All that really matters is that you take it.

- Guy Finley


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