Monday, February 1, 2010

Developing Intuition By Going With The Flow

Developing Intuition By Going With The Flow

by Chris Cade

Have you ever wondered what 'going with the flow' means? I mean what it really means? During my younger years this wasn't a question I'd dare ask anybody, and especially not in high school. I didn't want to stand out and be looked at as weird. Back then, 'going with the flow' was a popular euphemism to explain how a dating relationship was progressing gradually.

These days, my idea about going with the flow has changed completely and better yet, it is leading me towards awakening my intuition. Now when I say I'm going with the flow, what I mean is that I try to sync with the nature and with my surroundings. I try to understand and adapt natural rhythms and cycles in my daily life. Sure this is a lot easier when communing with nature, but it can be done anytime of the day and anywhere. It just requires allowing myself to pause for a little while.

When I try to sync with nature this way, since I’m often alone and in a quiet area, I also try to listen to my own thoughts. If you have ever tried listening to your own thoughts, you will know the hassle involved. It seems that this thing we call the "mind" cannot stop wandering even for a couple of minutes. I've read about people who have tamed the mind, but if you want to know about me, I'm still far, far away from getting there.

After many attempts that continued to fail, I realized that it is only through quieting the mind that I could listen to my thoughts. These days, one of my spiritual practicies is learning how to enjoy silence that comes from deep within me. That silence that comes from deep within often leaves me feeling calm, relaxed and serene. But the best part about it is that the serenity that surrounds me throughout the experience leaves me inspired to do things I love.


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  1. I deeply relate to this article; your practice of listening to the mind, to quite Her and to cultivate that place of intuition, where the Source lives and provides that link to all that we love. I'm in the same boat and I practice on a daily basis.

    I'm a Feng Shui and Design Consultant and part of what I do is to listen to spaces and land, hear what they say and clear any imbalances with Her permission. It's wonderful work and requires me to practice sitting quietly every day and to balance this body on so many levels. Some times I'm successful and sometimes not-so-much, but it's always about love.

    Thank-you for writing this here.