Sunday, February 7, 2010



by denise anew

You Have Entered a Moment

of discovering ever more deeply

the truth of who you are

over these next few days

it would be wise of you to

spend much time in contemplation

as to how " you experience "

~all that is ~

for you see dear one

you are all that is

there is "no other"

you.You have the very power

within your holy mind of "choice"

you can choose to experience love

by "seeing all moments as that love"

or you can "read into " that which you see

and choose the opposite

know that to "read into" is to step into

is to become a part of

that which you think you see

you can be the solution

or you can be the problem

in other words

you and you alone

choose to experience

heaven or to experience hell

heaven and hell

are simply a "state of mind"

all events are neutral

therefore.if all events are neutral

this must mean that it is you

and you alone

who create an experience

within each now moment

by your choice

as to "how you will see it"


the very power of your divinity

is contained within that very choice

to see only love only perfection

to claim your divinity

is to take the action

of using its power

when you choose to bless all things

which is the same as embracing all things

you ,you

bring loves perfect solution

when you judge any thing or event

you bring to yourself a direct experience

of that thought

you see dear one

there is no right or wrong

all is

when you live from this knowingness

you set all things free..

this is the very power that abides

within you now

and it is the freedom that you have

so longed for

the "choice"

to experience

love or fear.

therein lies your freedom.

~the voice of love ~


after these words flowed thru this vessel i heard a message that speaks to us as to where we are now in our own ascension process

I will now share those words with you

you are moving into your ownership of the truth that ~you are all that is~

you are not the body. you are not who you think you are.

this person in a body with a name and all the labels of the little self that you have built around that false identity

you are ~all that is ~ appearing in a body..

thus when you release your self as the body and become one with your Self

you see things thru the singular eye. that eye sees that all around it is you

there is no "other".thus i will say again "you are all that is"

to own this is to take responsibility for all that you observe. For all of it is you

you are the essence the presence the love that is contained within all things

yes forms come and go but the essence that brings them forth.. the love

that sustains them as you ,you are that ONE.

the illusion has been that you are not this.that you are the small self.

the small self believes itself to be separate from Source separate from all that

it sees..this couldn't be further from the truth

the truth is that you are one with it all.the truth of you the essence of you

is within all things. that very essence is asking for you to acknowledge it

by embracing it

to become responsible is to embrace "all of you" and bring your love

to itfor contained within you is the very power of love

that transmutes and transcends all things

so you are moving into your oneness. In doing so you are letting go more and more

of that which you are not at times this can be very uncomfortable

you may feel as if you are losing something at times not being able

to put into words what you feel you are losing

yet i say unto you you are gaining all you are remembering the

divinity of that which you are.that which all is.

simply allow and surrender as you step forward into your mastery

by bringing all that you think you see (eyes of the small self)

into the divine heart. that which is of the singular eye

for it is this very process that you came here for to heal the separate mind

by bringing it all embracing it all dissolving it into the one heart of love.

you cannot heal the small self by resisting it.

the only way sweet one is to embrace it with love thus it dissolves and transforms

the energy of that moment into the truth of itself. The presence of love.

namaste.dear heart.

the voice of love


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