Friday, February 19, 2010

Do you see Auras?

Do you see Auras?

by Adele Linsalata

Many individuals say they see Auras …Most times when someone says they see an aura around someone, they actually are feeling that aura to then be able to say “ I see”. And then there as the percentage like myself who can actually see with eyes wide open the beautiful colors of someone’s energetic aura. But most times one is truly not seeing but feeling the aura of another. When meeting an individual whether across the room, down the hall, in a store or you are introduced to them, you automatically know about the individual.

You know whether you like them or nor, whether they are sick or healthy, if they are nice or not, whether they will be a friend or just using you, the list can go on and on. Think about it, as soon as you meet someone you automatically know but you dismiss it too many times.

All of this is your natural intuition which comes in to tell you hundreds of signals from the individual you are meeting. Each individual has energy centers in their body (we actually have hundreds) but the most common ones are the seven main chakras; root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye and crown. Just as the sun shines its light rays of energy towards us so we feel its warming rays of energy. Our chakras shine out their energy rays all around us, this then is what you are ethereally seeing when you see or meet someone. Your energy centers automatically connect back and forth with each other to allow you to see without realizing what you are seeing for your extra sensory perception to pick up. All at the same time you are understanding everything about that individual inside and out. This is why many will say they see your aura, when actually they feel the energy that is connecting with them. Connecting in a way that is actually reflecting back your own energy that matches the individual you are meeting. This then is a connection of energetic souls learning each other all in the split fraction of time.

When one starts to learn how to connect a color to each of the sensations with much practice and focus, you then can say I see the colors of an individual’s aura. I hope you enjoyed this little fact of understanding what you are feeling as you see aura’s.

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Linsalata


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