Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Animals and the Afterlife

Animals and the Afterlife

by Renata Bartoli, PhD

More and more often, while channelling, psychics meet the spirits of departed animals who had been dearly loved by their clients. They are there with their human departed ones, without any difference between them at all, sending their love and affection. The fact that these encounters are now happening more and more frequently means that the time has finally come for us to enlarge our boundaries and open ourselves up more widely to the spiritual world, letting the limits of our wounded egos dissolve. In our evolution we have created so many separations but in the spiritual world union is the only way forward, and union feeds on love, compassion and a strong feeling of sharing.

Here is a door, we are now on its threshold with glimpses of what lies ahead; our spiritual guides can gently nudge us forwards, but we are the only ones who can push it wide open and walk assuredly into the healing light of love for all living forms.

There is a lot of talking about the Mayan prophecy concerning the Winter Solstice of 2012 and what exactly that means. In her Past Life Angels, Jenny Smedley sees that date not as a gloomy deadline marking the end of our planet, but as the time when a heightened consciousness level on earth will reach the critical mass needed to allow a sudden “quantum leap” in spirituality for all humankind, and I like to think that she is right, completely right.

All those humans who have been lucky enough to share a part of their lives with an animal and have grieved when he or she has passed over, can finally find the reassurance that their separation is only temporary, less than a heart-beat compared to eternity. Ultimately love is the only law that works and its bonds will never be broken. Soul groups are created by love, and the shape of a physical body is only a temporary material coat we take at birth and shed again when we die. It is no more important than the colour of our skin or of our eyes, our sex or our social status.

Animals’ souls are – unlike ours – unadulterated by the rational thinking that has led us to so many blinding distinctions and separations and therefore they are able to enjoy wholeness at a degree almost impossible for us to reach when incarnated. This is why they are such great teachers for us, and why we have so much to learn from them if we have the humility to listen to their voices.

Animals’ lifespans might vary greatly from ours and if on the one hand to see them going and leaving us can be really heart-breaking, on the other hand it gives us a chance to meet them again and again in our current life. Love is the great guide and our mutual feelings, like powerful magnets reaching across the worlds, will eventually bring them back to us. If we look around and keep our eyes and our hearts open we might be lucky enough to meet them again, incarnated in a new body: look for signs and you won’t miss them.


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