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2012 and Your Higher Self - What's the Connection?

2012 and Your Higher Self - What's the Connection?

By Christine Hoeflich

Some people are wondering what reconnecting and integrating with your higher self has to do with "2012." In fact, a woman in my own email community questioned me about this connection. In this article I hope to explain that the relationship with your higher self has everything to do with 2012, including the Mayan calendar end date of December 21, 2012, and the rare astronomical alignments occurring at that time.

Simply stated, 2012 is about raising your consciousness about your personal journey (gaining personal-level understanding of your life story) as well as the larger human journey (collective-level understanding of humanity's history) and you can't get to that awakened state if you don't reconnect and integrate with your higher self.

Some background information: we have been operating in a state of "fallen consciousness" on this planet for millennia (or more) and it is time to "graduate" from that state. If you contemplate the astronomic alignment of the Earth, its North Pole axis, the Sun and the galactic equator that will occur on December 21, 2012, you will see that what is about to happen on the outer level is simply a reflection of and a metaphor for what is about to occur on the inner level of many individuals--a realignment towards "galactic light" or "inner light." Now of course you can't do anything about astronomic alignments, but you can shift your "North Pole" towards your higher self. In other words, your higher self can begin to be your "North Pole"--which is what will activate the raising of your consciousness and eventual "graduation."

There are basically two ways to view a situation: from "normal" human awareness, and from higher-level awareness accessed through your higher self. For example, you can create a vision for your life based on what you happen to want in the moment (normal human awareness), or you can connect to what your higher self already planned for you (your higher life plan) and trust your inner guidance and the divine design to get you to a "happy ending."

It is much harder to do the latter because you will not see how you will get to that happy ending. Furthermore, this higher life plan will not be conscious to you, but will be shown to you on an as-needed basis. Most likely, you will only see your next step, and even that may take some time for you to get clear on because you will be dealing with the conflict between your old, normal way of doing things (your habits and what you've known to be true for years and decades) and what your inner guidance is guiding you to do now. You will be tested and will have to learn to trust the unfolding. And--that takes fortitude and courage.

But if you happen to be in a crisis you don't know how to deal with effectively (which most everyone is in now in one form or another), you may be tempted to do the work and integrate with your higher self.

The crises that we are going through right now (both individually as well as on a larger scale) have absolute perfect timing. They are divine catalysts for change--change that will happen first in your consciousness, then in your outer world. They force you to look within yourself much deeper--which is where you will find the solutions. (Divine design works perfectly like this.) And by integrating your higher self into your life by following through with your inner guidance, you will make the changes that will slowly show up as changes in your outer circumstances.

This sounds like work, and it is. But there is no other way; there is no magic bullet (or some avatar or saviour who will come to save you.) This is the process that will create the Golden Age that is "promised" to you that is to begin around the end of 2012. (And this is the process that connects you to "Christ consciousness," if you prefer that terminology.)

All those other things connected to 2012--the Mayan calendar, the galactic alignment and the Precession of the Equinoxes, channeled messages from the higher realm--are associated with 2012, but they're not going to cause the raising of consciousness that will bring the Golden Age into your inner world first, and then into your outer world. (The channeled messages may advise you to reconnect to your higher self and listen to your inner guidance, but they can't do it for you; you still have to do the process.) All these interesting trivia are helping to point you to a higher consciousness but they are not the experience of higher consciousness.

During the reconnecting and integrating process, you receive glimpses of higher consciousness and insights that add up over time, allowing you to begin to see the world from a completely new place. Then you are no longer limited by religious beliefs, outdated philosophies, or even scientific and medical inconsistencies. Your grasp of reality becomes clearer and more accurate--enabling you do deal with it more effectively. Furthermore, your "spirituality" (a loaded word that's been taken to mean all sorts of strange things) becomes integrated, real, and not only reserved for special "holy" days or places. Finally, the nonsense is taken out of spirituality, and you become the real you.

Do not let the interesting trivia about 2012 distract and confuse you. They are merely pieces of a puzzle that, anyway, can only be solved by synthesizing the higher consciousness. The mysteries of 2012 can only be solved from this higher level perspective.


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  1. SaturnsLady,

    My compliments on a well rounded piece. I would but add most humbly two other important aspects to this conversation.

    First, where there is unconditional, heartfelt love, there is no room for fear. Fear cannot coexist with love. The work of sharing the light with others is made all the more difficult by fear fostering and incorrect information regarding 2012 (I'm talking specifically about disaster films).

    Second, and in emphasis of your own position, we cannot look outside of ourselves for an answer. We are who we have been looking for. We have within us all that we need in times of trial and glory. Yet in order to go inside and trust ourselves, we must first respect ourselves and to do that we must defeat the erronous message that the commodity is worth more than its maker.

    When we at last come to understand that we must find value in one another (first and foremost) and then realized that we are a part of nature, rather than a part from it, I believe everything else will fall into its place. Granted these are large lessons and will require great work but we children of the light have been called to share that love with others.

    Love, Peace and Blessings to you,

    Grey Catt at