Friday, February 12, 2010

What Goes Around, Comes Around

What Goes Around, Comes Around

By Michelle Morovaty

What goes out must come in.
What reveals itself within, shall reveal itself without.
What moves you through, moves you forward.

It's like who you are is really right where you are and Right where I am.
What goes around, comes around.
What goes out through our consciousness will in fact come back to us.

How does this affect us?
Have you ever given a bad thought to anyone or any situation and felt even worst after?
Have you ever cursed at someone and noticed how your own vibration changed?
Have you ever been present with your own darkness and watch as it manifested in your outer reality?
Have you ever abused yourself with unkind words and self-punishment and experienced pain in your physical self?
Have you ever expressed your frustration at someone just to fulfill your own lack and lived to experience the consequence?
Have you ever felt sorry for yourself and sat in the silence of self-pity and condemnation?

Have you ever realized how Powerful words, actions and deeds are in your life and in the lives of others? Have you? Have I? I certainly have. So Powerful that I have instantly experienced pain somewhere in my body from What goes around, comes around.

So what does this say about this Universe of Oneness? Do we experience each other’s pain? Do we experience each other’s behaviors? Is it worth us being present with our words, actions and deeds? Are we deserving of being thoughtful to ourselves and others?

Can we be open and honest with ourselves to see where our mistakes have impacted our lives and to know that we can transform our lives with our choices?

What goes around, comes around. ..

How about allowing the good within us to come to fruition in us and to go all round and back to us?

WOW! I like this.

When we give Good out, it will come back to us. The Law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Attraction. The Law of Self-love. The Law of Continuous Awareness. The Law of Passion for Life. The Law of Unity and Oneness. Who made these laws? Does it matter?

When practicing these laws we live with the results of Freedom within and without, feeling good about ourselves, our Souls thrive with excitement as our energies are rising to a much higher level as the Universe is so Magnificent and so are we. This is the calling of today and every day.

To rise above the limitations with our words, actions and deeds. Using the Power of our thoughts in such a way as to experience the wonder and the love within us, our world so grand and so expanded and it comes back to us multiplied.

WOW! I like this.

So this means it is up to us as to how we live our lives. I know that we will make mistakes and I know that we can choose to grow from our mistakes and learn Not to repeat the same mistakes.

We are in charge of our choices. Yes! Do you agree? Do you want to agree? Do you wish to deny this truth? Or do you wish to accept this truth and use your Inner Power to shift and expand in consciousness? Use your free will to choose what is freeing in you.

Know that when we experience freedom within then we experience freedom without.

What goes around, comes around. Inside and out.

Let us use our God given wisdom to live with Love, Peace and Joy. For we are definitely worthy and deserving of living a life of Perfect health on all levels of our being.

And so it is.