Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Love yourself


Love yourself

by Julia Mikk

The nature of this universe is constant change, movement, growth and expansion. If anything stays stagnant for a little while it will be liberated from that stagnation as soon as possible. It is the inherent nature of life to move, deepen, and expand in consciousness.

Same with love or appreciation. The love that comes from people around us is going to change, grow, transform, and disappear. Either in two weeks, two years, or 95 years, it is going to change, and we all know that. That's why there is so much contraction around the experience of love. We know that sooner or later it is going to change.

Yet, by contracting in fear around the feeling of love we limit its full beauty. That’s one reason why the experience of love causes suffering to many people: they might have a wonderful relationship but they are no allowing themselves to enjoy it fully because they are afraid to lose it in the future. Or, they hold on to a wonderful past experience, and don’t know how to welcome the new experience that wants to happen in this moment.

One thing that does no change is the love and fulfillment that lives in the core of our being. It is important to learn to access it so we can develop a capacity to live freely, with no boundaries, attachments, or fear.

One of the first things to remember is that whoever appears to be a giver of love is just a trigger of love. Read it again: who ever appears to be a giver of love is actually a trigger of love. This feeling of love is inside of us already. It’s not something that the other person gives, or creates for us.

This feeling of love is always deep inside of us. That’s the only reason why it can be triggered. Otherwise, how could they bring to the surface something that is not there in the first place?

The person who seems to be the giver of love, pleasure or ease, is simply a perfect key for unlocking the door of our heart. Yet, we have this key too! We have the key and we are the door. What a perfect combination, yet so many are not aware of it. If we depend on another person to give us love, we will sooner or later find ourselves unsatisfied and suffering. Their needs at one point will conflict our needs and they won’t be able to please us in a way that would open the door of satisfaction.


The point is, there is no need to look forever lasting and fulfilling love from outside of ourselves. The love that comes from anywhere else but our own inner heart is limited. It has its boundaries. It appears, and it disappears.

The love that blooms from within is limitless. The love that permeates from our inner being is eternal; it always meets all our needs. It holds us forever unconditionally, never condemning or judging us. It’s always here for us.

In every single moment we are the perfect key for that love. There is nothing specific needed to trigger that opening, no word, no nice gesture, no perfect health, no special experience is needed. The key is in the willingness to stop everything that believes love is somewhere else but here.

They key is in remembering that we are all that we need. We can simply rest in peace and allow whatever unfolds from that. This is a true experience of fulfillment. Everything else is based on the fear that we don’t have it or we are not good enough to be it.

The truth is that we are the source of all goodness.
We have the power to stop the thoughts that claim otherwise.
We have the capacity to receive the fullness of our inner being.
We are love in its entirety and we can feel it anytime we want to.
No matter what – we can love ourselves. We were created to love ourselves. We were born to meet ourselves as we truly are.

When we receive from within, receiving through outer expressions and appearances becomes effortless. We let them come and go freely. We welcome all movements of life. A nice gesture is fine, and no nice gesture is fine. A compliment comes – wonderful; no compliment comes – wonderful too. A loving hug appears – great. No hugs for a while – it’s great also.

Once we have learned to find the treasure chest within; there is no fear of losing anything without. We are fulfilled with others and without others. We are satisfied with the dark and with the light. We welcome rain as well as sunshine. We get to be free to love, and we rejoice in our own company fully and totally, with no limitations.


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