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Empaths: Learning How to Function within Sensitivity


Empaths: Learning How to Function within Sensitivity

by Carolyn Gwiazdzinski

This article is for all those who are discovering the sensitivity from deep within. Sensitivity knows no age. Whether someone is 10 or 19 or an adult, sensitivity does not discriminate because of age.

In metaphysical and spiritual terms, anyone that is a sensitive is termed an empath. Empaths have the ability to feel others emotions and feelings as if they are their own. Empaths do not do well in crowded or chaotic environments. At times empaths can sense when someone is saying one thing in their words and meaning something completely different.

Now with this being shared, there is no way to turn off this ability; well unless of course you go the everyday life way and either become completely and totally busy, or drinking to numb the feeling sensation or anything else that can tune all of this unskilled and awakening ability out. Now, I absolutetly DO NOT recommend finding ways to tuning this ability out. And yes, as I have been highly sensitive, with high intuition as young as 6 years old, I have seen the alternative to turning off this ability and I have to say, that the end result creates far reaching affects into adult life.

As I write and share from my own direct experience of awakening, at times for reasons unknown to me, I was given my life path in gradual and in order steps. As I did not grow up in a conducive environment to this ability, at 25, because I knew that it was time to heal, I took the next appropriate step to healing; which was to bring much needed insight, awareness and understanding to my emotions and feelings and my personal boundaries.

Now if a sensitive/empath finds themselves awakening and not being able to speak to anyone else about it, and they are otherwise in a safe and loving environment regardless of not being able to share this feeling with another; begin learning about your sensitivity.

Here are some simple steps:

When waking up in the morning, check into your emotions and feelings. Ask yourself how you are feeling. Use a scale to measure the level of feeling. A scale of 1 to 10 works well. With 10 being more intense. Check in to your emotions and feelings throughout the course of your day.

Allow yourself at least a 1/2 hour of your time, at the end of your day, to write down specific feelings or emotions or experiences that made you feel extra sensitive. Although writing won't get rid of others peoples behaviors, writing will get the energy from thinking in your head onto paper and free your personal space from feeling the day.

When you have a choice about being in a crowd, if you do not need to be, then don't. Unless you are school age or working, then go into the bathroom and wash your face and hands with cool water. It helps to settle your personal space.

If you can, try and take at least 2 showers a day. When I first start awakening, there were times that I took up to 6-8 showers a day. Not only was there no good information out there, but I started finding ways to settle my very sensitive space so that I could keep functioning in as healthy a manner as possible.

Start reading books on emotional intelligence, sensitivity and empathic abilities. While reading, begin highlighting what resonates for you specifically.

And most importantly, choose wisely who you share this with. Things that are not understood, tend to be viewed from a realm of fear or the idea that this does not exist. Being sensitive very much does exist and learning about it and learning how to function becomes a step by step process.

People that are sensitive, tend to want to begin psychic development: take your time before starting on the next step in your journey. Allow yourself a chance to understand your sensitivity. If you start adding psychic development to your awakening ability, before having a chance to integrate new information, to teach you how to function in this ability, confusion will become part of this journey.

Each step, to function in a healthy manner, requires time, patience and discipline, to become comfortable in a natural way.

There is no way to turn this off. I know, I tried everything, but this has also been a 27 year journey and because I was given the steps naturally, I found myself in better balance because of it.

It is a process...take your time...get comfortable in your skin...get comfortable with feeling and learn the ways that help you to function in a healthy way.

The effort will be well worth your time.


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