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Working with the Angels

Working with the Angels

by Jacky Newcomb

Listening to the music playing in the bathroom, I thought I was going mad. The sound was loud and pleasant, like a thousand harps singing in the air around me, yet I could not find the source of this amazing musical vibration…

Was it an angel? This is my story...

It had been a difficult day. My youngest daughter had been sick for many hours, and now the sickness was continuing late into the night. Just as my head hit the pillow, it happened again. A weak little voice called me for assistance and I wanted so badly to be there for her, but fatigue had taken its toll.

I made a ‘management’ decision. I would make her a bed on the bathroom floor with the theory that she might make it to the toilet rather than being sick over yet another set of sheets. She settled down on the floor and drifted off to sleep. With relief I went back to bed and drifted off to sleep myself. Less than an hour later came the next call. I glanced at the clock. It was midnight.

As I dragged myself out of bed, I yelled out in frustration “If there is such a thing as guardian angels, then you come and look after her, because I am too tired to do this anymore!” I moaned!

This was when I heard the music. I hadn’t expected an answer to my grumpy ravings, but as I stepped into the bathroom where my daughter lay, it was unlike any sound I had ever heard and I was confused. Where was this sound coming from? Perhaps there was an orchestra playing in the fields at the back of the house, I mused. That was a logical explanation, wasn’t it? I stepped into the bath and opened the window to stare out at the fields at the back of the house. I even stuck my head outside the window, but the music wasn’t coming from outside.

Maybe the sound was coming from downstairs? I guess the television could have clicked on all on its own, or maybe the radio had suddenly started up with no one to flip the switch. I explored every option. The house was in darkness with my husband and second daughter also in bed asleep, but I still went into every room. Silence.

Walking back into the bathroom, the sound was loud and clear. My brain was struggling with this sound and I looked around for explanations. Had my husband perhaps wired up a sound system in the bathroom and I’d somehow kicked the music on with my foot as I walked in the door? I can’t believe that I actually searched for wires and switches before something suddenly registered in my mind. I’d asked for angelic assistance and the music had begun to play. Was this the confirmation of the presence of a guardian angel that I’d rudely asked for?

I glanced down at my daughter to share the music, but she had drifted soundly off to sleep. She slept right through the night, and although a little weak and hungry, was completely fine the following morning.

Before I went to bed, I made a few comments in the notebook that I keep by the bed. I felt sure that by the morning I would find it difficult to believe what had happened. In the morning I was more confused than ever. Did I really hear the music of the spheres, the angelic choir?

Over the next few days, I began to remember other things that had happened in my life. As a child, I used to wake up night after night and ‘see’ people in my room. My Mum and Dad called them nightmares, but it was scary not knowing what they were.

I’d remembered another occasion when I was only five, I got into difficulty in the sea and a presence surrounded me and helped me back to shore. Were there other things I’d forgotten?

I began reading books about angels – hundreds of them! I spent hours on the internet looking for more information about guardian angels and archangels and then I began corresponding with other people around the world. I set up my website and, before long, I found myself able to answer many questions that people had about these celestial beings.

I’d read enough and I’d seen enough to believe that angels are real. And I found that more people are having angel experiences now that at any time since the renaissance period. Either that or people now are more prepared to share their stories. Embarrassment is no longer an issue with most people, apparently! How do you ‘work with’ the angels?

Angels, it seems, are already working with ‘us.' It appears that they always have. Various planetary changes, and the speeding up of the evolution of humankind (which many specialists now agree is happening), have changed the way humans interact not only with each other but with beings on other dimensions.

I have a hefty postbag. In the years I’ve been a paranormal writer, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of letters from parents of psychic children. Many believe that these children are a new race of special spirits who have come to help us to move through the next progression of development. These children have an easy ability to communicate with and see spirits and angels.

One child just three months old and unable to speak was suddenly able to communicate using the voice of his dead grandmother. Naturally, his parents and many other friends and relatives who witnessed the event were frightened and concerned!

Another mother wrote to tell me about her son who, at three years old, began speaking to two spirits (or angels) who seemed to protect the young boy. His mother later recalled him getting into a fight with another boy at school, and when struck by his friend, he drew back his fist to retaliate. One of the voices warned him that this might not be a good idea, and the young boy immediately withdrew his fist.

These inner voices, or ‘intuition’ as some people call them, also seem to guide and offer suggestions for future paths. The role of real angels in the traditional sense is to guide and protect. We’ve read the stories (in many religious scripts), and now we are living out the reality in modern life. More and more people talk to their angels.

Many people now want to work with their angels. TV celebrities and pop stars are tattooing their bodies with images of angels, wings and chubby cherubs. Angel jewelry has never been so popular, and angel artwork decorates everything from clothing to stationery. Angels are everywhere!

Commonly, folk expect their angels to suddenly appear in full angelic dress, right in the middle of their living room. I’m not saying that this doesn’t happen, but it’s not very common. People want angels to talk with a different voice, but angels don’t normally work with human speech at all. Their messages usually come as inspirational thoughts and ideas. Other help comes as ‘co-incidences,’ which follow and lead us to our needs and requests. Angels guide, but don’t tell us what to do. Their messages are usually encouraging and supportive.

There are no rules as long as you work with love and positive intent. Fun ways to communicate with your angels includes using angel divination cards (loving words and phrases, which we can use to create a reading for ourselves and others), or journaling with your angels (writing down your inspired thoughts and feelings). Communication comes in meditations, dreams and visions.

Angels are associated with every task we perform and everything in our world. There are angels who help with planetary healing, and angels who can help fix your dishwasher. The most well-known of the archangels are Archangel Michael: the warrior angel with his flaming sword; and the Archangel Gabriel: Mary’s messenger and the communication angel.

With years of research I documented all of these angels and created many tables to show you which angel works with each task. But the one thing I realized is that you do not actually need a telephone directory of angels to enable you to work with them. People in stressful situations or emergencies regularly call out for help from an unseen source. There are thousands (and probably millions) of documented cases of people seeing, feeling or sensing angels in their time of need. The key is in the asking.

As human beings, we need to believe in something. Angels bridge the gap between our ultimate creator and our human souls. Angels are ready, willing and able to help us on our lifelong journey and all we have to do is ask them for their help.


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