Thursday, January 21, 2010

The "Still Small Voice"

The "Still Small Voice"

by Merry C. Battles

What do we have inside of us that

becomes the greatest gift? It is the love

of our Creator, the Divine Presence that

lives within our heart.

This World offers many temptations that

others judge us for. These inner

feelings, these moments of love and

compassion can change our planet.

What can we do for our beautiful Mother

Earth? How can we live each day with

purpose and joy? The secret is to see

Spirit in all and to see love behind even

"the roughest strokes of God."

We have this treasure, this fountain of

unbelievable glory, this unending supply

of love right within our soul. Each

person is a gift of Spirit to our World.

How can we reach this most precious

gift? In the silence, the "still small voice"

awaits our listening.

It comes from the depths of us, from our

"Center" where the Spirit abides. The

voice blossoms as soft as a flower, it

presents itself without the chatter of our

thinking. It has nothing to do with our

own internal ideas, or the processes of the mind.

The "voice" comes from the soil of our

souls, and is just there for the picking~

The words present themselves in a

place of great quietude and emptiness.

It's as if they "appear" audibly on a

perfectly clean, still, slate.

The words are whispered to us by some

great wise unseen Master who brings

forth great knowledge for our higher

learning. These messages can change

our lives and bring to us a truth that

must be known. They are an eternal gift

and proof of our connection to the

Divine Spirit within.

"My dwelling place is love. Its home is

the heart. It reaches to all corners of the

universe and comes right back to live in

you. It deems the impossible. It

sanctifies the improbable. It performs

the miraculous. It feeds all souls. My

love encompasses every atom of space

- it soars in between the atoms of

quantum theory. It fuels all sources of

energy. It lives in each breath. It creates

anew at each second. My love forgives

all weaknesses, all harmful ways. It

understands the fall from Spirit with


"My love knows no boundaries yet is in

all the limits of time and space. It fills the

entire cosmos and creates more love.

This love can be yours, yours for the


"It can fill your being at each moment of

time. Like the eagle, it can lift up the

most downtrodden heart. It can sing like

the sweet birds in the morning

welcoming the new sun's light.

"The past is over. The future is what you

make it. The now is when I love you,

filling your spirit to encompass the whole

world. This love is possible to create

Heaven on Earth. Its life lives each

moment in the creation of time. If I were

to speak, there would be words of Love evolves into

more love. All is in divine order with

helping unseen hands. Every moment

counts as my children grow into beings

of light where love dwells, heals all, is

all. Amen."


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